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Clacygael Edit

Clacygael is a Forsaken, a former Blood Elf who's rotted in a gross fashion. She spends most of her time in the Undercity when not adventuring in Northrend.

Description Edit

Clacygael was probably beautiful once. Her eyes are empty sockets when not filled with blue lights, and spots of particularly rotted flesh dot her otherwise greenish face. Her hair is purple and cut down to her shoulders, though it is kept unusually clean.

While occasionally seen in a green dress or an Apothecary's Robe, she typically wears the crimson armor she used to wear in life, along with a huge sword or axe, especially when travelling through or visiting old friends in Silvermoon City.

Personality Edit

Clacygael possesses the same sense of humor as her father, a dry wit that is particularly pointed and almost unbearably sarcastic. It has yet to be seen if she's merely playing along with her 'friends', who are almost all unbearably insane. She's typically the straight man.

She is a surprisingly happy fellow, joking constantly about her 'condition' of being a raised corpse against her will to serve the Lich King twice. She seemingly has no regrets, and considers it unusual and hilarious that so many of her Death Knight brethren are incompetant, angsty whiners.

Clacygael has a bit of a drinking problem.

History Edit

Once upon a time, things were perfect for Clacygael. She was the younger twin of her elder brother, Mysanr, who had no gift for magic and learned the bow and spear to better serve his people.. and the two were the greatest of friends, as it must be.

The two drifted apart as they aged, and were groomed differently. Mysanr was taken in by their mother, Yana Bloodspear and instructed in the art of nobility and of the quiet kill, groomed for political machinations and such. Clacygael was left to the instruction of her father, Malgorthaur.

Malgorthaur, unfortunately for her, was a priest and a mage, serving the Light, a decidedly human faith, in a city that loathed it. And though Clacygael often read the storybooks and tales where knights of valor and might would defend the weak and save the girl, she instead learned about runic magic and of prayer.

Clacy had the gift for magic and strength, but lacked insight as to how to properly apply it. Her father's lessons were infuriating- a demonstration of his pride, as he made magical constructs and familiars and pranced them about.

She took the vows of priesthood, learning to apply faith appropriately, and was somewhat contented. In truth, she envied her brother and mother- a life of nobles and of swords, with little sorcery, and rather than sleep, she often begged her brother to teach her the art of combat and archery.

The world changed when the orcs came.

The First War. Okay, Technically the Second Edit

Clacygael continued to learn runic magic as she learned the vows of faith and of the light... secretly learning the sword and bow at night time. And as the glades burned, so too did Clacygael, with rage and hate and what was happening to these beautiful places.

She enlisted under Alleria, and served as the healer of the elven expeditions.

Death Edit

Clacygael served well in the war. She had a suitor, some child of the Andilien family in the south end of Eversong, and she announced her engagement to her father.

Malgorthaur did not take it well, and the two did not speak for quite some time. Clacygael, for her part, continued about her life quietly, taking up mercenary work to pass the time.

The Third War Edit

Not much is known of what Clacygael did in the 12 years between wars, and she likes it that way.

When the Scourge first rose up and marched north towards Silvermoon, her house was on the front lines. Her only warning was the muffled scream of her husband. A few well placed arrows dispersed the Ghoul's, but her fears were warranted- it was a mere scouting expedition.

She took the corpse of her husband, and fled north. Unfortunately for her, the corpse stirred and bit her repeatedly in the throat and shoulders, leaving painful and infected scars.

She came down with the Plague of Undeath, and after calling for her estranged father and what few family members yet lived, she died.

Still Kickin' Edit

Her next immediate memory was staring into two blue eyes, pure frostfire, and recoiling in abject terror. She realized that what she beheld was her new master, the Lich King.

The liberation of the Death Knights from the grip of Arthas is better told elsewhere. While a slave to Arthas' will, Clacygael was not terribly bitter about it, nor did it take a long time for her to come to grips with the murderous things she did. Then again, she was both a soldier and a child of Malgorthaur. A simple acceptance of her fate was the least she could do.

The Reunion Edit

It was when she went to Shattrath, on behalf of Lady Sylvanas (a leader both in her life and in her death), that she met the Aldor. At first she was content simply to use the simple goat people to fuel her progress through the blighted chunk of rock, but it was when she went to Quel'danas that she realized it.

It was an archer there who remembered her from her days in the war. The comment was simple- "So you lived, after a fashion. Have you seen your father around? He has not been here in many days, and we miss him. When you see him, tell him to return."

She was able to continue her business, but elected to schedule a meeting with Grand Magister Rommath personally, begging for his time. She then discovered the details of his pardon, and how he had gone north to Vengeance Landing and could be found amongst the Forsaken there.

Lacking paper, Clacygael took a strip of bloodied mageweave from her backs, and wrote a hasty message on it. "It seems nobody was happy with my death. Meet me in the place my life ended. We have much to discuss, father."

The two met, and though much had happened to them in the intervening years, it was as if no time had passed and no ill will had been shown by either.

The Wrathgate Edit

Though Malgorthaur and Clacygael continued about their lives, content as they were to learn from each other, each had seperate lives and goals. Though frequently they would work together (such as bringing down a Magnataur, or collecting the tears of green dragons for reagents), just as often they would work alone.

Clacygael had been among the Argent Crusaders in Zul'Drak, trying to repay them for their deeds at Light's Hope, when she heard the news of Grand Apothecary Putress's defection.

She grabbed her blade immediately and rushed to the Wrathgate, but found only the dead and dying.

When asked, she believes that Malgor is in fact dead, and has been dead since before the inevitable betrayal. Clacygael does not often speak of it.

After Edit

Clacygael has taken up the mantle of her father, and piecing together his notes on plagues and runic magic has strengthened her own long-dormant gift for magic. She is not as talented as he is, and prefers her blades, but in a pinch can serve as a half-decent warlock. At the very least, she can create the fel-portals, and perform very crude rituals.

She is still as darkly sarcastic as ever, but there is a bitterness there that no event can touch. She has wholeheartedly thrown her lot in with the Ashen Verdict, as both the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade that make it up are the two groups to whom she owes most of her life.

Out of Character Information Edit

  • Clacygael is also represented by Malgara, a Forsaken Warlock.

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