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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Zareja Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Troll Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 80 The Murder of Crows Deathstalker
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full-name: Deathstalker Zareja of The Murder of Crows. (Zareja has no last name. Troll usually take their tribal name as their last, but she doesn't remember the name of her original tribe).
Character's Nick-name(s)/Title(s): Deathstalker Zareja, Zareja of Sen'jin, Zareja or Orgrimmar, Zareja of Thunder Bluff, Zareja of Under City, Zareja of Silvermoon, Crusader Zareja, Ambassador Zareja, Zareja the Explorer, Zareja the Hallowed, Zareja the Love Fool, Chef Zareja, Zareja the Noble, Matron Zareja, Zar, Zareja the Lost.
Age: Approx. 26 years.
Race: Troll.
Class: Beast Master Huntress.
Professions: Grand Master Herbalist, Grand Master Miner.
Secondary Skills: Grand Master Cook, Grand Master First Aid, Grand Master Fisherman, Master Rider.
Position in society: Ravager in The Murder of Crows. Titles: Ambassador Zareja, Zareja the Explorer, Zareja the Hallowed, Zareja the Love Fool, Chef Zareja, Zareja the Noble, Matron Zareja.
Role-playing weight class: Very Heavy unless I am on Ventrilo then little or none at all.
Passionate About The War?: Zareja doesn't love or hate war. She is a troll born into war and knows it as a way of life and survival.
A typical quote from Zareja: "Joo can noh change de direction of de wind, but joo can always adjust joor sails to reach joor destination."
AddOns Used: Atlasloot, Cartographer, Deadly Boss Mods, Fizzwidget Linkerator, Lightheaded, MyRolePlay, Omen, Petemote, recount, and Titan panel.


Zareja is Exalted with Argent Dawn, Horde Expedition, Orgrimmar, Silvermoon, Thunder Bluff, Undercity, Darkspear, Netherwing, Shattered Sun Offensive, and the Kalu'ak.
Zareja is Revered with The Sha'tar, The Mag'har, The Violet Eye, The Aldor, Son's of Hodir, Cenarion Expedition, The Oracles, and Keepers of Time.
Zareja is Honored with, Cenarion Circle, Frostwolf Clan, Steamwheedle Cartel, Sporeggar, Thrallmar, Lower City, Kirin Tor, Wyrm Rest Accord, The Taunka, and Warsong Offensive.
Zareja is friendly with Knights of the Ebon Blade, Zandalar tribe, Ashtongue Deathsworn, The Consortium, Sha'tari Skyguard, Timbermaw Hold, Gelkis Clan, and The Hand of Vengence.
Zareja is neutral with Hydraxian Waterlords,The Scales of Sands, Darkmoon Faire, Thorium Brotherhood, Shen'dalar, Tranquillen, The Defilers, Warsong Riders. Ogri'la, Argent Crusade, and The Sunreavers.
Zareja is hated by Frenzyheart tribe (recently exalted now hated), Bloodsail Buccaneers, Brood of Nozdormu, Magram Clan Centaur, and the Scryers .

Current Home

Hearthstone is set to Dalaran, but that is not Zar's home. She has two homes. One in Eastern Kingdoms: A cabin near Bloodfalls, Bay of Blood in Stranglethorn Vale, that she and her partner built together before he went away, and she recently found a secluded cabin in Northrend that she stays while in the Northlands fighting for the Horde.

Physical & Personality Description

Small in frame, and standing a bit less than 6' in height, Zareja appears slightly on the frail side. This fact often offers her an advantage as most of her adversaries underestimate her abilities as a ruthless and brutal Huntress. Competitive in nature, Zareja likes to win, and will do what she must to accomplish the task at hand to the best of her ability. Being raised by gnomes during her childhood and adolescents Zareja is a bit naive of the Horde ways. What she has learned since coming to the Barrens three years ago she takes to heart and has become very traditional. Her strength comes from cunning, intelligence, a sense of humor, and the honest desire to learn, and live the ways of war and of her people. Zareja might appear shy at first to those that don't know her, but it isn't shyness that keeps Zareja quiet in a crowd. It is her belief that if one is talking they are not listening and learning.
Zareja, to her dismay usually stands out in a crowd. She has ripe plum colored hair, cropped shorter on the top and sides, yet flowing long down past her shoulders in the back. she often keeps its length in numerous small braids so as not to get in her way in battle. Her skin the color of a summer sky blue mixed with sea foam green looks like where the ocean meets the distant horizon on a bright cloudless day. It is soft to the touch, but does often have small scars from recent battles that have not regenerated yet. Her hair and skin have a faint herbal and jasmine scent as she uses the herbs that she collects to make soaps, lotions and medicinal remedies for her own use, and to share with her friends and adopted sisters, Keirah and Jazzlyn. She has deep brown eyes that are flecked with gold making them appear to change color to a lighter hue in bright sunlight. She is most comfortable when she is wearing her armor, but also enjoys dressing in more feminine clothing on occasions that warrant it. It is rare that she is seen not armed with her trusty bow and other melee weapons, but she does have a tendency to try and match her weapons to her outfit whenever possible.
Zareja has a soft heart for all animals, and often gets upset when she witnesses someone deliberately killing the little critters that roam Azeroth and beyond. She has numerous small pets that accompany her where ever she goes, but her most trusted companions are her Frost Leopard "Journey," her Sholazar Condor "Kukalan," Her Zul'Drak hound "Azzuki," her polar Bear Rhunok," and her Daggermaw Raptor "Mariah."

