Biography and HistoryEdit

Mysterious BeginningsEdit

Sarzac Arcoth has a very clouded history. Older file documents reveal that he was a mage in the initial Alliance exploration force that settled in Kirin'Var Village. Soon after though, Draenor was torn apart in a cataclysmic explosion that devastated the land and turned the Fields of Farahlon into a crumbling wasteland, Netherstorm. After 17 years in the ruined village, Kael'Thas invaded Kirin'Var and set off a Mana Bomb. The resulting explosion rocketed Sarzac into the Twisting Nether where the infinite energies flowed into his uncorrupted soul. Demonic energy, an omniscient essence in the nether, also poured into his soul, turning him into an immensly powerful warlock.

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