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First off, Cyrenity is a level 70 Troll Warrior who resides on the realm of Scilla. Gear wise he has around 15k armor and 17.4k hp raid buffed. Although he is a Troll and lacks the great tauren racials he manages to get the job done and he has succesfuly tanked through Karazhan. Currently he is geared for Illidan and waiting for the guild to catch up to his uber T5.

Cyrenity at this moment is an officer in <Calamitous Intentions> who is the main tank and experienced, knowledgable, and pro raid leader of group two. Sometimes he needs to be told to L2play but usually he is up to par with the crazy DPS of the rogues in his raid. Cyrenity has a fetish for naming rogues after pastries. Muffin and Cookie are his two favorites as of now.

Cyrenity's arch nemesis Blackthorne (Tauren Warrior level 70) may have much better gear and the great tauren racials but is usually to drunk to tank. In the last regular Steamvaults run with Blackthorne A.K.A BT their were a record 7 deaths which puts him down a rank as the 2nd best tank in the guild.

In the end Cyrenity is a pro tank and should give BT tanking lessons for 20g a day and t2play.

--Ondage 04:47, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

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