This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

OOC The Council of Confederated Tauren Tribes, or more commonly called the Council of Thunder Bluff, is a Roleplaying government located on the Sisters of Elune server. The Council is composed of several players, all Tauren, who come together weekly to discuss Tauren matters, hold trials, and create Roleplaying laws. We do enforce the laws we have set in the city as far as game mechanics can allow us. Those that don't Roleplay or just don't want to be bothered must only say so and will be left alone. However, we strongly encourage those players that do Roleplay to follow the laws the Council sets so as to make as real an atmosphere as possible.

IC the Council was created by Cairne Bloodhoof to help him govern Thunder Bluff and Mulgore while he trains Baine Bloodhoof to assume the title of Chieftain. The Council's members come from many organizations and tribes. They come together on the High Rise to govern the city in domestic and foreign affairs. The Council has a strong diplomatic relation with the Blood Elf Convocation in Silvermoon.

Members Edit

Please keep in mind that if you are interested in the Council and play a Tauren above level 50 you may contact one of the people below to ask about joining. The only thing we ask for is that you have a body to represent on the Council that plays a large role in Tauren life.

Past and present acts Edit

Below is a list of laws and declarations set up by the Council. Please note: being caught violating one of these laws is punishable by a trial in which banishment from Mulgore is a very real possibility.

  • Ban of slavery within the boundaries of Mulgore.
  • Restricted use of shadow, fel, and necromatic magic to within the Pools of Vision and surrounding Mulgore.
  • Ban on the open display of weaponry, later repealed.
  • Declaration of Neutrality; states that Thunder Bluff will stay out of any conflicts the Council deems unnecessary and unhealthy for the good of the Tauren people. Does not, however, restrict individuals from carrying out their own acts with the knowledge that Thunder Bluff will not be held responsible.
  • Declaration of War upon the Night Elves; states a declaration of war upon the Night Elves for their brash attack upon Thunder Bluff, killing many civilians and guards in an attempt to kill Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof.

Current state of the Council Edit

Currently the Council is suffering from a heavy loss. Council Member Chariet Mistrunner has gone missing and an investigation is underway.

The Council has recently declared war upon Darnassus for an attack upon Thunder Bluff. The Tauren tribe, the Bloodaxe, led by Warbaine Bloodaxe, had declared their own war upon the Night Elves, and though Thunder Bluff issued a claim that they would neither support nor disown the Bloodaxe, the Night Elves attacked. Foreign Affairs Minister Aroka Grimtotem was far in the north at this time, attempting to steady relations between the two cities as well with the now rogue tribe, the Goretotem. Aroka met in Moonglade with the Night Elf Druid, Wakayaja, and Chieftain Goretotem where the neutrality of Thunder Bluff was made clear. Night Elf saboteurs kept news of the attack away from Aroka while he stayed in Moonglade, but it was only a matter of time before he returned to discover the attack and lend his full support to the Bloodaxe war. With a Council vote of 3 to 1 Thunder Bluff was officially at war and Warbaine Bloodaxe was appointed the position of High Commander of Tauren forces. Warbaine has recently lead a raid against Darnassus and has found a vital weak spot in Night Elf defenses which he hopes to exploit with the aid of the Convocation.

Other Information Edit

  • All actions of the Council are RP and should be treated as such.

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