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Ashila Icereaver is a rogue and adventurer. She claims to be working odd jobs for Mathias Shaw, though rumour at the Ravenholdt Manor is that she's really a permanent employee of SI:7.

General informationEdit


Ashila stands 4'5" high and weighs 146 pounds. She has soft blue eyes and orange-red hair. Her hair is at least waist-length, though usually put up in various braiding styles which change from time to time. Her skin tone was originally peaches and cream, but it's starting to show the signs of weathering from all the time she's spent outdoors on scouting missions.

There are faint scars, some recent, on her fingers and the backs of her hands. She likely has others, but she seldom shows more skin than that. She has multiple small rings, mostly gold, in each ear.


Her first name is pronounced A-Shee-luh. Her most common nickname is Ash.


Her only immediate family is now all deceased. She is part of the Stonefist clan, though she's not particularly close to any of her extended family.


Ash was born 17 May 581 by the (Stormwind) King's calendar.


Early yearsEdit

Ashila was born to a struggling blacksmith's apprentice and his leatherworking wife in a crude hovel on the outskirts of Kharanos before the First War. Ash was the second of three children, having two brothers. She grew up with inadequate supervision, though she seldom got into trouble. Her near-misses were largely owing to learning how to seem the innocent, and how to manipulate people, but she was also smart enough not to bite off more than she could chew.

Evacuation of KharanosEdit

When the orcs came to Khaz Modan in the Second War, the dwarves retreated toward Ironforge, evacuating as they went. The Horde kept coming, and the final retreat into Ironforge began. Ashila, her younger brother, and their maternal grandmother made it inside the city gates in time. Her parents would not leave until they had chivvied the rest of their relatives to safety, including her errant older brother. None of the rest got in before their positions were overwhelmed, and the gates had to be closed and barred.

Aftermath of warEdit

The Icereavers no longer had their old dwellings, and remained as refugees in Ironforge. Their grandmother died from a combination of old age and a broken heart, simply giving up on life. Ash watched over her younger brother as best she could, until he reached sufficient age to join the army. He wasn't as careful, or as lucky, as his sister, and he died fighting orcs in the Wetlands.

Because of the responsibility of looking after her brother, and her feelings of grief and shame that he'd gone off to die, Ashila looked for a more useful way to apply her skills. She signed on as a scout, doing reconnaissance missions. During the Third War, this brought her to the attention of the other Alliance intelligence groups, and thus to Ravenholdt and to SI:7. After the war, for a time, the various militaries were looking to return people to civilian life, and Ash mustered out. With the strengthening of the ties between the humans and the dwarves, she took up working for SI:7 instead.

Ash has travelled extensively in Azeroth and the Outland, with some of that work probably being freelance. Some of her odder comings and goings in Azeroth, however, support the notion that she's still working for SI:7.

Present activitiesEdit

Ashila has taken up doing some work in Northrend, while still occasionally travelling to out of the way places in the Plaguelands and in Kalimdor. She still makes stops in Stormwind's Old Town, visiting the SI:7 headquarters.

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