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Esunia Nightleaf

General Info Edit

Esunia Nightleaf
Home Server: Sisters of Elune
Race: Night Elf
Age: 282 (that's my story and I am sticking to it)
Class: Rogue
Interests: Dresses, exploration, herb picking, alchemy, cliff diving, mountain climbing, helping her Amazon sisters.
Guild: Amazons of Stranglethorn

Physical Description: Esunia's has an athletic build but is shorter than most Night Elf females but only by a few centimeters. She has very long, green hair always in a braid.

Personality Description: Esunia has a very open, honest, and has a layed back personalty. She enjoys helping her sisters and others, and doing things that are fun, escpecially anything that involves killing Troll. She likes a good joke every now and then, and although she is suspicious of strangers, it does not stop her from helping them if they ask politely. Esunia isn't the best when it comes to money, usually spending it all on dresses. She prefers remote, lush forest and tropical locations over busy city and towns. And although Esunia outwardly shows a calm and fearless demeanor, she is terrified of undead and is reluctant to travel in areas full of them.

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