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General InformationEdit

Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Daerathos Alliance 15 Silver Hand IconSmall Human Male Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin Paladin 70 Destructive Infinity Sergeant
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

A member of the Silver Hand until the order ceased to exist as it had before the Third War. Daerathos Corellius Dawnsmoore travels the world of Azeroth spreading the tenets of the Holy Light. Though the Order for all intents and purposes is gone, compared to what it once was, Daerathos still considers himself a Knight of the Order, and adheres to its code in his daily life.


Daerathos is a compassionate, idealistic young man. He holds strong to his convictions however, though at times this coupled with is idealism leads him to be a tad naive. He in intolerant of the concepts of retribution, vengenace, and zeal, noting their link to the downfall of Arthas and groups such as the Scarlet Crusade. Not overly skillful with the blade, or any weapon for that matter, Daerathos's talents as a Paladin rely on his strong connection and devotion to the Light.

Early LifeEdit

The only son to Maxwell and Alexandra Dawnsmoore, Daerathos was born 28 years ago on the Dawnsmoore's farm north of Brill, Lordaeron. He lived a modest, quiet life with his parents for the most part, helping out with chores on the farm, and was set to take over the farm when his father was to retire.

During a trip to Brill, Daerathos, (only 12 at the time) was ambushed by a group of bandits waiting on the path. Luckily for him, a Paladin of the Silver Hand was on patrol in the area and dispatched the bandits. Not only was Daerathos grateful, but he became fascinated with the Order, and set his mind to joining the Silver Hand. He found a old rusty sword that his father had used in his teenage years, and put together a makeshift wooden shield. At 14, he started taking swordplay lessons from a retired solider who had served Stormwind in the First War and was residing in Brill. Though his parents initially didn't approve of the idea, he soon changed and fully supported their son.

Knight of the Silver HandEdit

At the age of 18, Daerathos became a Paladin of the Silver Hand, though he was still a novice when it came to the art of Swordplay with his limited years of practice. To make up for this fact however, he was both exceptionally strong in faith and resolve, and as such, his Holy spells tended to have stronger effect than most other Paladins of his experience.

Being still quite new to the order, Daerathos only had minor duties and limited combat experience until the events of the Third War broke out. As well, during this time, his mother perished under the effects of the Plague. When Lordaeron was clearly lost, he helped his father escape the Scourge, and moved to Stormwind where he had hoped that remnants of the order would also gather and move to mend the broken order. Though he like many, had realized that the Order would never be the same with the loss of Uther Lightbringer. He briefly joined the Scarlet Crusade, but soon left after Highlord Mograine was slain in battle, and became sickened with the direction the new leadership was taking the order.

Recent HistoryEdit

Beliving the Order to be all but dead, Daerathos traveled the lands of the Alliance, continuing to serve and help others trying to preserve the ideals that Uther had wanted all Paladins to follow. In addition, he also teaches anyone who is interested in the Holy Light, the three virtues, and also warns others of following the paths of zealotry and vengeance. As he believes both to be in what he calls the "twin corruptions", and in his eyes the reason that Arthas betrayed humanity and why the Scarlet Crusade became the tainted organization it is today. He now also serves as an agrent of the Argent Dawn in their fight to remove the Scourge from Lordaeron. This also marks the first time back to his homelands since the Third War, and he has appeared to be visibly shaken up from the ordeal.


Daerathos currently resides in Stormwind City, and can usually be seen praying in the Cathedral of Light. Though there are extended periods of time where Daerathos is not in or near Stormwind, due to his extensive travels, and now for his work in the Plaguelands for the Argent Dawn.

During his travels he became intrigued by gnome technology, and has studied gnomish engineering. Daerathos is also an adept miner. He also is well trained in first aid to help complement his healing abilities.

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