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General Info Edit

Appearance Edit

Aloha is young--quite young, by Night Elf standards--to be out in the world, and her looks betray this. She is slightly shorter than average, since she has not yet reached her adult height, and her purple hair is pulled into a half-ponytail. Though her facial features are rounded and young-looking, they are often drawn into a frown, or at least a downcast appearance, for Aloha is seldom cheerful. When in town or in a safe location, she chooses to wear black or dark-colored clothes. Anyone seeing Aloha in bright colors will know that they have caught her in a rare good mood.

Personality Edit

Aloha has not seen much of the world, but what she has seen has convinced her that it is corrupt, dangerous, and nearly irredeemable. This explains her sullen demeanor and reticence to make friends.

However, it should be noted that Aloha has not always been so miserable--as a young girl, she was actually quite friendly and cheerful, and those that know her swear that the best of her is still inside somewhere.

Like many of her age, she is convinced she knows everything, and will respond hotly if an older friend or travelling companion suggests that her worldview is shortsighted or otherwise inexperienced.

Do not be surprised if you catch Aloha offering spells of protection to complete strangers, or risking her life in a dangerous battle for one she has just met. She will claim it is all she has been trained to do and so can behave no differently, but there might be a deeper cause...

History Edit

Childhood and Adolescence Edit

Anyone seeing Aloha today might think she has a dark, tragic past. However, her childhood was uneventful, even happy. She grew up in Darnassus in comfortable, if not luxurious conditions; her father was a trader and Auction Hous liaison, and her mother worked in the local school. Aloha, always a bright girl and spurred on by her parents' unwavering support, felt herself to be somewhat above tradesmanship and aspired to a more auspicious path.

When she hit adolescence, she began idolizing the Sisters of Elune and other divine elven organizations. Aloha decided from a very young age to be a priestess, and her parents were delighted. Though young, she impressed the Sisters early on and got her first training from Tyrande Whisperwind herself. Though the Sisters encouraged her to stay in Darnassus until her training was refined, Aloha felt that she had to be where she was most needed, and left Darnassus at the age when most Night Elves are just starting their training in their chosen paths.

Leaving Darnassus Edit

It was on Darkshore that she first felt the dizzying feeling of being in over her head. Animals and sea creatures lay dead on beaches. Cultists were directly opposing the healing of the tainted land. Elves and their allies were falling far before their time. It was all too much for the young girl.

Feeling the need to get away (and also secretly thinking it would make her feel superior again), Aloha traveled to the human lands. Unfortunately, things only got worse. The existence of the Defias outraged her—how could members of a race so easily turn on their brethren?—and when she started to understand how deep the Defias conspiracy went, she was horrified.

Still, she was a priestess at heart, and though she did not tell her companions at the time, she went into the Deadmines determined not to slay VanCleef, but to save him.

Anyone can guess how that turned out. Aloha tried valiantly to avoid bloodshed, but VanCleef would not be turned. In the heat of battle, he caught her eye as she attempted to cast a spell of healing upon him. Laughing, he turned and plowed his blade into one of Aloha’s companions, a human warrior. Though Aloha hadn’t known the man for very long, his death snapped something inside of her, and she drew upon as-yet-untapped darkness to slay VanCleef with shadowy, dark magic.

Aloha Today Edit

It was this change in her, even more than the wounding of her friend, that set Aloha on the path to becoming the shadowy Priestess that she is today. She believes that if she could turn from the path of good so easily, then anyone could. She now devotes herself to destroying evil where she finds it, but now depends on that shadowy, dark magic that she discovered during her experience in the Deadmines. As she travels, the suffering she sees further convinces her of the world's corruption and inherent darkness.

However, though she will not admit it to herself, something still stirs in her heart. It explains her singleminded devotion to helping the Alliance, and her unshakeable habit of helping anyone she sees in need. Fundamentally, she is good and pure, and though she is in a bad place now, she already holds the tools to get herself out. Whether she will use them is still anyone’s guess.

Impressions of Aloha Edit

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Out of Character Information Edit

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