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Tharama Anandor Suntreader is a Blood Elf Warlock on the US RP Server Sentinels (Transfered from US RP Server Moon Guard). His nicknames include Thara and Mr. Luck.


A weak, pale, frail body describes Tharama. His ears are constantly drooped from the stress and fear he deals with and his brown hair is pulled back with a few strands hanging to the sides, out of his emerald colored, fear-filled eyes. Tharama holds old scars found on his wrists, though they are almost always covered by gloves. No muscles of any sort are found on Tharama's body. He is 24 years old (Human Years) and he stands at 5 foot 7 (5'7") with 155 pounds. He is usually seen with Kupnik, his Imp, somewhere on his shoulder, whispering in his ear each time someone speaks Common (Though In-game mechanics have it as Orcish. See here).


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A few years later he met Trenthian, a powerful Warlock who saw distaste in Tharama's ways, and soon asked him to teach him. A few weeks later he couldn't take with everything going on (Soltena missing, Tali loving him, and Trent's hard teachings) and ran away to The Barrens. He stayed for quite a few months and upon returning to Silvermoon City he ran back into Trenthian. Trenthian summoned Tharama's own Imp, Kupnik, and commanded him to beat Tharama. Kupnik took the command willingly.

The next morning Tharama had awaken with no memory of what happened and little knowledge of the world about. A month passed befored Tharama retrieved his memory again. He retreated back to The Barrens.

(( Here ends RP on Moon Guard! All future History will be on Sentinels!))

He returned to Silvermoon on February 13.


Due to him never being taught, Tharama only knows how to speak and read Thalassian. Though after a number of years of secretly studying, Tharama can speak Demonic. He usually remains quiet and unresponsive to others since he doesn't realize they're speaking to him. Kupnik is his prime source of communication with other Non-Thalassian speakers and even occasionally Thalassian speakers. Though Kupnik doesn't speak Thalassian and Tharama doesn't speak Common, they both speak Demonic. Kupnik is almost always whispering into Tharama's ear.


Tharama is most likely one of the most nervous people anyone will ever meet. From his childhood he has developed many habits. Tharama is constantly looking at the ground and avoids eye contact. His fear of touching has made him jump each time someone or something surprisingly, and occasionally expectantly, touches him, though Kupnik is one exception. He also jumps if someone is to yell nearby or even say his name. His stress and fear has given him a near permanent stutter. He speaks low and quietly and often takes long pauses after a few words as he tries to pronounce the next few words. He occasionally cuts his wrist with a broken arrowhead he found, but has recently tried stopping. He shows sympathy towards everyone and avoids trouble. He hates to fight and will rarely even protect himself. Though kind and peaceful, Tharama has built up anger from many years of abuse and suffering that he fights back everyday. He is also over apologetic, to the point to where he is told he doesn't need to say sorry, he will apologize for apologizing.


Tharama is currently guild-less.



Tharama's Imp Kupnik is seen almost always hanging or sitting somewhere on Tharama's upper torso. Kupnik, nicknamed Kup, has a high screechy voice and is never afraid to join into a conversation that he was never invited to. Kup rarely acts kindly toward Tharama, as he is seen insulting him in Common almost daily. Though he does it frequently, Kupnik will occasionally prevent others from abusing Tharama. Kupnik stands at 1 foot and 4 inches (1'4"), but his bent knees lower him to 1 foot and 2 inches (1'2"). His black horns curve up for 8 extra inches. Small white claws are on his small hands and feet which are a black colored skin with grey fur around the ankles and wrists. His whole body is covered with gray skin. Gray hair is found from his chest, over his shoulder and on his upper back, acting as a small mane. Kupnik's tail has white hair at the end of it. Though most Imp's long ears lean back, Kup's ragged ears are awkwardly standing straight up, most likely as a constant insult to Tharama's drooping ears. Also unlike other Imps, Kup's nose isn't as long and droopy. His eyes give off an orange glow. Kup also wears a ragged, leather loincloth and only one gold earring on his right ear. The green fire around Kup's feet is more a decoration and can not hurt anything that touches it.


