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Carlayton ("Carl") Litt is a quiet, even-tempered man with a mysterious past, one not even known to him. He enjoys the taste of ale, though he's never been seen drunk, even on the night when the Stormwind guard discharged him. History is his off-duty passion, and working these days as a mercenary and adventuring warrior is what pays his bills. He is a character in the guild Renewal on the Sisters of Elune US RP server.


Carl was found on the steps of the orphanage in Lordaeron, accompanied by three small dragon whelps. Their nature wasn't evident to the orphan matrons, or to anyone they thought to ask. It is clear these days, however, that his companions should not have been seen yet on Azeroth at that time, roughly 18 years ago. Those "little friends" of his are a netherwhelp, a frostwyrm whelpling, and a whelpling of the Black dragonflight.

He appeared to be three years old when found, and he was able to tell the matrons his name and his birthday, though not the year of his birth. He knew nothing of where is family was, which was hardly unusual then (during the Second War). As with so many others, he was taken in and educated as best they could manage.

Young Carl showed a tendency to ask disturbing questions, frequently vexing his teachers. He was always asking about the "why" behind things, however, and he was never disrespectful. It simply never occurred to him that his teachers might not know, and worse yet, might not want their ignorance exposed. Fortunately for how they all got along, he was also athletic. He was pushed in the direction of learning to be a warrior.

Eventually, Stormwind was re-settled, and Carl was among the orphans who wound up there. He was quickly accepted into the forces of the Stormwind guard, mostly spending his duty time out in Elwynn Forest. Eventually, however, his habit of asking questions got him terminated for "gross insubordination". Once again, he'd never been disrespectful, nor even disobeyed any orders. He'd simply asked about the reasons behind too many of the orders, and some of his superiors didn't like those questions.

He had found himself in a position a month or two before that termination to help in some historical digging regarding the guild Shadow of the Moon, and he delivered the documents he'd procured to some of the officers of that guild the night after his termination. It was to his great surprise that he found himself being accepted as one of them, and given a new home. His love of history and of learning have gained him a fast friendship with Jehanne de Navarre, and he has found himself falling in love (he suspects hopelessly so) with Wendy. As such, he has followed Jehanne and Wendy to their new guild.

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