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Asmerglis Mistweaver de Nevarre is one of the rare living knights of the Ebon Blade (as distinct from the more typical undead ones). Before her corruption and recruitment into the Scourge, she was a Sentinel.

General informationEdit


Asmerglis is 6'8" in height, and weighs 142 pounds. Her hair is snowy white, which was a common family trait of the Mistweaver house. Her eyes are still the same glowing azure they were before her transformation into a death knight. She is leanly muscular, as one might well expect of either a Sentinel or a death knight.

She takes great pains to wear clothing that keeps her torso fully covered, thanks to scarring on both her abdomen and back. That scarring is a direct result of her transformation, which involved being run through by Frostmourne. Only a few of even those closest to her have seen the scars.

Her skin tone and complexion have suffered from her transformation into a death knight, but it's clear that she was rather a striking beauty before. Her posture and carriage are quite good.


Her first name is pronounced AZ-mur-Gleece. Her original name was simply Asmerglis Mistweaver. The added house name comes from her wife, Jehanne de Nevarre.

Common nicknames for her are As (which sometimes creates confusion, in part because it's shared with her sister), and Asmer.


Her only known living family are her youngest sister, Asmindla, and her wife Jehanne. Her parents, middle sister, and extended family were all lost (known or presumed dead) in the battle of Mount Hyjal.


Asmer was 600 years old when she was freed from the Lich King's control at the battle for Light's Hope Chapel.


Early yearsEdit

Asmer was born in one of the small night elf settlements surrounding Nordrassil on Mount Hyjal. She was the first child of her parents, who were a tradesman and a Sentinel. When she showed a far more athletic than mystical or intellectual bent, it was generally assumed (as with other such girl children during the Long Vigil) that she would eventually join the Sentinels as well.

In line with that expectation, the girl's education and training were aimed toward that path. Another girl (Alsendra) was born to the family near the end of Asmer's education, and the new sister was occupying enough of their parents' attention that the final decision to leave home and follow her expected path basically made itself.

Rising through the ranksEdit

Asmerglis had the advantages of especially good pre-training, aptitude, intelligence, and charisma. She excelled in her early duties, and was often looked to by her peers for tactical leadership. Her superiors took note, and she rose rather quickly to be an officer, despite her relative youth.

This rapid advancement carried with it many relocations. This was done to avoid the twin problems of causing friction with others being passed over, and creating any cliques of followers for her. As a result, she spent quite a bit of time on patrol in Ashenvale, on guard in Moonglade, and eventually back in various capacities on Mount Hyjal.

Back at homeEdit

During the years Asmerglis spent becoming an officer, her sister Alsendra showed more mystical interests, and became a priestess of the moon. Their parents drifted apart, though they had at least one attempt at reconciliation. That led to the birth of Asmindla when Asmer was 550.

Their parents' estrangement and their mother's duties left Asmerglis with a lot of the raising of her youngest sister. Her being stationed in charge of part of the defence forces for Nordrassil allowed her a fair amount of opportunity for that task. As a result, the two were quite close despite the age difference.

Over time, Asmindla showed a proclivity toward druidism, and Asmerglis arranged with Keeper Remulos to have her start training in Moonglade along that path. The two sisters kept in close correspondence during Asmi's training.

End of the Long VigilEdit

The Third War came, and with it the Second invasion of the Burning Legion. Archimonde was coming to drain the power of the Well of Eternity and of Nordrassil, its guardian World Tree. The Long Vigil was coming to an end, and the night elves were mobilised to the defence of their racial charge.

Many, especially among the younger Kal'dorei, had never really believed such a time would come. Very few were privy to Malfurion's actual plan. Quiet terror and desperate resolve were mingled among the night elf forces as they prepared. Time and the reinforcements from the younger races tipped the balance away from terror and toward resolve, but the outlook was still grim.

Then came the time for battle. Archimonde's ascent was implacable, and many lives were lost attempting to resist it. Finally came the fruition of Malfurion's plan, but the resulting devastation took yet more lives of what defenders had not managed to get to safety. Archimonde was dead, but Nordrassil was devastated, and the victory came at a terrible cost.

