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Character Stats Edit

Name: Lacryma Klu'yos

Title: Light Caller

Age: 16000+ (Most spent in Cryo-Stasis)

Hair Color: White, starting to turn sea green

Eye Color: White

Skin Color: Pale White

Height: 6'4"

Marital Status: Single, Her situation never has been conducive to relationships. Though she does seem to care for Ceronas..

Mother: Deceased

Father: Deceased

Siblings: Either deceased or MIA

Appearance Edit

Coming soon..

Personality Edit

Coming soon..

Background Edit

Coming soon..

Goals and Motivations Edit

Rule the World, one mushroom at a time.


Queen of the Ogres, Pale Lady of the Sporeggar Inquisition

Idiosyncrasies Edit

She has a very zany streak that sometimes materializes.

Public Knowledge and Rumors Edit


"If I hear one more joke about my horns and hooves, I'll demonstrate what "else" they can cut and kick."

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