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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Zargrin Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Orc Male Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman 30 The Murder of Crows Deathguard
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Deathguard Zargrin Flametongue.
Race: Orc.
Age: 67.
Class: Shaman.
Professions: Expert Leatherworker, Expert Skinner.
Secondary skills: Journeyman Cook, Expert First Aid, Expert Fisherman.
Position in society: An experienced Shaman, who was once close to the highest ranks of Orgrimmar, until he chose to embrace The Forsaken Cause, & joined The Murder of Crows.
Face/Heel: Zargrin is polite to those he encounters, but tends to be quiet when not prompted.
Current Home: Camp Taurajo.
Physical Description: Fierce, wisened & mature appearance (polite way of saying old).
Role-playing weight class: Usually medium.
Role-playing status: Likes to build off of RP initiated by others.
In Character Strengths: Very wise, very experienced. Patient, & thinks fast on his feet, often providing excellent strategies to whatever situation he finds himself in.
In Character Weaknesses: He's old. As such his reflexes & energy levels are not as keen as those of younger age.
Passionate About The War?: Very much so.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Loves PvP; he's in the process of leveling up so he can perform well in BGs once more.
AddOns Used: Auctioneer, Cosmos Complete (though unnecessary AddOns have been removed), Deadly Boss Mods, Gatherer, GEM, My Roleplay, Omen, & QuestHelper.

Personality Description

Zargrin is a fairly old Orc, but very tough none the less. He's wise with his years of experience, & doesn't mind sharing such wisdom with others. His wisdom lead him to a position of servitude at the hands of Master Jannik, of whom Zargrin truly & deeply respects. Zargrin is a very proud member of The Murder of Crows, proudly representing them on the field of battle every chance he gets. Zargrin is very energetic (considering his age), & thoroughly enjoys spending that energy in battle against the Alliance. Zargrin hates cowardice, disloyalty, & disrespect. He stands up for what he believes in regardless of the consequences. Zargrin truly believes that the Forsaken are a superior race, & has dedicated his life towards their success within the Horde.

Goals and Motivations

Zargrin is extremely loyal to Master Jannik, & would proudly sacrifice his life for The Forsaken Cause. Zargrin desires to see The Murder of Crows succeed in their goals, & through their success, bring glory to the Horde.