Yet during the battles against the forces accompanying Archimonde, Asmerglis had noticed something. The Scourge, thought to be fully with the Legion, had in fact helped (at least in some cases) to fight against the demonic forces in their march up the mountain. As she recovered from her injuries, the Sentinel pondered what this could mean.

Searching for survivorsEdit

Inquiring of the healing corps even as she lay immobilised by her wounds, Asmerglis discovered that she was the only known survivor of her command. Over time, as she recuperated, bodies were found, and the toll of confirmed deaths mounted. Once she was able to move about again, Asmer went in search of others, and found further confirmation of the deaths of her parents and many of her other kin. Her sisters were both missing and presumed dead.

With a sinking heart, she went out to try to find some remnant. Instead, she found a few more mangled bodies, including those of the rest of her command, and her superior officer. There was no sign that anyone she'd been close to had lived.

Descent into despairEdit

Asmerglis was feeling adrift and without purpose. There was no longer a World Tree to protect. She no longer had a command, or even a command structure, in the Sentinels. She had no family, and no home. Her nominal immortality was gone, and no one really knew how long a night elf might now live. She succumbed to depression, and wandered off in withdrawal, not able to face being part of any rebuilding effort.

The only thing that kept her from simply giving up and dying in the wilderness was one burning question. What had the Lich King been up to, with the late attacks by Scourge forces against Archimonde's ascent? The more she thought about it, the more it haunted her. Had the Lich King been the only one who truly understood the situation all along? She had to know, and so she set out in pursuit of the Scourge forces which were heading back to Lordaeron.

She caught up with the retreating undead, and observed them in their progress. She quickly ascertained that most of them would be of no use to her, and probably not even possible to interrogate. Some few there were who seemed to be officers of sorts, though—liches and death knights. Of those, tangling with the spell-casters while having no backup did not suit her. She started stalking the death knights, trying to catch one of them alone and unaware.

Path to corruptionEdit

Her single-minded pursuit led her to some actions which further eroded at her sense of rightness and self-worth. In order to keep up with the undead forces which did not share her need to eat or sleep, she frequently stole supplies and transportation, including eventually a small ship for making sailing from Kalimdor to Lordaeron. Finally, however, in the Plaguelands, she found the opportunity she'd been seeking.

She confronted the death knight, starting to say she wanted to ask some questions about the Scourge actions at the battle for Mount Hyjal. She didn't get very far, being attacked almost immediately. Sorely pressed to defend herself against the onslaught, she was forced to slay her foe with her questions unanswered.

Asmerglis pressed on, beginning to be motivated almost as much by fleeing from her conscience as her pursuit of knowledge. She had two more unsuccessful attempts at interrogation before she finally managed to corner and disarm a death knight, pinning him to the ground with her glaives at his throat. Her prisoner told her that the Lich King had indeed had a plan for his rebellion against the Burning Legion, only biding his time until he could succeed. He sensed her desperation, and gave her further answers, mixing carefully shaded truths with plausible, well-aimed lies, further ensnaring her in fascination with this insightful king of the undead.

After a bit of discussion, the prisoner let out the bait that hooked the night elf. He mentioned immortality, and how the Scourge in general, and death knights in particular, had the real thing. Seeing her interest, he then told her that he doubted that she'd be accepted for the honour, since she hadn't proven herself worthy. This had exactly the effect he'd expected. She asked how she could prove worthy. He gave her a task, involving sabotage of a Scarlet Crusade enterprise, and told her it would be a start. Ignoring the pangs of her conscience - something she was getting ever more adept at doing - she nodded and went off toward Hearthglen.

Fall and transformationEdit

After a few more missions to prove herself, each one leading her just a bit further away from her former ideals, Asmerglis's conscience and will were sapped. Her undead mentor led her on a short journey to a nearby camp, where it turned out that several death knights were in consulatation with Arthas in preparation for the latter's return to Northrend. She was amazed that she'd seen no recognition signals, or any other signs, and yet no move was made by anyone to attack her. She was told that they were all in communion with the Lich King, and that they thus knew of her worthiness.