Role-playing status

I am usually IC. I only go OOC when trading with players that don't know how or won't roleplay, when whispering to get or give specific information, and on ventrillo. I tend to go OOC in instances more than I like to also.

Goals and Motivations

Zareja is working on becoming exalted with the Oracles and the Sons of Hodir, and has recently become friendly with the Ebon Blade. She is working on becoming better geared, so she can become a better raider for end game, but her most important goal and motivation is finding people to role play with and having fun in all aspects of the game IC when ever possible. She also has aspirations of one day becoming an officer in The Murder of Crows and ascending the ranks as far as possible.

In Character Strengths

Zareja is a traditional troll. Her instincts for savagery are strong. She is a ruthless, cunning and brutal huntress that has little compunction about sitting back until the opportune moment then putting an arrow in her enemies back. Awareness that there is strength in numbers, and being family/tribal oriented, she considers the members of her guild to be her extended family. She tries to accept others for who they are without judgment regarding good and evil. Instead, she accepts their differences as cultural traditions and taboos, and is eager to learn from their ideas. Zareja knows that the farther up the food chain she is, the less likely she is to be eaten. Hence, she seeks power and influence and is competitive by nature.

In Character Weaknesses

Zareja is a bit naive when it comes to knowledge about "The Horde" culture, ways of war, and military society. She also has a history of non-acceptance by people she was raised around, (the alliance) so she seeks acceptance, though she doesn't consider herself worthy. Zareja is sensitive to others feelings, and sometimes takes things too personally. Zareja has a temper. She is patient and has a long fuse, but when pushed past her limits she sees nothing, but red (berserk), and when it's over she is usually covered in blood, not her own, and has little or no recall of what happened. She also has a tendency to be on the clumsy side which is unusual for a hunter who is suppose to be swift and agile.

PvP preference (do it a lot?)

I enjoy PvP on occasion as one aspect of the game, but I need to be in the mood for it just as I do for Raiding, PvE, and RP. (Ok! I am always in the mood to RP *grins*)

Leveling speed

Moderately slow. I enjoy being max level, but usually take my time getting there as I see no rush to get through game content. I enjoy the storyline, take in the scenery, and stop to smell the roses so to speak.

Weekly on-line schedule

My usual play time is early mornings (5-6am server) until around 1-2pm or so, and occasionally again in the late afternoon or evenings. I have a flexible schedule, and can be available most times if given a bit of time to plan to be on-line.


