This article is a realm page for the Sen'jin US realm (server)

This is a community maintained page and does not represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences. Information and events here are for community documentation of server particulars, history, or opinion.

Guild List and Progression Edit

A/H Guild Focus ZG AQ MC/BWL AQ40 Naxx World Bosses
Alliance 15 Amor Itaque Excessum1 Casual Venoxis Kurinnaxx Majordomo Executus O
Alliance 15 Casual Gamerz Casual Raiding
Alliance 15 Circle of the Yeti Casual Hakkar Kurinnaxx Shazzrah O
Alliance 15 Citizens of the Asylum Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian O
Alliance 15 Clan Destine Casual
Alliance 15 Defiance Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian Princess Huhuran Razuvious O A K T E
Alliance 15 The Enclave Casual
Alliance 15 Grey Council Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian Razuvious O T
Alliance 15 Nakamä Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian Emps Maexxna O T E L Y A K
Alliance 15 Nether Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian C'thun Thaddius O T E L Y A K
Alliance 15 Of The Whale Casual
Alliance 15 Jade Champions Casual
Alliance 15 Priority PvP PvP
Alliance 15 Rapture Raiding Hakkar Rajaxx Majordomo O
Alliance 15 S A I N T Casual/PVP Venoxis
Alliance 15 Shaded By Oblivion Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian The Prophet Skeram O A K
Alliance 15 Who Invited You! Casual Venoxis
Horde 15 Cazual Gamerz Casual
Horde 15 Casual Theory Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Ragnaros O
Horde 15 De Profundis Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Ragnaros O
Horde 15 Equilibrium Raiding Hakkar Buru Ragnaros O
Horde 15 Horde Core Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Ragnaros O
Horde 15 Lethal Injection Raiding Hakkar Kurinnaxx Golemagg
Horde 15 Shades of Vengeance Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian Prophet Skeram O T L Y A
Horde 15 Sublime Raiding Hakkar Ossirian Nefarian O A
Horde 15 Void Anagoge Raiding Bloodlord Kurinnaxx Majordomo
Horde 15 Insolitus Raiding Hakkar Buru

Notes Edit

1 Raiding partnership between Amor Itaque Excessum & The Revolution

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