From life to death Edit

Manovan is the oldest son from the rich and noble Marrowsteel family of Lordaeron. The family has a history of Kirin Tor arcanists and since the Order of the Silver Hand was formed, two family members turned into notable paladins. Manovan's father, Joshua Marrowsteel, became a good paladin but retired early. Manovan's cousin, Dunbaton Marrowsteel, was later the only child who got sent to Stratholme for training. Manovan was jealous of his cousin who became a close friend to prince Arthas Menethil. In his youth, Manovan seldom left the family's mansion and never went to the streets of Lordaeron City. He showed much disrespect to poor people and only traveled through their quarters in the protection of a wagon.

When Manovan was twenty years old, the kids of the family got separated and the days became even more boring. His sister, Cianghella, was sent to Corin's Crossing to work as a maid for a rich farmer, while Dunbaton left Lordaeron to fight with prince Arthas and Uther Lightbringer. He lived in dullness until the destruction of the kingdom that came with Arthas' homecoming. The Scourge reached the mansion and was held back by Joshua and the servants while Manovan and his mother tried to escape. They ran through the town together but got quickly caught up by undead minions, among those a newely risen Joshua Marrowsteel. Manovan's mother was paralyzed by the chock and Manovan realized that his only way out alive was to ignore her and flee by his own. He never saw his parents again.

Manovan reached the town of Southshore where he took a carpenter job while waiting for the war to end. He heard stories of heroism and took the ship to Theramore as soon as it was built. He wanted to start a new life as a paladin to forget. Manovan sent a letter to Jaina Proudmoore where he requested to be adopted into the remaining order. It took weeks before he got accepted and was sent to Northshire Abbey to start his schooling. While in Northshire he met others from Theramore and joined a band called the Theramore Lancers. He proved his strength as a paladin and got promoted to captain of the paladins. That's when the leadership fell apart and he left the band to work as a mercenary in Stormwind City. He saw one of Stormwind Militia's recruitment posters and decided to join.

Paladin Manovan Marrowsteel fought alongside Stormwind Militia until he requested to be sent to Tirisfal Glades to see what had become of his homelands. On his way there, he got ambushed by a group of Forsaken who ripped him apart. Commander Dagren brought back his remains to Stormwind where they were cremated. The ashes were then tossed into the wind.

Awakening Edit

Despite being cremated, Manovan woke up in Deathknell. He had a great headache and while taking a first look at himself he noticed that the body he had was not his own. It was a few years older, had a wider nose and black hair instead of the light-brown hair he had while being human. When he took his first steps, a voice talked to him from his mind. The voice was the body's original owner, Eligor Silver of Alterac Mountains, who was a loyal servant to the high elf Moonflower clan and a top-student within Kirin Tor. He had been killed by the Forsaken Kegan Darkmar in Silverpine Forest and brought to Undercity by the same apotechary who had claimed much of Manovan's ashes. Later when Manovan bought his own quarters in the Apotecharium in Undercity, he found out that his existence was only a sick joke among the apotecharies.

He joined House of Praetoria soon before they had their last battle against the druids of Circle of the Moon. The guild was disbanded and their leader Drakarm formed a new organization called Council of Medivh. Manovan joined the Council as one of their Elite Guards and had them teach him the arts of the warlock. Something Manovan came to enjoy to its fullest.

While killing wizards outside of Dalaran, Manovan came across Warden Belamoore who the voice of Eligor Silver recognized as his cousin. Manovan killed her and avenged Eligor Silver by killing Kegan Darkmar who were at her side. As Belamoore fell she dropped her research journal. In it, Manovan read about the power of bloodstones and got very interested in finding a piece for his own research. He traveled to Arathi Highlands where he came across a mine called Drywhisker Gorge. The mine was filled with bloodstone ore which Manovan harvested freely. This mine came to be his personal headquarters when he wasn't traveling the world in his quest for power or experimenting in the Apotecharium. While researching the bloodstones he could feel them strengthening his dark arts and he quickly got addicted.

Manovan realized that the more bloodstones he drained for power, the stronger became the voice of Eligor Silver. He believed that his only way to strengthen his own soul was to fuse the ashes within his heart with a bloodstone. He pressed one through his chest and left it there until he had regenerated. His heart and the bloodstone became as one, and the power gave him severe schizophrenia. The addiction to the bloodstones almost had full control of him now, so he left Council of Medivh to create his own order, the Bloodstone Order. It was an order of hateful minions who's only purpose with life was to harvest bloodstones for Manovan to devour. He got known by the title 'Blood Lord'.

The conflicts Edit

The Bloodstone Order got noticed by Council of Medivh, and their leader didn't trust Manovan's new ways. They believed that Manovan's interest for bloodstones was part of something bigger and by putting spies within Bloodstone Order and allied guilds like House of Sylvanas and Theatre of Cruelty, Council of Medivh realized that Manovan wanted to turn himself and his men into demons. The addiction of bloodstones led to a great addiction for power and the stronger he got, the more powerful became the voice of Eligor Silver within him. Soon the voice could temporarily take control of the body and Manovan realized that something was wrong. After daily assassination attempts he decided to disband the order and seek power by himself. He joined an organization with which he traveled into the dangerous Zul'Gurub and Molten Core to claim the power he wanted. This didn't last very long and Manovan's only way to survive his enemies was to seal himself in Drywhisker Gorge for three months time. During those three months, he researched and devoured bloodstones until the last of his consciousness was dead. When he broke the seal he returned to Azeroth as a power-hungry murderer who's only entertainment was to kill and feed. He was a predator, and hated also within the Horde.