If you used your searching eyes you would see a small troll child sitting under a tree among the dead leaves and bramble. The child not quite four years knew to stay close to the hut she knew to be her families home. Within calling distance of her parents just in case... yet far enough that the small critters of the jungle could feel comfortable frolicking with her out of harms way of the other tribal members that lived near by.
On this bright and sunny midsummer's day, Zareja sat in the deep shade with her numerous animal friends. She whispering softly to them, and they chittering at her as if they each knew what the other was saying. All of a sudden her playful antics were interrupted by the sounds of battle and screaming. Zareja jumped to her feet and ducked behind the tree. As she peered out she saw both men and trolls engaged in battle. She stood frozen in fear as she watched her father run out of their hut his long sword in hand, and her mother on his heels. Within a few running steps out the doorway her father is cut down and crumbles to the earthen floor. Her mother fell to her knees panic stricken to aid him, and was instantly assaulted by the same weapon that pierced the man she followed. Zareja, eyes welled with tears, and with a scream lodged in her throat, turned and ran, pell mell, into the jungle. With vision blurred with unshed tears, and her mind in a terrorized haze she continued to run deep into the jungle, then straight into the grasp of a man not much taller then she was. Automatically, without thought she reached for and pulled the small hunting dagger that her father had gifted to her, and with a gurgled yelp screamed "kill" in her native tongue then collapsed in darkness in the strong arms of her captor.
Upon awakening, Zareja found herself in the snowy Mountains. Nestled there in the glistening white was a small rustic cabin where there lived a gnome man and his wife. Stolen or rescued, Zareja was not sure, but the couple appeared to mean her no harm, and with many days of mounting starvation from her refusal to eat her fears were finally overcome. The couple seemed eager to teach her their strange gnomish ways and language, and soon Zareja began to accept their kindness. Learning quickly, she settled in to an isolated life with the couple, and with time accepted them as her adopted parents. The only thing that troubled Zareja was her occasional waking with fright in the dark of night from horrific dreams of her parent's brutal murder. One night after waking she could see the dim red glow of a fire in the hearth, and heard hushed voices deep in conversation. She started to call out to her parents, but she was stopped short. Zareja couldn't quite understand the gravity of their words, but by the time that she drifted back to fitful sleep she knew that somehow she was a key player in what the couple referred to as their "Experimental life research," When morning arose, Zareja, unable to comprehend the situation dismissed what she had witnessed as just another terrible nightmare.
Several years pass, when the couple was blessed with a daughter of their own that they named "Jazzlyn." With Mama now busy, with the new baby, she encouraged her husband to allow Zareja to accompany him on his frequent wilderness trips. Zareja's Papa was stern yet patient as he taught her the basics of archery, wilderness survival, and the art of identifying and gathering herbs for their many uses. Zareja found that she loved the outdoors, and started remembering the times that she had spent with her critter friends from long ago.
More years pass, when for reasons unknown to Zareja, the family packed up and moved to a small village not far from what is known as Anvilmar. This was a troubled time for Zareja. Being kept isolated yet readily accepted by her adopted family she didn't comprehend the outright hostility of the other members of the alliance community. One day Jazzlyn brought home some friends to play. Zareja, seeing their antics, attempted to joined in on the game, but was instead pelted with rocks and was spit on by the gnome and dwarven children. Zareja quickly became enraged, and if it hadn't been for her Papa and Mama would have seriously injured one or more of the neighbors children. This was the first, but not the last time that there was serious trouble caused by her berserker temper.
Several weeks later, Zareja was asked by her Mama to go to the village merchant and pick up some supplies. As she walked down the streets of town the people gave her outright glares of hostility and hatred. Feeling fearful, and confused she entered the general store to find that the merchant wouldn't sell her the needed items, and gruffly demanded she leave. Zareja started to protest when all of a sudden two guards entered, roughly grabbed her arm, spun her around and shoved her towards the door. Zareja saw nothing but red, and heard nothing but the pounding of her own blood in her ears as she blindly struck out at her assailants. All the memories of her parents brutal murder and the terror that she had felt came vividly flooding back at once. When the red fog had lifted and she could once again see her surroundings she found herself amidst two dead guards and one of their weapons, dripping blood in her hand. She turned towards the merchant who was now crouching in terror in the corner of the store. Zareja opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came forth. Zareja knew then that she had to get away. Thinking quickly she grabbed the first thing she could off the wall. It was a small brown leather backpack. She then began stuffing what she could hastily find into the pack. Then on her way to the door she snatched a small blanket off the shelf, tucked it under her arm, turned to the merchant, and growled "bow." The merchant simply pointed his shaky finger at a short bow and quiver that lay, dust covered, beneath the front counter. Realizing there was no turning back, or going home again, Zareja grabbed the items and headed out to whereabouts unknown.
