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Aranthack, originally trained as a hunter, is an extremely social Kal'Dorei death knight. He spends most of his free time, of which he has much, lounging about the Cathedral Square of Stormwind. He claims no noble rank, although he has been given a variety of other titles throughout his life. He refers to himself in the abstract as "The Oathbound," referring to his high respect of oaths and vows.

Unlike most Death Knights, he chooses not to align himself with the Ebon Blade. Instead, he has chosen to direct his efforts gaining favor among the ranks of the Argent Crusade. He sojourns often in Northrend to participate on their behalf in the Argent Tournament.


Aranthack is tall for a Kal'Dorei, standing at about 7'4". He weighs about 85kg, a side effect of his muscular build.

His hair is usually dyed a medium hue of blue, though it is naturally a shade of gray.

He dresses in high quality armor most of the time, if not, in well tailored, if unstylish, clothes. It is extremely rare for him not to carry at least a single weapon on him. At most, he has been known to carry half a dozen.


Despite having no noble birth, Aranthack often acts with what some may categorize as the best of noble countenances. When he is not worried, he is courteous and respectful to almost all around him. He is easily distracted from his noble persona, and is, at most times, not acting his best. On average though, he is very considerate of others. He considers personal risk to be a very small factor when he acts. He goes far out of his way to help those he recognizes as being in need, and has a reputedly wonderful bedside manner, which comes in handy quite often.

Although he does not try to antagonize people he interacts with, his mind is clearly geared for combat. He deals with many things, even social situations, with meticulous planning and strategy. He is rather distrusting of people when he first meets them, sometimes even using a pseudonym for added security when he first meets someone. He has the utmost loyalty and respect to his friends once he makes them. It is not uncommon for him to be seen carrying their unconscious bodies away from battle to rest and be mended back to health from care within his own home, which he graciously extends inhabitance of to any whom may need it.

Overall, he seeks to do good, though at questionable means, and is described by some, who feel it necessary to categorize him, as "chaotic good."


Aranthack's lineage is for the most part unknown. His parents lived in the eastern reaches of Azshara. His father was murdered barely a week before Aranthack's birth, and his mother died shortly after giving birth among a tribe of furbolgs. Aranthack was raised among the Timbermaw Furbolgs as a traditional hunter. Upon coming of age, he struck out on his own into the wilderness of Kalimdor. On his journeys, he encountered several other Kal'Dorei with whom he adventured. After the group spent several years adventuring, and after Aranthack had fallen in love with and pledged his heart to one of his companions, Seora Wrathblade, his group settled down, turning their interests from exploring to music. They traveled across the populated reaches of Kalimdor, spreading their songs with joy to anyone who would listen. They were a light hearted group, thoughts of war far from their mind, the last war (The War of the Shifting Sands) having ended over three centuries ago. One day, however, their light-heartedness was smashed like a ship upon rocks.

Aranthack's life was changed forever when an extremely elusive doomguard, that somehow remained from the War of the Ancients, attacked his camp in the middle of the night. Aranthack and his companions fought bravely, but when the battle was finished, Aranthack was left alone, his lover's mutilated and lifeless body resting limply in his arms. That dreadful night, Aranthack swore to devote his life to fighting the demons that had taken his love from him. Until the Third War, he stalked the land of Kalimdor, searching for demons with a burning passion. He spent years training to hunt them more efficiently and effectively, crafting himself weapons specialized for such purposes.

When the Night Elves began fighting in the Third War, Aranthack volunteered himself among the first ranks of those to battle the Horde. He narrowly escaped the battle in which Cenarius was killed, having taken a very palpable wound, from which he chose to recover naturally, so that he might "proudly bear the scars of this sad day." He barely recovered in time to march in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, and is proud to have fought alongside Jaina Proudmoore, the Warchief Thrall, Malfurion Stormrage, and Tyrande Whisperwind.

After the war, Aranthack set out to make a name for himself in the seemingly new world of the Eastern Kingdoms. He spent most of his time doing odd jobs in Elwynn Forest, as well as the surrounding countryside. It was not until 27 years after the Third War that Aranthack found his true niche. He volunteered with the Argent Dawn for combat patrol in the Plaguelands. It was there that he first heard the call of the Lich King. In response to this powerful and urging call, Aranthack betrayed his patrol group to the Scourge, willingly becoming a part of the Lich King's foul plans.

Secretly, Aranthack had been fooled by his own overconfidence. He thought that he had it within him to defeat the Lich King, and sought him out intentionally. He realized though, when he first encountered the Lich, that such dreams were hopeless. In despair of his life, he pledged himself as a Death Knight, feeling that victory for the free people of Azeroth was hopeless. Over time a festering hate for the Scourge and Lich grew within him as he committed atrocity after atrocity in the Lich's name, until the climactic assault of Light's Hope chapel. It was there that Aranthack broke free from the Lich King, along with Darion Mograine and many other death Knights.

He then returned to Stormwind along with his new 'brethren', trying to make a new name for himself, and endeavoring to right the wrongs he had committed.

Aranthack sought for ways to further repent for his previous sins. Due to a freak circumstance, he had been restored to a living body, possibly giving him a chance to abandon forever his unholy ways.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

He was last seen several years ago, disappearing shortly before Deathwing's appearance. He left his substantial wealth and lands behind, as well as all of his friends, and even the ones he had come to call family. His whereabouts are unknown, as are his motivations for leaving.

Goals and MotivationsEdit

  • To repent of all the wrongs he has committed.
  • To ensure that none make the same mistakes as he has.
  • To protect the innocents around him that are harmed by the evils of a corrupted society.

Peculiar TraitsEdit

  • Uses an iconic chuckle quite often, sometimes begging almost every sentence with the single syllable, "'Teh."
  • Often duels his friends, both to hone his skills and for personal amusement.
  • Tries to consider situations before rushing in and helping someone who may turn out to be the 'bad guy'.
  • Often carries a blade he has named Zennarkamon (a mock-demonic name meaning "daemon bane").

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