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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Kendrall Alliance 15 Sentinels US IconSmall Night Elf Male Ui-charactercreate-classes priest Priest 61 None None
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Kendrall Lothalesean


Born roughly a thousand years after the Great Sundering near what is now known as Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale Province, Kendrall was born to Lady Serinde, a Priestess of the Moon, and Jerush Lothalesean, one of the Druids of the Claw. Shortly after his birth, Lady Tyrande Whisperwind herself came to visit her friend and when she laid eyes on the child, a prophetic trance enraptured the High Priestess and she prophesied the hand of Elune was upon young Kendrall, that one day he would rise to greatness - as evidenced by the golden glow of his eyes, a sign of innate power. Tyrande then persuaded Serinde to bring Kendrall to the Temple of the Moon when he was of age, where the boy would be brought under the guidance and tutelage of the Sisters of Elune. Serinde agreed, much to Jerush's dismay. Kendrall's father wanted his son to follow in his stead, but in those times the Kaldorei society was very much a matriarchal one, with the women often in charge and making the final decisions.

As Kendrall grew in both size and wisdom, the Sisters of Elune were amazed yet astonished by the boy's rapid development. Not only did Kendrall learn to be at one with nature, but also at one with the goddess herself. Yet his life would be heavily influenced by a number of ordeals - the banishment of the Highborne from Kalimdor, among them his father's brother and children; watching his parents march off to engage the rising threat of the Silithid far to the south, only later to hear they had both perished with Vandal Staghelm, son of the Druid Fandral Staghelm, at the skirmish of Southwind Village; watching the Druids drift off to the Emerald Dream; arrival of the Orcs and Humans to Kalimdor (Kendrall had seen very few Humans, mostly explorers, but like most Night Elves kept a watchful eye on the 'paled-skins' before they arrived en masse), bringing the Burning Legion in their wake; the death of their beloved demi-god, Cenarius, at the hands of one of the Orc clans (to this day Kendrall still holds the entire Horde responsible for Cenarius' death); watching his own people turn their desires and lusts towards members of the same gender, participating in degrading activities (he blames the Humans, mostly, for what he perceives as the perversion of his society, yet has a slight grudge against the Druids for their pact with Ysera and not having enough of a solid influence on Kaldorei society).

Yet all of this paled in comparison when the Third War came to the forests of Ashenvale, and the call to arms reached his ears. Kendrall volunteered as a combat healer, and when the Druids were awakened by Malfurion and Tyrande, he hoped that some semblance of order would be restored. His hopes were dashed when the Burning Legion crashed through the forests, threatening to overtake the holy mountain of Hyjal. He was there to witness the destruction of Nordrassil, and like all Night Elves, felt his link to the earth - and to immortality - cut off. Granted, Archimonde had been killed, but the cost was too high.

The call to arms came again shortly thereafter when the Races banded into two separate factions. He hadn't practiced any of his priestly abilities taught to him by the Sisters of Elune by the time the Alliance-Horde Conflict broke out, but he knew he needed to learn as much as he could in order to aid his people.

Secret Mission to NorthrendEdit

(NOTE: This is written primarily for RP purposes to explain Kendrall's absence ICly during my break from playing in 2006, and will ultimately tie in to the overall story arc I am working on. Part of this was originally posted on the WoW Kirin Tor server forums)

During his thirty-sixth season as a Priest, Kendrall was away in Duskwood, one of the provinces held by the Humans, aiding the local townsfolk of Darkshire when he received a summons to return to Darnassus at once. Lady Tyrande had sent for him, and she needed him to undertake a dangerous yet secret mission: to travel to Northrend, the frozen continent, and attempt to discover what the Lich King was up to. Tyrande could feel that Arthas was plotting some new attack on the races, and she felt Kendrall was up to the task. Kendrall agreed, but before he left he sent two letters to two of his closest friends.

During his spying mission, Kendrall was caught by the Lich King's forces. Tortured, beaten, and nearly frozen to death, the Lich King nearly broke him until Kendrall managed to summon enough willpower to allow his escape. Rescue had came in the form of Iralana and Kaliydra, two Night Elf females who fought their way north to free their captured comrade, and together they made a bid for freedom. Arthas had nearly caught up to them, but Kendrall called upon Elune's power to temporarily blind the tyrant with a powerful holy nova spell. Once the trio returned to the Temple, Kendrall was ordered to recover from his ordeal before venturing out again. The nightmares haunted him, and still do so to this day.

Current WhereaboutsEdit

Kendrall was last seen in Outland, the shattered remnants of the world of Draenor, fighting alongside the Alliance forces against the Burning Legion.


Kendrall is a Spell holy powerwordshield[discipline]-specced priest. I do plan on bringing him further down the holy line, similar to the Smiter build suggested on the Priest builds page; mostly to balance healing, improved mana regeneration, and holy-based damage.

Who am I?Edit

I'm a long-time gamer/alpha geek who remains heavily active in the IT industry. I've been messing with computers since 1992. My first game ever played was the arcade game Skydiver in 1980; in 1985 I managed to crack the 1,000,000 mark on the Atari 2600 version of Missile Command on the hardest difficulty setting. I was a member of SCA for a while (but haven't been actively participating in years).


I'm aware there are several characters with the name "Kendrall" on various servers. This Wiki article was written for mine. Kendrall was the name of my character when I actively played on [Age of Legends], a text-based MUD set in the Dragonlance series, Third Age (Age of Might). He was a Half-elven Cleric, the Chosen Prophet of Paladine in all-but-name, and I decided to revamp him as a Night Elf Priest in 2005 when I started playing WoW.

One of the questions I'm asked is why Kendrall doesn't have a more "traditional" Night Elf family name such as "Darkleaf", "Windwalker", etc. I've always kept "Lothalesean" as his family name (I'm not entirely sure where I came up with the concept, but it sounded damn cool) and have, for the purposes of the Warcraft universe, adopted it to be "Old Kaldorei" or "Old Elven" for "Loremaster" or "Lorekeeper" - Kendrall is obsessed with uncovering any texts he can find on how his people once lived, and is determined to teach the new generation the old ways. He's also knowledgable on the history of Azeroth as a whole, and knows quite a bit on the legendary weapons. I know that since TBC was released the orange items are now inferior to the level-70+ epics, but it wouldn't surprise me to see Blizzard upgrade the orange items' stats to make them a bit more desirable for something other than status symbols.

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