This article is a realm page for the Silver Hand US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

High Warlords / Grand MarshalsEdit

  • Cortico (Troll Warrior of "Stormfist") was the first High Warlord
  • Sayuke (Night Elf Hunter of "Immortality") was the first Grand Marshal

Other players that have obtained Rank 14 (Incomplete):

Alliance Grand Marshals

  • Ariana (Human Mage of "Silence")
  • Gorgorath (Night Elf Rogue of "Silence")
  • Hide (Gnome Rogue)
  • Tesseus (Human Paladin)
  • Nightfallen (Human Paladin)
  • Ebinki (Night Elf Hunter)
  • Whitetara (Night Elf Hunter)
  • Dargone (Human Rogue)
  • Lannister (Human Warrior)
  • Wubbette (Gnome Rogue of "Crimson Raiders")
  • Nashirida (Gnome Mage)
  • Ryusuke (Dwarf Warrior)
  • Necator (Night Elf Warrior)
  • Ishank (Human Warlock)
  • Daleckh (Human Paladin)
  • Aileyna (Night Elf Warrior)
  • Naelidaan (Human Paladin)
  • Nappa (Gnome Rogue)
  • Odina (Human Paladin)
  • Blinkin (Gnome Mage)
  • Lamoot (Night Elf Warrior)
  • Kyre (Human Paladin)

Horde High Warlords

  • Zagroth (Undead Mage, Unguilded)
  • Vyctoria (Undead Rogue of "Stormfist")
  • Rainmaker (Tauren Shaman of "Stormfist")
  • Kathynta (Tauren Warrior of "Vigilant")
  • Valizaar (Troll Shaman of "Vigilant")
  • Zulkazeem (Troll Shaman of "Stormfist")
  • Slither (Undead Rogue of "Rival")
  • Otheuym (Orc Warrior of "Pact of War")
  • Ssiard (Undead Warlock of "Pact of War")
  • Maioren (Troll Priest, formerly of "Wartorn")
  • Kontested (Orc Hunter, formerly of "Hax")
  • Matamuram (Tauren Warrior, formerly of "Rival")
  • Dough (Troll Rogue, formerly of "Rival")
  • Grimtock (Undead Warlock, formerly of "Wartorn")
  • Sythopx (Undead Warrior of "Rival")
  • Zayuke (Undead Mage, formerly of "Wartorn")
  • Hazardus (Undead Warrior)
  • Arcinon (Undead Mage of Team Evil)

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