Manovan realized that both his cousin and his sister was walking Azeroth as Forsaken, and without meeting them he affected their lives from a distance. He thought that if he helped them get strong, he could use them for his own goals. It was goals he didn't even know himself. Council of Medivh had disbanded a long time ago, and their leader had recreated the old House of Praetoria. Manovan decided to help the House to rise within the Horde hierarchy by killing off the menaces. He tried to infiltrate Ashen Order to break their bonds to House of Sylvanas, but only few of them trusted Manovan or agreed with his sinful methods.

The Horde and the blood elves got together and Manovan went to Silvermoon City to offer his services to the new allies. He spoke to their leaders, but they only showed interest in the magics of the bloodstones, and wanted to make a trade with Manovan where he would offer them his cave in Arathi Highlands. He refused and got banished from their kingdom. The blood elves raided his cave anyway and took much of his bloodstones.

The new world Edit

While on his way back to Undercity from Silvermoon City, he met the beautiful blood elf woman Ewah Bloodmoon. She carried a bloodstone pendant called the Heart of Azaiel who pulsed with more power than any bloodstone Manovan had seen. He got attracted to the pendant and its magic controlled him like a demon to its master. Ewah Bloodmoon told him about the fall of the Moonflower clan and how their successors changed the name to Bloodmoon to honor the ones who fell during the war against the Scourge. Eligor Silver had been a loyal servant to the Moonflower clan, and the Heart of Azaiel was the reason why. Manovan was nothing more than the Bloodmoons' puppet now in their ambition of creating a new world free of magical addiction.

With this in mind, Manovan went back to the Undercity where he tried to convince Lady Sylvanas to break their bonds to the blood elves. She, as well as the other leaders of the Horde, refused to this request and Manovan became an outcast of the Horde. His only hope was to flee to Outland and start a new life. The Bloodmoons convinced him to seek up Illidan and Kael'thas in Outland and offer them their services. He banded together with other outcasts of the Horde and formed the cult Spiritual Eclipse.

While on his quest for satisfying the Bloodmoons' addiction, he flew above the Black Citadel where he wanted to meet Illidan. Before even stating his request, he got shot down by archers and was knocked out for two months.

The power of dragons Edit

As he woke up from being out could for two months, he noticed that he was cleansed from his addiction and the voice of Eligor Silver had left his mind. His hands had stitched themselves together and looked fleshy and alive, and his fingers had sharp claws. He could feel a new power given to him, but also for the first time since his undeath he could feel physical pain. For many days he was being watched from afar by dragons, but it wasn't until he sought them up when he got to know that he had been saved by dragons. They told him that he had the same blood as the imprisoned soul who was going to protect their kind from extermination.

The dragons who had helped him were outcasts of the Netherwings, because they were too close to Deathwing himself than the more peaceful Netherwing faction. They promised to give Manovan all the power he desired if he would help them release the imprisoned soul who were going to free them all. Manovan's baby brother, Aengel, who was imprisoned by his parents because he wasn't born human. As more power was tempting, Manovan agreed on ther demands, and started to claim samples of blood from powerful beings in preparation for the ritual. It wasn't until he had claimed a blood sample of Magtheridon the Pit Lord, when the dragons gave him their eyes. With it, he could see far into his own past to the day when his parents sealed up his brother in Silvermoon City. He could also see how his cousin is allying with Manovan's enemies, plotting to kill him to save his soul from the corruption.

The Blood Lord's end Edit

Manovan needed one last blood sample before he could start the ritual that would release Aengel. Without a plan he tried to make a trade with his old enemy Drakarm. He would sacrifice one or more of his men to claim the blood sample from Varimathras within the Royal Chamber in trade for the pure souls of human boys under the age of seven. Though Drakarm didn't keep his promise and Manovan decided to claim the sample by himself. He walked right into the chamber and faced the demon and Sylvanas Windrunner. The plan was to stab the dread lord, claim the sample and then escape to Outland in a portal that was being prepared by a minion. But as he was going to charge at Varimathras, his cousin Dunbaton appeared from behind. Manovan was expected, and they were prepared to take him on.

Varimathras ordered Dunbaton to use the Dragon's Seal, a black bloodstone pendant that had been crafted in order to drain Manovan's power and store his soul. The pressure from the seal brought Manovan to his knees and with barely a percent of his power left, the portal appeared and saved him. In a weakened state, blood lord Manovan Marrowsteel returned to Shadowmoon Valley to replenish his powers at his master's lair. While hidden within the cave, Dunbaton Marrowsteel is trying to find him to drain the last essences of power he has, before he can finally free his cousin from the corruption.

Quotes Edit

Manovan: "Justice? That word means nothing in this world. Look at what is around you! Look at the floating islands, the dead rocks. Everything is dead here. Everything is corrupted. The sky is filled with demonic energies. Have you no idea why I decide to stay in this place?"

Dunbaton: "I can guess..."

Manovan: "It’s a reflection of my soul. Once a beautiful country. Now death and darkness remains."

Manovan: "I am Forsaken no more."

Manovan: "Leave me be, cousin... I have a path to follow. I have followed it since I first got a glimpse of those bloodstones. I have known it since then. I realized long before you came back from your mindless wander, what power can do to a man."

Dunbaton: "Tell me..."

Manovan: "It will bring him immortality. Even if his body rots away... his soul will remain. He will turn into a power that will live on forever."

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