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Alex Kirk Denton is a Human Warrior on the US RP Server Sentinels. He is frequently called by his last name.


Alex Denton stands at an admirable five feet, eleven inches in height (5'11"). Your typical human, wrapped in a lightly sun baked tan, brown hair that makes itself company on his shoulders and a light beard that has been allowed to grow on his face and sides. His face dons an appropriate set of hazel eyes, a large nose and small, light pink lips. Alex weights in at a little less then 190 pounds in weight as a result of his eating habits, bashing Orcs and walking most places. Regardless of his many battles, Alex is only left with a scar on his left thigh from his first plate armor bending and gashing his leg.


Alex Kirk Denton was born adjacent to a grape vineyard at the Abbey under the loving care of his mother, Melissa Denton and his father Dirk Denton some time shortly before the first war. Things were peaceful at the forest. The forest was full of animals which roamed freely on the vineyards and was free of Kobold at the time. Alex grew up in a world void of all threat. It was paradise for a kid to grow up at the abbey, but that was only because his life was largely separate from the scary things that filled the world. When Alex had just aged one a week back, Dirk left to fight in a valiant battle against the supposed threat that risked the freedom of everyone about. Alex was raised by his mother for the rest of his life as Dirk never returned from the second major battle of the first war. Life was dull and gray for Melissa, and those feelings transferred to Alex, leaving an unnatural feeling of emptiness for years to come until Melissa remarried a priest on the Abbey who she had known since she first settled on the land. Alex was never comfortable around his step father, who insisted to be called 'Father Anthos'. Anthos could never accept Alex as his child. They never had a strong enough connection. He would focus on his studies and Alex would pull weeds on the field, uninterested in the Light. He only wanted his grape vine to grow big and strong. Anthos later poisoned the vine and said it was redemption by the Light for not loving his creator. Anthos was excommunicated from the Abbey the following year when Alex confessed against his grievances. Melissa was single again and at the fault of her son.

Alex took one lesson to heart. Anthos had taught Alex to read the words of the light and how to write before his time at the abbey ended. Alex still had little interest in the light, but spent his time reading books on the beauty of nature composed by some of the poets in Stormwind. He loved reading. He even began to enjoy some of the literature of the light, but he loved the poetry about the beauty of nature the most. And for such reason, Alex spent most of his time alone in the library until another person new to the area walked in whom Alex became very attached to. Alex would frequently exchange flowers for her cookies and the two developed a very close friendship, which, carried Alex through his next few years. When she left, Alex became absolutely heartbroken and depressed, even more so, because his mother had married a wealthy businessman in Stormwind. The two friends were splitting apart and going their separate ways.

The move itself was probably for the best. Alex had lived in a small shack for a majority of his life up to that point in time and became quite thrilled at the idea of living in a larger place with his own domain separate from his sister, Sylvia. Alex spent most of his time in Stormwind skulking out the library, reading books and running errands for his mother and new father. One day, Alex ran into a man on the street and both parties dropped what they were holding. Alex, enough food to feed a family of Orcs, the stranger, a handful of thick tomes. The two scrambled to pick up the items and Alex noticed the first tome the man had dropped. It had been a book at the Abbey, but this copy seemed to be worn down and had writing on it; such a thing was absolutely appalling to Alex. How dare somebody write in a book! When questioned, the man hid his expression and sheepishly confessed to the composing of the book and having plotted to slip the edited copy into the library, uncensored by the Abbey. Amazement and admiration pushed Alex to visit the supposed writer every week on his way back from getting food. He was the closest thing Alex had to a friend at the time, as the move to the city, the separation from his only other friend and his time in the library had caused Alex to isolate himself. The man was arrested, Alex was left alone again and slipped into another state of depression, buried within a book.

Alex participated in the later events of the third war, which, to a small degree, bolstered his confidence, and in another, tore him apart. His efforts in battles went only recognized by the other soldiers and still have yet to be mentioned by any others. Alex's participation was limited to the later events of the Scourge infection (He participated on the side of the crumbling Lordaeron empire after Uther's disobedience towards Arthas.) Alex had been one of few people to survive after being abandoned by Arthas to fight in the freezing temperature of Northrend. Unfortunately, the weather and wear had played enough of a part to strike Alex down with a severe case of Amnesia which to this day, has still seemed to linger about regarding his efforts. Alex had played a small part as a foot soldier in the battles in Kalimdor and had served as a scout for most missions. His only recognized effort is that of having struck Archimonde in the toe with an arrow before the tree was destroyed. All other small foes fallen have never seemed to matter in his history.

Upon Alex's return from battle in his worn gear that never saw the face of earth again (As it had been buried under the vineyard of the abbey in the middle of the night), Alex was disappointed to see the shape of things. Tensions were so vicious between the Horde and Alliance that the Horde had destroyed his birth place before his return, the small inn at Goldshire had become populated with a seedy crowd and not a single familiar face lingered.


Alex was, for the majority of his life, spent to do as he pleased. His time was spent with his mother or on his own in the library, so, he has a rather rough time holding stable interpersonal relationships. Alex finds it rather strange to hold many friends, especially those of other men (Which derived from being teased, mocked and humiliated by the other boys at the abbey). To make up for this, Alex spends a majority of his time with small, short lived relationships with many people except for a notable handful of people who have been supportive, living through his life with him with care and such. Alex is rather stubborn and inflated by an ego, being such, he is spiteful in the face of criticism and pleased towards any compliments. Having never had any strong attachment to any lovers, Alex is also rather aggressive towards provoking conversation with others (Especially towards different races). Such an attitude doesn't usually provoke such a positive relationship with others, but he remains vigilant in his constant move.


To Alex, the most important thing is having someone reliable to count on. Though he has held many small, short lived relationships with many people, there are a few people who have remained close to him for a long time standing.

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