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Asmindla Mistweaver is a druid of the Cenarion Circle, now become an adventurer. She is quite young for such an advanced druid, and quite outgoing and full of youthful enthusiasm, almost to the point of hyperactivity.

General informationEdit


Asmindla is 6'6" in height, and weighs 140 pounds. Her hair is snowy white, which was a common family trait of the Mistweaver house. Her eyes are an azure-tinged glowing amber. She is leanly muscular, and seldom truly holds still. She is often fidgeting or fiddling with things, though she seems attentive to her surroundings and to conversations. When she speaks, her voice is a pleasant mezzo-soprano.


Her first name is pronounced Az-MIND-luh. Common nicknames for her are As (which sometimes creates confusion, in part because it's shared with her sister), and Asmi (AZ-me).


Her only known living family are her eldest sister, Asmerglis, and by extension her sister-in-law Jehanne (Asmer's wife). Her parents, middle sister, and extended family were all lost (known or presumed dead) in the battle of Mount Hyjal.


Asmi was 50 years old at the time of Asmerglis's and Jehanne's wedding.


Early yearsEdit

Asmi was born in one of the small night elf settlements surrounding Nordrassil on Mount Hyjal. She was the youngest child of her by then mostly estranged parents, who were a tradesman and a Sentinel. Her upbringing was mostly left to her big sister, Asmerglis. When she started showing a proclivity for druidism, her sister arranged with Keeper Remulos for her to get training in Moonglade suitable to her talents.

Asmindla was very close to her big sister, and the two kept in close correspondence while the young druidess was in training.

End of the Long VigilEdit

The Third War came, and with it the Second invasion of the Burning Legion. Archimonde was coming to drain the power of the Well of Eternity and of Nordrassil, its guardian World Tree. The Long Vigil was coming to an end, and the night elves were mobilised to the defence of their racial charge.

Many, especially among the younger Kal'dorei, had never really believed such a time would come. Very few were privy to Malfurion's actual plan. Quiet terror and desperate resolve were mingled among the night elf forces as they prepared. Time and the reinforcements from the younger races tipped the balance away from terror and toward resolve, but the outlook was still grim.

Then came the time for battle. Archimonde's ascent was implacable, and many lives were lost attempting to resist it. Finally came the fruition of Malfurion's plan, but the resulting devastation took yet more lives of what defenders had not managed to get to safety. Archimonde was dead, but Nordrassil was devastated, and the victory came at a terrible cost.

Searching for survivorsEdit

Asmindla was swept away from the battle site by her superiors in the Cenarion Circle. This was to get her to a safe place to treat her injuries. Once she had recovered, she returned for a time in order to search for news of her family. By the time she returned, nearly all the family she had known was confirmed dead. Nobody who was there remembered seeing either Asmerglis, or the middle sister (Alsendra), and both were simply listed as 'missing'.

Heartbroken, Asmindla returned to Moonglade as the only home she had left.

Further seasoningEdit

The druids knew that the best way for them to cope with such loss in one so young was to keep her too busy to feel too sorry for herself. They allowed her sufficient time and allowance for grief, but did not let her wallow in it. They kept at her training, and eventually sent her on to work in the Outland with the Cenarion Expedition to get her more field experience.

Chance meeting and new familyEdit

While in Zangarmarsh, Asmindla encountered Avmella Thornbush, and made a comment on what the paladin was doing. This led to an exchange of introductions, which further led to a brief bit of mistaken identity. It seemed that the surnames of Mistweaver and Mistwarden were close enough for confusion, and she was asked if she were a relative of Feyanna.

Later, on a furlough back in Stormwind, a similar confusion happened. This started to intrigue the young druid, and she started to look for information on this other, older druid. She discovered sufficiently good reports and reputation that she then made inquiries with the other woman's guild, and was accepted there in her own right.

Wanderings and discoveriesEdit

Asmi didn't stay put for long, finding need to finish some tasks in the Outland, and then moving on to Northrend when the time came. As a result, she didn't know at first when her older sister returned from the Scourge and joined the Shadow of the Moon. It wasn't until an incident at the guild hall involving someone with a crush on Asmerglis and a nice, polite, "Dear Jane" latter that she learned her sister was still alive. She was shocked, and nearly horrified. Despite being free of most of the prejudices for which night elves are known, a death knight in the family was something else.

After some time to deal with the news, and some meetings between the sisters, they were reconciled, and they are happy to be reunited.

Present activitiesEdit

Asmindla has been keeping busy in Northrend in the fight against the Scourge, undertaking tasks as needed for the various groups involved. Of late, she has been concentrating her efforts on working for the Knights of the Ebon Blade out of the Shadow Vault, finally having earned her way into her big sister's unit. She has also moved into her sister's and Jehanne's Renewal project.

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