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General Info Edit

Home Server: Sisters of Elune
Race: Human
Age: 21
Class: Priest
Interests: Weddings, Alchemy, learning, the elves, herb picking, and water.
Guild: Amazons of Stranglethorn

Physical Description: Mora isn't exactly simple looking, but her looks aren't quite exotic either. Her long burgundy hair is always pulled back in a ponytail with few strands often falling into her bright, kind green eyes. With such a pale complexion, any dark clothes give her the appearance of a shadow priest. As for her height, she's about average, though slightly shorter than her friend Peril.

Personality Description: Mora is rather serious, but has been known to be a bit quirky and whimsical, often spacing out, a trait that often irritates Peril to no end. Being as patient and kind as she is, she has been known to fly off the handle once or twice, though mostly after dealing with Peril. Mora absolutely adores romance and weddings and has been known to perform a few upon request, always having had many compliments on her ceremonies. While loving to explore new places and learn new things, the trip there isn't always a favorite of hers when it involves a gryphon. Though she will gladly fly anywhere with Peril, she is deathly afraid of heights and won't go without at least a small whine of protest.

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