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Remius is a level 80 Mage on the US realm Shadow Council. He is an active raider and an officer in the guild Exodus.

Background (RP) Edit

Details of Remius' past are shrouded in mystery, likely in part to the chaos of the Third War. He was reanimated into undeath by Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken. Strangely enough their relationship has never been a warm one. Remius is in fact openly hostile towards her and her Royal Guard, and has on numerous occasions been a source of conflict within the undead capitol. Reason for this bizarre behavior is unknown, though some speculate it may involve the circumstances of his death. Sources close to Lady Sylvanas have hinted that the Forsaken patron was not only responsible for the reanimation of the fallen mage, but also his death, the ultimate purpose of which remains unknown.

Further research into the fragmented records of the Third War suggest Remius was once part of the mageocracy of the Kirin Tor. Some evidence also suggests a connection between Remius and the Blue Dragonflight of Malygos. Remius himself has yet to discuss his past. Some believe the mage had his memory damaged upon death, others say he simply has no reason to do so.

Undercity officials acknowledge Remius to posses unusually powerful arcane abilities; however his usefulness to their cause is limited by his volatility. Experts theorize this to be a result of deep emotional and psychological trauma. Because of this he is often shunned by his undead peers as unstable. At one point following reanimation, the mage harbored a deep resentment towards the Alliance. He took this to the extreme, and is responsible for the brutal deaths of countless Alliance soldiers and citizens. Some believe this blood lust to have subsided; others say his focus has simply shifted.

Background (RP): Wrath of the Lich King Edit

Upon the restoration of Dalaran, its great libraries confirmed that Remius was indeed a member of the Kirin Tor prior to the Third War. More importantly however, many of Remius' old records were found to have been fabricated. With the aid of Rhonin, the leader of the city-state, mageocracy scholars now believe Remius was in fact an undercover agent of the Blue Dragonflight. The dragonmage's mission however remains a mystery to this day.

A Stormwind investigation into the circumstances of Remius' death found the dragonmage was lured into the Undercity by a rogue Alliance faction, then betrayed into the hands of Sylvanas Windrunner. Details from the Undercity are vague, but suggest the Forsaken matron may have unsuccessfully attempted to raise the dragonmage as a guardian frostwyrm. It is unknown how much draconic power the former dragonmage still retains. All members of the rogue Alliance faction are presumed dead. Their alleged hideout beneath an Inn on the edge of the Barrens was found destroyed in the weeks following the incident. In the following months nearly eighty suspected members of the group were found murdered and their corpses charred beyond recognition.

Remius' revenge against Sylvanas Windrunner culminated in his participation in the Undercity coup d'état staged by Putress and Varimathras. Unfortunately the forsaken matron fled via an underground passage before Remius could confront her. The fallen dragonmage departed in hot pursuit, abandoning Putress and Varimathras to their eventual fates at the hands of Horde and Alliance forces. Despite his best efforts, Sylvanas escaped into Orgrimmar and into the protection of Thrall, the shaman leader of the Horde and someone Remius still respected.

Following this failure, Remius' attention was diverted by pressing conflicts in Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel. As his control over the arcane grew, the fallen dragonmage eventually reclaimed the ability to reshape his undead visage, and now typically appears in the guise of a Blood Elf. It is unknown how many other forms the dragonmage now commands, or what his ultimate goal now is.

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