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The Adventures of Panama Red

As a young carpenter's apprentice, Red assists with the rebuilding of Stormwind. Learning construction techniques also sets the foundation for his later skill with engineering. During this time he begins rudimentary training in combat, more as a "ruffian" than a true warrior.

After the nobility of Stormwind refuse payment to the stonemasons, he joins the migration of tradesmen leaving the city. He does this not for political reasons, but simply because these are all the people he knows. This group eventually becomes known as the Defias, and builds a retreat in the cave system of the Deadmines, where Red's carpentry experience leads him to be "drafted" by the team of Bloodsail Buccaneers who are building a huge ship deep within the mines.

Defias begins turning to crime, prompting Red to look for a way "back into the light". Through working with the Bloodsail, he gains an interest in sailing. He's offered a position with them as a deckhand shipping materials from Booty Bay to the mines, having no idea that these materials are not come by honestly - the Bloodsail turn out to be pirates, capturing other ships and stealing the cargo. Unfortunately, leaving the Bloodsail is not as simple as joining. His forearm is tatooed with the Bloodsail crest, and he's forced to fight alongside the rest of the crew during pirate activities.

After a couple of years, Red found his chance for escape. On an excursion upstream to raid a village, the captain (the dread pirate Roberts) bilged the ship on her own anchor. As a former carpenter, Red was part of the team sent out to gather wood and make repairs. Once he was out of sight, he kept walking. Too inexperienced a fighter to battle his way through the jungles of Stranglethorn, he quietly sneaks along, following the river north. While doing this he discovers a talent for stealth, merging this with his fighting skills.

While travelling thus he meets up with Serapis, a hunter/trapper on safari. Serapis helps him reach Westfall, though he later regrets doing so after learning of Red's Defias connections.

Red stopped into the Defias areas of Westfall long enough to arrange for papers with his new name, Cirocco (after the winds he used to fight as a deckhand). He also used some acid to burn off the Bloodsail tatoo. By now the Defias had fully turned to criminal activities, and "Cirocco" finds them as distasteful as the pirates. He departs from the Defias compound on good terms, though he leaves their trademark red mask behind.

Due to his activities with the Defias and the Bloodsail Buccaneers, he's now a wanted man in the Eastern Kingdoms. In an effort to avoid the guards, he disguises himself, growing a beard. Now using the name Cirocco, he works undercover for Mathias Shaw as one of SI:7's many spies watching Defias activites.

Physical appearance:

A tall, broad man with windburned skin and sun-bleached red hair, he walks with the rolling gait of someone more used to life aboard ship than on dry land. A scarred area on his left forearm looks like he's tried to use acid to burn off a tattoo - what remains of the tattoo looks suspiciously like a Bloodsail mark.

A patch covers one eye. Around his neck is a chain holding a wedding band inscribed "Isobelle".

His piercing green eyes never settle on anything, but constantly roam. He seems to be deliberately avoiding the notice of guards and assorted law enforcement.

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