Days later, Zareja found herself in lands that were strange and unfamiliar to her. Animals she had never seen before, green and scaly with huge teeth and six legs were a constant threat to her. Multi-colored frog like men that gargled before they attacked she feared the most, and while attempting to evade their detection in the dark one night she came upon a huge gray stoned fortress. Quietly as she could she skirted the walls of the town, and found herself near a long wooden dock with sailing ships at port. Beyond the ships lay a vast ocean. Zareja waded into the shallows, and swam out to one of the ships. She carefully climbed up the side, hefted herself over the railing and crept below unseen. No sooner has she found a place to hide, the ship started moving. The steady rocking motion and quietness of the ship lulled her and she eventually drifted off to sleep. When she awoke, the ship had come to port again somewhere. Not knowing what to do next, she sat there a minute. Zareja could hear the distant dong of a tower bell tolling the time, and murmured voices of men issuing orders. Zareja crept out of hiding, and quickly dove into the water. She swam north along the coast line until she could swim no farther. Luckily, within eye sight was a small coastal town, so with renewed hope, she headed cautiously in that direction.
Zaraja learned quickly that "Ratchet" is considered a "Neutral" town. All types of people came and went with ease, and for the first time in weeks she felt safe. She even made the acquaintance of a goblin merchant there that offered her a job to take some supplies to a place called "The crossroads." Needing the wages she eagerly accepted the job, and set off following the road. When she came to The Crossroads, she delivered the bundles of supplies, and received a few coins as payment that she exchanged for a new supply of arrows and headed out again into the Barrens.
Days blended into days for Zareja as she wondered the Barrens alone. Then one afternoon after narrowly escaping the wrath of a hungry lioness, she met up with a troll by the name of Umlakka, and his pet raptor "Baby." Upon seeing this man, Zareja felt something very familiar and comforting, and they soon became fast friends. Umlakka took Zareja under his wing, re-taught her the troll dialect and many other things about being a hunter. One day in their travels they came upon the "Valley of Trials." Umlakka being a wise yet young not fully seasoned hunter himself knew that Zareja needed to stay there for further training. He insisted he would come back from time to time, so hesitantly Zareja agreed to stay for a while. True to his word, Umlakka returned often. Then one evening he showed up and told her it was time that he take her out and show her how to tame a beast of her own. Umlakka questioned Zareja about what kind of fighting companion she would feel comfortable with and Zareja mentioned the fierce spotted Frost leopards that roamed the mountains where she had grown up. Early the next morning they set out on a long perilous adventure. That is how Zareja's pet Frost leopard received his name "Journey."
Time went on, and upon leaving the Valley of Trials, Zareja and her new fighting companion spent much of their time at Sen'jin Village, Razor Hill, and Orgrimmar working for a meager salary as a huntress. Then one day Umlakka, on one of his visits invited her to join him to a Darkspear tribal celebration. He explained that he had joined the tribe and encouraged her to join as well. Needing to learn troll culture, and tradition she was eager to be accepted into the tribe. Zareja became close with many of the tribal members, but especially Kazlin who pursued her as a life mate and she in turn fell in love with him as they "walked the path" together. Zareja worked hard within the tribe and earned a position as an elder of the tribe, For over two years, through happiness and tragedy, Zareja was happy, but things change. She lost her partner to the "Dream time" just as they planned their blood bonding ceremony, and Umlakka who she considered her brother left the tribe as well. Even Keirah a young priestess that Zareja had taken to and adopted as a little sister didn't seem to depend on or need her as before. Zareja began to spend much of her time alone, and was no longer content with her life. Everyone in the tribe reminded her of what could have been, and as time went on she became more and more discontented.
One day while in Undercity a forsaken man approached Zareja and introduced himself as Master Jannik of The Murder of Crows. Knowing her to be a Doomhammer alliance member, he invited her to a raid, and she eagerly accepted after learning that a new friend of hers would be attending. There was also something about this warlock that intrigued her, and she found herself attending raids with his guild on a regular basis. With her discontentment in the tribe, and her newly found respect for these forsaken strangers that appeared to readily accept her she made the decision to leave the Darkspears and join The Murder of Crows because she found a bit of the happiness that she had lost.
After becoming a Neophyte in The Murder of Crows, Zareja dedicated herself to getting acquainted with her fellow guild members by aiding them whenever possible in the numerous battles against enemies of the Forsaken and The Horde. On April 2nd, Master Jannik appearing to notice her dedication saw fit to promote Neophyte Zareja to Butcher which she proudly accepted. On april 26th, Doom Bringer Artumes,under orders from Master Jannik, conducted a mock recruitment interview with Butcher Zareja, and feeling confident that she is capable of inducting new members into the Murder promoted her to Ravager

Zareja was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on April 17th, 2007 when she was level 20. She joined Dragons of Karok (now disbanded) on April 20th, 2007 when she was level 22, but left two days later after reaching level 23. She joined The Sacred Band on May 11th, 2007 when she was level 32. Zareja left The Sacred Band on October 5th, 2007 when she was level 61, & joined The Darkspear on November 14th, 2007 when she was level 66. She left The Darkspear on January 25th, 2009 when she was level 78. She joined Citadel on January 31st, 2009 when she was level 79. She rejoined The Darkspear on February 14th, 2009 when she was level 80. She switched from The Darkspear to The Murder of Crows on March 27th, 2009. Neophyte Zareja was promoted to Butcher by Master Jannik on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009. Butcher Zareja was promoted to Ravager by DoomBringer Artumes on Sunday, April 26th, 2009. Zareja was promoted from Ravager to Executor by Master Jannik on Wednesday, May 20th, 2009. She was promoted from Executor to Deathstalker by Master Jannik on Monday, June 22nd, 2009.

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