There remained only one last task for her. Arthas held Frostmourne out in front of him, aimed at her navel. Swallowing her sudden fear, she knew that she'd come too far to back out. She slowly advanced, heeding the call to advance all the way to the chief death knight. Steeling herself against the pain, she pressed onto the sword. The agony built as she kept moving forward, being not merely physical, but by the time she could no longer hold back the need to scream, she no longer had the breath for it.

As she neared the hilt of the blade, with it protruding through her back, Arthas lifted her off her feet and infused her with necrotic energy, transforming her. Her vision became suffused with red, nearly blinding her, and the pain was beyond anything she thought possible. She lost track of how long the agony lasted, but she never quite lost consciousness. Through the entire ordeal, she could feel Frostmourne hungering for her life force, and Arthas toying with both it and her as a cruel game even while inducting her into the ranks.

After a seeming eternity, which may only have been a few moments, Arthas lowered Asmerglis to the ground again, and withdrew the runeblade. Now that she had acquired the unholy vitality of a living death knight, the wounds sealed into perpetually fresh purple-red scars that still remain with her. As the blade left her, so did the pain, and she began hearing the Lich King's whisperings in her head. Her transformation was complete.

A captain of the ScourgeEdit

The same qualities that had made Asmerglis officer material for the Sentinels also made her a leader for the Scourge. The relative ease with which she'd dispatched her initiation tasks caused the more senior death knights to place her in tactical command of several more operations in the former Lordaeron. Her assignments were carried out successfully in all cases.

When Acherus was launched and moved over the Scarlet Enclave, she was reassigned to the necropolis to help with training and, again, tactical leadership. After great success against the Scarlets, she was then an officer in the Scourge legion at the battle for Light's Hope Chapel.

A second chanceEdit

After the fateful events at Light's Hope Chapel and the reclaiming of the Ebon Hold, she found herself part of the delegation from Tirion Fordring and Darion Mograine to King Wrynn in Stormwind. The delegation's initial reception went better than she had expected, and then they actually reached the king. She was gratified at their royal pardon and official welcome, though she privately considered Wrynn to be an objectionable boor.

Feeling that throwing herself blindly back into battle might strain her reactivated conscience a bit too much, Asmer wandered through the streets and shops of Stormwind, trying to find ways not to stick out quite so badly. Many of the shopkeepers clearly hated her. Worse yet, some were terrified of her. She finally found a pleasant seamstress and got herself some civilian clothing.

After that, and wearing a new dress, she wandered a bit more, and finally heard sounds of mixed races from a tavern in the Dwarven District. She entered, and diffidently asked whether she was welcome there. The proprietress assured that any who came with no harmful intentions were welcome, and that many there had pasts which could have led them to ask the same.

A new homeEdit

That welcome came from Raitha of the Shadow of the Moon. Raitha and some others there, including Jehanne, made her feel quite welcome and accepted indeed. After a lot of discussion, she was invited to come stay with them, and she gratefully accepted their invitation.

She formed many friendships there, and found a growing attraction to Jehanne, which she discovered was mutual. In addition, to great shock, she discovered after a while (the delay being because of travel on the part of both elves) that her long-mourned little sister Asmindla was not only alive, but also a member of that guild.

With the further passage of time, Asmerglis and Jehanne made their arrangement publically formal in a ceremony on the beach at Valaar's Berth. The dwarven priest Spirittaker Stouragard, another of their guildmates, officiated. The couple's anniversary is 7 March.

Present activitiesEdit

Asmerglis and Jehanne have duties which keep them apart far more than they'd like. When not able to be with her partner on their floating home in the harbour at Theramore, Asmindla is usually found working with the Ebon Blade, mostly out of the Shadow Vault, or sometimes working with Jehanne on their new venture in revitalising their House.

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