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General Info Edit

Appearance Edit

Though pretty, Clova is considered of rather average Draenic appearance--blue skin, hair, and horns. It is in her clothing and accessories that Clova really stands out. She wears a rabbit's foot around her neck on a chain, and a charm bracelet on her wrist that has almost as many charms as links. She often wears dresses and shawls covered in tassles and beads, giving her a rather "tribal" appearance. She is easily distracted and her facial expression often shows that she is "in the clouds" rather than fully present.

Personality Edit

The defining element of Clova's personality is her belief in the metaphysical. She carries a crystal ball and a lucky charm everywhere, and pays close attention to the stars and horoscopes.

Clova will occasionally get "a feeling" about someone, stranger or friend, and tell their fortune or make a prediction about them on the spot. While some see this as silly or even delusional behavior, there is often more truth in her predictions than even she knows.

Clova has not yet come to terms with her husband's death; she claims that the incident is "shrouded in mist" and refuses to even think about it.

If you run into Clova in your travels, feel free to ask her for a palm reading or fortune; she will be more than happy to oblige!

History Edit

Childhood and Adolescence Edit

Clova's childhood on Draenor was uneventful and normal by Draenic standards, with one exception. Though the Naaru offer the Draenei the path to the Light, Clova always felt her true calling was with the more earthly, shamanistic arts. From a young age, she was fascinated with nature and the relationship between beings and the world around them. This manifested itself as a strong belief in the metaphysical. Most adolescents enjoy studying astrology, palmreading, and such, but for Clova it became a passion. She even got her hands on some very old Trollish voodoo texts and the rest was history—she bedecked herself in charms and portents every day.

The second greatest influence in Clova's life was her boyfriend Gen. He was her first and only love, who would eventually become her husband. Gen tolerated Clova's interest in the occult, and even supported her by asking for charms and fortunes of his own.

Crash of the Exodar Edit

Everything changed for her after the Exodar tragedy. Her husband, a Draenei technician, was called up to help pilot the Exodar on the day it was attacked. Clova had begged him not to, claiming all the signs, stars, and portents were against him. But on the day the Exodar failed, he ignored her warnings and went into battle against her advice, insisting that "anyone's horoscope would look bad on a day like this." Worst of all to Clova, he left without his rabbit’s foot, the one Clova had given him for their first anniversary.

As if the loss of her husband wasn’t enough, Clova was convinced that her astrology would have saved him if only he had listened. She became determined to bring her version of the truth to anyone who will listen. She has also become more superstitious, refusing to even leave the house without an array of charms and good-luck trinkets, and attributing nearly every action, good or bad, to outside forces of luck and chance.

Clova Today Edit

In the present, Clova has still not come to terms with the Exodar disaster or the death of Gen. When not busy helping the Alliance in their quests against the Burning Legion, she tells fortunes to friends and acquaintances, and bonds with the few people she has gotten to know. Clova is actually quite a good fortune teller and enjoys dispensing advice, much of which is good and accurate. She is not unhappy as a rule--on the contrary, she is usually quite cheerful, if a little flighty.

However, it remains to be seen if her obsession with the paranormal will be something that ultimately leads her to a deeper understanding and strength of self, or if she will lose herself within it.

Impressions of Clova Edit

Feel free to edit this section with thoughts and comments based on your interactions with Clova.

Out of Character Information Edit

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