See Felsteed.


See Dreadsteed.



This Warbot may rest in Tharama's backpack, but it is in no way he's. It is yet another thing Kupnik has claimed for himself. (( More to come )) (( Until then. This picture should explain a lot.)) THARAMA-1



(( To be written. ))


Etheranus is Tharama's Felsteed. He rarely rides him since Ethe will not allow him to put saddle on him and riding bare back is not comfortable. Much like Khaafun, Tharama's Felhunter, Ethe cannot speak. Tharama isn't sure if he can understand Demonic, but he always gives his commands in Demonic and Ethe usually responds. Etheranus has a red circle on his chest and his feet are burning hot, though the bottom of his feet leave no burn marks. His fur it a dark brown and his matted mane and matted tail are black. He has a small fire for his eyes and fire protrudes from his nostrils as well.

Black HawkstriderEdit

Tharama's Black Hawkstrider Kyano is very wild. He is extremely hard to control and will often burst into quick sprints, forcing Tharama to yank back to hard that he slips from the reigns and falls back. He is supposed to be a trained Hawkstrider and respond to commands in Thalassian, but the seller had cheated Tharama and Kyano is not trained at all. Kyano stands quite a bit taller than Tharama. He has black feathers along the back of his neck and on his lower torso. Gold feathers run down the front of his neck and end underneath his chest. He has a long gray beak under his piercing gold eyes. Dark purple scales run down his long legs to his feet, each with only two talons. He has a short tail which is made up of many black feathers. He wears a gold collar far up his neck that has the reins tied to it. He wears no ankle bracers unlike most Hawkstriders and his saddle is the usual, gold with red seat and an emerald in the back, though the strap is black.

Red HawkstriderEdit

Tharama's Red Hawkstrider Yuri is actually very calm. Tharama is able to ride her with little difficulty and she moves faster than Kyano. She is usually kept at the Stable Master in Silvermoon City like Kyano. Yuri, unlike most Hawkstriders, has no gold feathers, so her neck and torso is all of red feathers. The tips of her wings and tail and the top of her head are purple though. Her gray beak is longer than most but her gold eyes are the same. Her saddle and collar are gold, even the seat, and no emerald is found in the back of the seat. The strap for the saddle is brown leather. Yuri's legs are covered in purple scales and she wears gold ankle bracers with no emeralds in them.

Timber WolfEdit

(( To be written. ))



A friend of both Soltena and Tharama, who is also a Male Death Knight. He isn't around Tharama much but they still know each other well enough.

It's been a while since they've seen each other as he disappeared almost the same time as Soltena. Like Soltena they'll probably never meet again. ((Transfer))


A Blood Elf Mage whom Tharama met before his second retreat to The Barrens. Though she disliked him at first, she quickly took pity on him after witnessing the abuse from Kupnik. She occasionally tries to help whenever possible.

(( Added after the transfer to give a back story.))

After his return from The Barrens for the second time Tharama ran into Calria again, who returned his arrow head to him as he had dropped it at their last meeting.


(( To be written. ))


A Female Death Knight who convinced Tharama to follow his dream of being a Warlock. Tharama fell in love with Soltena, though it was more of a need for someone rather than love. He used to stick close to Soltena, not knowing anyone else. He even followed her from guild to guild. She went missing at one point and Tharama has yet to have seen her.

He'll must likely never find her. ((Transfer))


A member of Tharama's old guild, Guardian Shades. She was a Death Knight. She showed interest into becoming Tharama's friend and tried to help him be less nervous, though she failed. She also attempted to become more than friends to Tharama, who responded nervously.

Tharama hasn't seen her since he came out of his amnesia. Maybe never will. ((Transfer))


A strong Warlock who saw Tharama as a pathetic excuse. He's took Tharama as his apprentice though and ultimately chased him away.

As with Talinoria, Tharama hasn't seen Trenthian since coming out of amnesia. Again, probably never will.((Transfer))

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