Current Guilds Edit

Alliance 32 Alliance Edit

Guild Level Homepage Guild Master PvE/PvP Hardcore/Casual
Alliance Pug 0 None PvE Hardcore
By Crayon Be Purged 18 None Kelticfox PvE Casual
Forever Faithful 4 Coraly PvE/PvP Casual
Hidden Mercy 5 Konserwa PvE Casual/Hardcore
Illuminati 2 IL Officers PvE Casual/raiding
Middle Aged Madness 25 Märy PvE Casual
Mithrid 5 Moonie PvE Hardcore
Order of the Hammer 25 Gannon PvE Hardcore
Paradise Lost 25 Zhabutu PvE/PvP Casual
Skull Squadron 25 None Silveretta PvP/PvE Casual -
Soggy Biscuit 25 SB Officers PvE Casual
Team Hannibal 21 Sliver PvE -

Horde 32 Horde Edit

Guild Acronym Homepage Guild Master Focus (PvE/PvP) Hardcore/Casual
Blizzard stole my life BSML Totie PvE Casual
Beirepoot err? Beirwarreket PvE slacking
Mature Weekend Raiders MWR Tanka Pve Casual
Devastation Deva RBJ Pve Hardcore
Dies Irae DI Polackntango PvE Semi-hardcore
Divide Et Emperia DeE -- Dobermann/Svirve PvE -
Divine Intervention - Medius - Casual
Empyrean Collective EC Kanduluk PvE Semicore
Evokian Evokian Ly & Sereen PvE Hardcore
Exercitum Exer Oougly PvE Hardcore
Frostbite Frostbite Elinore PvE Hardcore
Fugazi FGZI Klunk PvE Casual
Fula skitiga och elaka FSoE Lysistrate PvE Casual
Gosu Gosu Sendrag Slacking -
Hembränt HB Gautier Slacking in Org Hardcore
Horde Mode Horde Mode Eldin PvP -
Insidious Insidious http:// Anyah PvE Hardcore
Kréator Kréator Razzoria PvE -
Kreator Kreator Dobermann PvE -
Legion of Attma LoA Doherty PvE Hardcore
Loco Motives LM Count PvE Hardcore
Omen Omen Boax/Fadermerrin Casual -
Playforfun p4f Theatre PvE Inactive
Postmortem Strong PvE/PvP Semi-Hardcore
Profanity Pro Jeyay PvE -
Purify Zoulguard PvE -
Raptum Raptum Aeiedil PvE Semi-Hardcore
Reckoning Reckoning Roihu PvE Semi-Hardcore
Remains Remains Grosh PvE Semi-Hardcore
Titans Titans Celdor PvE -
Totally Bullox TB Krudax PvE Casual
Twisted Saturn PvP -
Vicious Vicious Sileya/Anteza PvE Hardcore
Vulgus Profanum VP Magimongo PvE Hardcore
Wheelchair Dealers Dealers Fiskeboss/Neij/Atric PvE Semi-Hardcore
We Wont Evolve WwE Nocke PvE Semi-Hardcore WOTLK 60 PvE

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