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Adriellyn (pronounced ADD-ree-Ellen) is an aging ex-slave, corsair, ship's captain, and warlock. Her islander accent is closer to trollish than to standard Common. She has undertaken tasks for various groups in her wandering over the years, enjoying a good reputation with, among others, the Cenarion Circle and the Argent Dawn. Her friends variously call her Adri (or Adrie, depending on who's doing the spelling) or Captain.


Adriellyn stands 5'5" in height, and weighs in the range of 130 to 135 pounds. She has soft brown eyes, and dark, dusky skin. Her mahogany hair is usually put up in a bun, held in place with pins made from fishbones. A pair of gold rings in each ear usually rounds out her decorations.

She is starting to go grey, and her skin is weathered and showing signs of her age, which is approaching fifty. She is a relatively muscular woman, and her hands have callouses from the use of weapons, as well as the scars typical of having been in fights where blades are involved.

She commonly seems otherwise unconcerned with fashion, or at least that of human society. She has been seen in various enchanted robes, dresses, tunics, skirts, breeches, etc., either of her own making or those given to her as rewards for her services. These rewards have ranged from trollish to elvish, and from the scandalous to the demure.


Island childhoodEdit

Born in a small archipelago in Azeroth's South Seas (well to the west of Booty Bay), Adriellyn grew up in a relatively primitive society, mostly fishing and gathering. Her immediate family was composed of her parents, herself, and her older brother. By the time she was old enough to notice such things, her people shared the islands with some trolls who had broken off from the Zandalari. The children of the two races played freely together, although their villages remained separate. The young Adri learned of the loa from her neighbours, and felt a tug from (as she thought, at least) the spirits.


Doing anything about that was put on hold, however, when the occasional pirate and slaver raids on the various peoples of that archipelago become something more. In her seventh summer, a large raid came, killing many and taking the rest for slaves. Slaves where and for what they never learned, since other pirates attacked and defeated the original set. The remaining humans and trolls were used as shipboard slaves at that point, with many dying either from harsh discipline or poor conditions and unaccustomed heavy labour. Her father and brother were victims of the brutality within the first year of captivity.

Adri's duties, as a child too young for much else, were for unskilled cleaning, galley help, and repairs of clothing and sails. Her mother's were euphemistically described as "entertaining the crew".

The young island girl was encouraged in secret by her trollish friends in her pursuit of the spirits. The kind of Loa she got wasn't what they expected, but they figured it was just something different because it was a human doing the summoning. She worked with her mentors and her demons belowdecks when her duties and those of the trolls allowed. After a few years, even the trolls' strength was not sufficient against their working conditions, and her further education came from her own experiments and what her demons taught her.

Her duties expanded as she grew older, involving greater cooking and sewing responsibilities at first. Around the time she was thirteen, however, she also was required to "entertain the crew". Her mother grew hysterical and tried to attack the captain, and was enough of a nuisance that she was killed. That night was the last time the sailors ever saw the dark island girl cry. She found greater solace with her demons in secret, and bided her time as she built more power.


As the pirates' supply of ready slaves dwindled, both from the harsh treatment and from taking in fewer new ones (thanks to changing conditions in Azeroth), the men started also sating their lusts with the few women who were actually crew. This change, once it came about, soon incited a mutiny, led by Reaver Mariel, in which she and her followers set loose the slaves as part of their uprising. With the willing help of the now seventeen-year-old Adri and her demons, this mutiny was successful.

In the aftermath, there was some discussion between the women involved in taking over the ship. They decided that they could not risk a mixed crew again, and all the men (as well as any women who wanted to leave) were put off at Booty Bay. Some of the men objected in ways that caused them to be dumped uncerimoniously overboard instead, but most were treated fairly. Adriellyn knew that there would be nothing left for her to return to on the islands, and all she really knew was shipboard life. Thus, she was one of those who stayed on with what was now an all-female pirate coterie.

The group acclaimed Mariel their captain, and worked together as they got organised. The former islander quickly became one of the officers, and was made first mate before two months had passed.

That coterie wasn't all that typical, even aside from its composition. They took up raiding against slavers, or apparent slavers (pirates who took hostages). As that worked out, it meant they had no conflict with the Blackwater Raiders, and thus they were welcome in Booty Bay, which became their home port. This led to their being known (especially by their victims) as the "Booty Babes"[1].

Freedom on the high seasEdit

The group's habit of rescuing hostages and freeing slaves caused them to encounter, over time, many people who wound up feeling well-disposed toward them. This sometimes allowed them free trade in other ports, such as Menethil Harbor, and to being left alone by the Kul Tiras navy. The coterie also sometimes took passengers between northern and southern ports, so long as they accepted the fact that their timetable was uncertain. The fare was usually free.

Passengers and rescuees frequently helped the group out in their high seas raiding along the journeys, and many of them were either repeat customers or temporary enlistees. Of particular relevance to Adri's later life, one such passenger was Chalda Thorassim, and one such rescued hostage was Feyanna Mistwarden.

Hard timesEdit

The coterie's limited choice of prey was not as financially lucrative as other forms of piracy, and they only had the one ship. Wars and other changes caused the slavers to be more scarce, and thus their opportunities were fewer, and against more hardened adversaries. After nearly thirty years, they found themselves in need of repairs which they couldn't afford. They went to land for a while, trying to find ways to sell their more martial skills to raise money for the repairs.

Despite some difficulties in being taken seriously, they succeeded in raising enough money to get the ship seaworthy again. In the interim, however, they had acquired a different problem. Too many of the women had discovered that they liked being landlubbers again. They didn't have enough crew to keep running their operation. Even Captain Mariel had found love and a new family, and she left the coterie.

The remaining crew elected Adriellyn as their new captain, and made an attempt at returning to sea, reasoning that demons made up for a lot of lost crew. The reasoning was sound enough that they didn't lose the ship, but not so sound as to result in successful operations. After a few failed attempts, the remnant of the coterie disbanded, leaving Adri with a ship and no way to sail it. The ship remains at anchor in Stranglethorn Vale, and Adri still visits it upon occasion to clear it out of any squatters.


The former islander and pirate captain has since taken to adventuring, eventually serving for a brief time as a quartermaster for the Argent Crusade, helping them get their ships and supplies to Northrend. Along the way she met up several other groups of adventurers, drifting in and out of various organisations, until she found a home with the group calling themselves the Shadow of the Moon. She moved on when her friends did to their new project, Renewal. These days, when she's not pursuing some quest or rumour of specific injustice, she can be found either with her friends, or in the Dalaran underbelly.

External referencesEdit

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