This article is a realm page for the Shadowmoon US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Pre-BC Crafting exists primarily as an archive, as all of these items and enchants are long since obsolete. However, you may still want to add your name to the list, bother for posterity's purpose, as well as accuracy's. Some people may wish to still purchase one of the following items, such as the Sulfuron Hammer.

Weapons & Offhands/Shields Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Black Amnesty] Delrond, Lovens, Madxness, Zorgie Rathah
[Black Grasp of the Destroyer] Finteni, Lovens, Manaburn, Xorl Apep, Rathath, Shuikon, Tukatai, Zephire
[Blackfury] Delrond, Zorgie Rathah
[Blackguard] Lovens
[Core Marksman Rifle] Cheeto, Datorz, Lorina, Nortrom, Silkiercash, Varnic Citadel, Ginga, Grayfang, Sekroth
[Ebon Hand] Delrond
[Force Reactive Disk] Datorz, Haldamir, Lorina, Sds, Silkiercash, Varnic Ginga
[Jagged Obsidian Shield] Trancelord Acaretus, Apep, Barene, Shuikon
[Nightfall] Judicas Zagnak
[Persuader] Delrond
[Sageblade] Finteni, Harakan Acaretus
[Sulfuron Hammer] Kurobana, Lovens Rathah, Shuikon, Tukatai

Cloth Items Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Belt of the Archmage] Corontus, Leyla, Nortrom, Orchyx, Silverback Blestemat, Chompman, Ginga, Gruten, Hiromi, Ogdin, Scheod
[Bottomless Bag] Sds, Silverback, Trieu Chompman, Gruten, Uugroth
[Chromatic Cloak] Kailef, Arindra, Elawyn, Guillius, Oneputt, Sorry, Vicktro Atomi, Bigtooth, Rightside
[Core Felcloth Bag] Badoc, Kyrra, Leyla, Matoriel, Miszie, Mordermi, Nbrood, Nortrom, Trieu, Silverback, Sushiboy Gaibban, Gruten, Gudrun, Histhya, Ogdin
[Gloves of Spell Mastery] Felessen, Peccavi, Silverback Gruten, Metallan, Ogdin
[Hide of the Wild] Aerynn, Atheowlann, Bigscoop, Didimus, Hubriss, Layra, Tip Bartus, Devl
[Shifting Cloak] Darkdrow, Delrond, Kurobana, Madxness, Sakura Hoobajooba

Mail Items Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Chromatic Gauntlets]
[Dreamscale Breastplate] Imtay, Layra
[Invulnerable Mail] Kalie, Trancelord, Sutin Caxap
[Obsidian Mail Tunic] Trancelord Acaretus

Plate Items Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
[Lionheart Helm] Drizsit, Mexx, Nutella
[Stronghold Gauntlets] Drizsit, Kurobana, Trancelord Apep, Caxap, Shuikon
[Thick Obsidian Breastplate] Draiglord, Finteni, Jode, Kurobana, Lovens, Rednaxela, Trancelord Caxap
[Titanic Leggings] Byte, Jainaira, Trancelord Apep, Jamda, Shuikon, Wardawg

Enchants Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Gloves +20 Fire Damage Churzz, Leyla, Sds, Silverback, Trieu Hawg, Jivindus, Krogthar
Gloves +20 Frost Damage Eronin, Sds, Silverback, Sorbaron, Trieu, Tip Krogthar
Gloves +20 Shadow Damage Caline, Leyla, Matoriel, Novicius, Trieu Anasa, Histhya, Zukin
Gloves +30 Healing Deverca, Eiruyna, Matoriel, Silverback, Sorbaron, Trieu
Weapon +30 Spell Damage Caline, Eiruyna, Leyla, Loltharian, Mordermi, Sds, Trieu Anasa, Histhya, Jivindus, Misstral, Moggster, Mouthwash, Pitchfork
Weapon +55 Healing Aerynn, Eiruyna, Ellowen, Leyla, Novicius, Silverback, Sorbaron, Trieu Anasa, Citadel, Jivindus, Moggster, Moshmire, Mouthwash, Pitchfork

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