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See the Pre-BC Crafting page for various items/enchants which have been replaced by items/enchants from TBC. Please see Shadowmoon US/Crafting Index for the location of crafted items.

300+ Skill Edit

Cloak Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
+120 Armor Tip, Mordermi Hatuna, Omegix
+20 Spell Penetration Mordermi, Tip Aratik, Champon, Mestema, Hatuna
+15 Arcane Resist Mestema, Omegix
+15 Shadow Resist Eiry Mestema
+7 Resist Tip Mestema, Hatuna
+12 Agility Eiry, Tip, Mordermi Hatuna

Chest Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
+15 Resilience Babette Marke
+6 Mp5 Tip, Mordermi Hatuna
+150 HP Tip, Mordermi Hatuna
+150 MP Tip, Mordermi
+6 Stats Babette, Tip, Mordermi Hatuna, Omegix
+15 Spirit Tip Hatuna

Bracer Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
+15 Spell Damage Mordermi Mestema, Saucywarlock, Marke
+12 Defense Rating Tip Marke
+6 Mp5 Eiry, Tip, Mordermi Hatuna
+30 Healing Eiry, Tip, Mordermi Hatuna, Omegix
+24 Attack Power Stonehart, Tip, Mordermi Hatuna
+12 Stamina Eiry, Tip Omegix
+4 Stats Eiry, Tip
+12 Intellect Tip, Mordermi Hatuna
+12 Strength Stonehart, Tip, Mordermi Hatuna

Gloves Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
+20 Spell Damage Eiry, Stonehart, Tip Aratik, Champon, Mestema, Hatuna
+15 Spell Hit Rating Eiry, Tip Mestema, Hatuna, Omegix
+35 Healing Eiry, Stonehart, Tip Aratik, Champon, Leyah, Mestema, Hatuna, Omegix
+26 Attack Power Eiry, Stonehart, Tip Hatuna
+10 Spell Critical Strike Rating Eiry, Stonehart, Tip Hatuna
+15 Strength Stonehart, Tip Aratik, Champon, Leyah, Mestema, Hatuna

Boots Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Surefooted Manhmut Marke
Cat's Swiftness Tip Marke
Boar's Speed Tip
+12 Agility Babette Aratik
+12 Stamina Tip Aratik

Shield Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
+15 Block Rating
+18 Block Value Tip Marke
+5 Resist Tip
+18 Stamina Tip, Mordermi Hatuna, Omegix
+12 Intellect Tip, Mordermi Hatuna, Omegix

Weapon Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Executioner Manhmut botchedhealr
Spellsurge Lahna Mestema, Hatuna
Mongoose Babette, Taviembra Mestema, Hatuna
Battlemaster Babette, Lahna Bigjersy
+7 Damage Babette, Stonehart, Tip Hatuna
+20 Strength Eiry, Lahna Aratik, Champon, Hatuna
+30 Intellect Stonehart, Tip, Mordermi, Hillcoast Mestema,
+81 Healing Babette, Eiry, Stonehart, Tip, Mordermi Aratik, Champon, Leyah, Hatuna, Omegix
+40 Spell Damage Hillcoast, Mordermi, Stonehart, Tip, Lahna Aratik, Champon, Mestema, Naviy, Omegix
+50 Fire/Arcane Spell Damage Eiry, Tip, Mordermi botchedhealr, Marke
+54 Frost/Shadow Spell Damage Eiry, Tip Aratik, Kalysa

2H Weapon Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
+35 Agility Eiry, Tip Hatuna
+70 Attack Power Eiry, Tip Aratik, Champon, Hatuna, botchedhealr

300- Skill Edit

Item Alliance 15Alliance Horde 15Horde
Cloak -2% Threat Tip
Cloak +12 Dodge Rating Leyla, Sds, Trieu, Tip Moggster
Cloak +Stealth Eiruyna, Leyla, Matoriel, Tip, Trieu Evolved, Moshmire
Gloves +15 Agility Eiruyna, Ellowen, Matoriel, Novicius, Sorbaron Krogthar
Gloves +2% Threat Leyla, Tip Aratik

Inactive Enchanters Edit

Alliance 15 Andira, Silverback
Horde 15

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