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Avastarii, more commonly refered to as Ava, and her twin sister, Evastarii (Eva), were born to parents that were part of the Starseeker's clan. Both sisters were sent away when the war with the Orcs in Warsong started. The entire clan was wiped out, including their parents; this plus the slaughter of Cenarius lends to both of their hatred towards Orcs. They both spent their time on Teldrassil, helping around Darnassus to earn their keep. This is where they met Saelienne, the innkeeper of Darnassus, and their love for profession. With the recent opening of ship lanes to Stormwind, the sisters have decided to leave their forests for the first time in their lives (something to be said for creatures that live as long as Night Elves). They are currently running a small pub, The Owl's Wing, in the Park District of Stormwind.


Ava and Eva are twins in the truest sense, even those close to them often have a difficult time telling the two apart. Ava keeps her hair long, but tied back and out of the way, while Eva recently cropped hers short. Both have a medium blue hair color, and the silvery eyes so common to their race. They are 7'2" and an average athletic build, with a pale blue hue to their skin. Ava always smells slightly of herbs and soap, while Eva usually smells like the ocean.


Ava is the cook and all around homemaker of the two; she uses her druidic learnings to help her grow her cooking herbs and decorate their home. Eva has always been the one to go out and gather what they need, fishing her main pasttime. She is the one that found and tamed their family pet, a shaggy grey wolf named Kiiva.

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