Slot Item Location Boss
Chest [Beast Lord Cuirass] Botanica Last - Combat 15 Warp Splinter
Feet [Sky-Hunter Swift Boots] Sethekk Halls 1st - Combat 15 Darkweaver Syth
Finger [Ring of Umbral Doom] Botanica 3rd - Combat 15 Thorngrin the Tender
Finger [Ravenclaw Band] Sethekk Halls 2nd - Combat 15 Talon King Ikiss
Trinket [Scarab of the Infinite Cycle] Black Morass Last - Combat 15 Aeonus (Last portal)
Trinket [Hourglass of the Unraveller] Black Morass 2nd - Combat 15 Temporus (12th portal)

Sethekk Halls (1st and 2nd), Black Morass (2nd and Last), Botanica (3rd and Last), Arcatraz (Last)


Champion of the NaaruEdit

Serpentshrine CavernEdit

The Tempest KeyEdit

Hand of A'dalEdit

Caverns of Time: Battle for Mount HyjalEdit

[Medallion of Karabor]Edit

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