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Taken from:

Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Superhot
Est Raid Times: Weeknights

Blood Guard
Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Runic
Est Raid Times: TBD

Carpe Noctem
Focus: Mature, Family oriented guild
Guildleader: Mikilasi 2nd in command Mommar
Est Raid Times: TBD

Chaos Legion
Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Sathren or Jotu
Est Raid Times: TBD

Combat Medics
Focus: Casual PVE/PVP
Guildleader: Shackle / Rotter
Est Raid Times: N/A just yet

Website: Coming soon
Focus: PvE (But we do enjoy our PvP)
Leader: Salinas

Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Saphir ( Officers: Hornsby, Delsan, Daftpunk )
Est Raid Times: TBD

Faction: Horde
Focus: PvE with a little PvP thrown in the mix.
Guildleader: Drekavac
Est Raid Times: We're not raiding as of yet. In the future though :)

Focus: Adult-oriented semi-casual PvE/Raid
Guildleader: Medimoocil
Officers: Calliopea, Maydie, Chakara, Arashii
Voice: Ventrilo (must have mic and not be afraid to use it)
Raid Times: Currently Tuesday and Thursday evenings + Saturday afternoons (3 times per week )

Honor Amongst Thieves
Focus: Casual PvE/PvP
Guildleader: Sneekyone
Est Raid Times: Various/TBA

Inner Peace
Faction: Horde, Affiliated with Outlandish
Focus: Family
Gulidleaders: Wildlife

Morituri Te Salutamus
Focus: PvE end-game
Guild Leader: Ashlar, Mouldren, Rhuel
Raid Times: 7:30 - 11pm server, Tues/Thurs/Fri

Website: members only
Focus: PvE (PvP is not promoted or prohibited)
Guildleader: Ev
Raid Times: Daily 6:30pm servertime depending on attendance

Focus:PVE but family type, some pvp if it comes up
Guildleader: Jamel, officers Shadazoom, cattia, devnet,tiko, scurlion,bubbat or udderheal
Est Raid Times:

The Asylum
Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Docblood
Est Raid Times: 8-11:30pm Tues-Thurs, 8pm-1am Sat (subject to change)

The Blood Legion
Focus: Family, PVE, PVP, charity
Contacts: Jirina, Knowledge, or Jollyguy

The Demonic Knights
Focus: PVE, Family, PVP
Guild Leader: Velisan (can also speak to CrimsonFrost or Chaotics)
Instance times: Friday Night and Saturday Afternoon

Focus: PvE Family
Guildleader: Tirroth (alternate contacts Jabala, Spork, Gith, Lotharen, Kerith, Ciramina, Kein )

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