Zargrin was born on Draenor, into the Frostwolf Clan. Zargrin served Garad personally until he was killed, then served his son Durotan. He was among the Orcs that followed Durotan through the Dark Portal & settled into the Alterac Mountains. Zargrin([1]) remained in the Alterac Mountains, serving & learning from the shaman Drek'Thar. Zargrin assisted in Drek'Thar's tutelage of Thrall in the ways of the Shaman. Zargrin left the Alterac Mountains with Thrall when the younger orc's training was completed, & aided in the liberation of the orcs from the Burning Legion. Zargrin has experienced much in his long life, & has many tales to share to those that provide drink & interest in his words. Zargrin was already a proven patriot of the Horde, & had been serving the Horde's very finest of leaders since long before Durotar was founded. However, the old Shaman felt that it was important to get to know the heart of this land that his respected Warchief Thrall felt so strongly for.
One day, while Zargrin was looting a Felhound he had killed with great proficiency in a cave in the Valley of Trials of Durotar, a rotted human stepped forth from the shadows. Zargrin immediately recognized that he was staring at an Undead Warlock, & he immediately charged forward to attack. The warlock didn't strike him, instead he held up a hand indicating to wait, & said "Wait, Orc, I wish to speak, not fight.". Zargrin, wisened by years of experience, what not wild with bloodlust like many of his brethren. He had killed his fair share of undead in his day, but had never heard one speak in a literate manner. He paused, about a dozen feet from the warlock, & glanced around cautiously to make sure no other threats were around. It was then that he noticed that all the other creatures in the area had been immolated by the warlock. The shaman studied the warlock more carefully, seeing that this undead monstrosity was fully in control of himself. He rather liked the green mohawk sported on top of the undead's slightly rotted skull.
"I am Master Jannik, Guild Master of The Murder of Crows, & devoted patriot of the Forsaken Cause." stated the warlock, & he paused, allowing the words to set into Zargrin's mind. The shaman had heard much of the Forsaken, & was among many other advisors that cautioned Thrall to have nothing to do with these rejects from hell... how can they trust a race that is cast out from hell upon death? These evil, rotted beings were not to be trusted, & Zargrin had told Thrall just that. Thrall listened carefully to the shaman's words, but felt the old orc was incorrect, & pursued an alliance with the Forsaken. Zargrin had left Orgrimmar shortly after that. And so at last Zargrin met his first Forsaken, & not just any ordinary citizen of the new race, but one of their leaders. Zargrin & Master Jannik spent hours upon hours talking about a great variety of things there in the cave, fighting together to kill anything that approached to disturb their conversation.
Finally, late into the evening, Master Jannik walked with Zargrin back to the Horde base in the Valley of Trials where they made camp. Zargrin dreamed of many things that night. He dreamt of the glory of the Forsaken race, of the threats facing them, of their right to exist, & struggles to survive similar to the struggles of the orcs. He dreamed of a powerful Forsaken empire, far superior to those of the mere Breathers in Azeroth. Zargrin dreamed of the glory & victories that the Horde would have by being led by the Forsaken. He dreamed of how the Forsaken were superior to the other races of the Horde, & of the benevelence of Master Jannik. Zargrin dreamed of the armies of Azeroth being led by The Murder of Crows, of returning to their long lost Draenor, & of destroying the Burning Legion once & for all. He dreamed of bringing vengeance to the Alliance for the grievances of his people, especially of his beloved Frostwolf Clan in Alterac Valley. Zargrin dreamt of proving himself to Master Jannik, & upon his death, earning the right to be resurrected in the form of a Forsaken, to serve among their ruling class, as truly the most powerful Shaman to lead the Horde to victory.
While Zargrin was sleeping, Master Jannik was nearby, crouching beside the shaman, his hands just inches from the orc's face as shadow & demonic energies flowed from them, manipulating the orc's dreams. This continued for hours, until at last the warlock returned to his own sleeping space & got some rest. The tainted dreams of the orc had a big impact on his mind, & for the rest of the night his mind generated dreams similar to those being influenced by Master Jannik. When Zargrin awoke the next morning, he had a slight headache, but he felt clear on what he must do. He spent several hours that morning meditating, attuning himself to the spirits & elements he had become so familiar with. Everything was clear, & made sense. He approached the warlock confidently, & Master Jannik nodded a greeting as he turned to see Zargrin approaching, the warlock keeping careful check to not break his emotionless face, even though he wanted to burst out in a wicked cackle as he seen the intentions of the shaman clearly written on the orc's face.
Zargrin stopped just two feet from the warlock, staring down at the warlock, staring him in the eyes, searching one last time for a reason to not proceed with the actions he felt were necessary. With the confidence & discipline well known to a soldier like Zargrin, the shaman kneeled down before the warlock, & stated "I, Zargrin of the Frostwolf Clan, swear myself to a life-time of servitude, to you, Master Jannik, & The Murder of Crows." without a doubt in his voice. The warlock resisted the urge to cackle, again, & rested a hand on the shaman's unarmored shoulder. "I accept your request, Zargrin. Until I declare otherwise, you shall forever be known as Slave Zargrin. You serve me, & through me, you serve The Murder of Crows, & through our Murder, you serve the Forsaken Cause, which brings glory to the Horde. Stand, Slave Zargrin, & rejoice! We have many victories to accomplish together!" stated Master Jannik with great charisma. The orc stood immediately, raised both arms & his face to the sky, letting out a victory roar. Zargrin is among the original members of The Murder of Crows, & was the first Slave to be promoted to Gladiator (the rank of Slave was eventually changed to Neophyte, & the rank of Gladiator was eventually changed to the rank of Sergeant).

Zargrin was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([2]) on February 2nd, 2006 when he was level 2. He was already a member of the guild The Murder of Crows at that time. Zargrin was promoted from Darkslayer to Deathguard by Master Jannik on Sunday, September 20th, 2009 when he was level 30.

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