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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
NaranjarWoWWiki Horde 15 Horde Silvermoon US IconSmall Troll Male Troll Ui-charactercreate-classes shamanShaman 75 Army of the Dark QueenWoWWiki Private
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank


Started out life in the Valley of Trials, killing them boars. Now I farm instances for loots and my gold, it soars.

I was initially a member of the Brotherhood of Twilight but then it became slightly old-and-busted so my younger compadres held down the fort over there whilst I went to hang with the Hellfire Templars.

Over time my comfortability fell a little short and I decided to move back to the Brotherhood but also while keeping track of my friends who remained in the Hellfire.

One such friend was part of Pentex and I headed in that direction. Though, after a while, the guild eventually dissolved. One of my friends from Hellfire created the Army of the Dark Queen and I decided to hang with them, hopefully indefinitely.



I've kinda been known to randomly (and accidentally) jump (or fall) off of cliffs and other various places to fall to one's doom. I'm pretty good at it too.


Disenchanting items is fun. I also get to perform enchants upon my guild members' gear. Yay for being able to enhance my own gear and that of my friends.

First AidEdit

Not quite sure why I picked this up. I can heal myself. Figure I might be able to sell the bandages on the Auction House.


With this profession I can create gear for my low-level alts and friends' low-level alts that may have higher stats than early drops and quest rewards. With enchanting as another profession I can also enhance the tailored items.


I plan on maxing out the Enhancement tree and also tossing in a couple Restoration talents.

Ability mount raptor [Venomhide Ravasaur] Edit

Inv weapon shortblade 44 [Teeth] Days
11 Inv weapon shortblade 44 9 days

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