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Agents of Fortune
Focus: Casual/friendly guild interested in the casual WoW life. Guildleader: Ellindelle
Est Raid Times: Unknown

Focus: PvE Raid Progression
Guildleader: Drevan
Est Raid Times: Monday - Thursday 8-12 pm

Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Natonias
Est Raid Times: TBD mostly around 730 or so just the days are what varies

Dark Knight Crusaders
Focus: PvE End-Game with some PvP & Social
Guildleader: Jozzlynn
Current number of Officers 18
Current number of Members 423, as of September 9th 2012
Raid times vary depending on teams

Focus: PvE End-Game
Guildleader: Berakade
Est Raid Times: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 8pm-11pm

Leader: Jassane
Raid Times: N/A

Flames of Glory
Focus: PvE with some PvP
Guild Leader: Lemuria
Raid Times: Currently not set in stone, but Kara on Saturday and Sunday is pretty common

Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Lochen
Est Raid Times: Afternoon on weekends

Lions of Brindol
Focus: PvE and Family, Concidering Arena and BGs teams, but not implimented yet.
Guildleader: Solacin
Raid Times: Evenings mostly. Casual though

Guildleader: Trayka, Drayco, Sav
Est Raid Times: N/A just yet

Posse Comitatus
Focus: PVE, PVP
Guildleader: Wiccaholic
Est Raid Times: TBA

Faction: Alliance, Affiliated w/ Horde guild Inner Peace
Focus: Family
Gulidleaders: Earthsea

Reality Check
Focus: PvE with some PvP
Guildleader: Psiona
Raid Times: Wednesday and Friday, 7pm -11pm & Sundays 4pm -10pm

Focus: PvE
Guildleader: Calleigh
Est Raid Times: TBD

Focus: PvE (End Game Raiding)
Guild Leader: Tapio
Est Raid Times: 7pm-11pm EST Wed, Fri, Sun, and Mon

The Druid Circle
Focus: PvE, sometimes PvP and we are also a family
Guildleader: Eilis
Est Raid Times: its all random really

Focus: PVP/ Raiding once proper levels are attained.
Leader: Insatiable
Raid Times: Does not currently apply.

Winged Ascension (temp)
Focus: PvE, PvP
Guildleader: Aazenroth
Est Raid Times: Group 1:Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sun 9 pm-1am
Group 2: Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat.. 7-10 pm

WoW the Musical
Focus: PvE mature guild
Guildleader: Magiere
Est Raid Times: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

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