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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Wispyr Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade IconSmall Undead Female Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 22 None None
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Venessa Lorik.
Character's Nick-name: Wispyr.
Race: Forsaken, formerly Human.
Age: Venessa Lorik was 36 years of age when her mortal form expired & gave birth to Wispyr.
Class: Rogue.
Professions: Expert Herbalist, Expert Alchemist.
Face/Heel: Forsaken tend to like Wispyr's energy & devotion towards the Forsaken Cause; Breathers tend to be slightly shocked by her, & may be unsure of their first impression of her.
Current Home: Brill.
Role-playing weight class: Heavy.
Role-playing status: Almost always In-Character.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Wispyr enjoys a good violent run through a battleground now and then. She has a hard time passing up an offer to assassinate a wretched Human.
A typical quote from Wispyr: "Can I get you a drink?"
Leveling speed: Gradual/steady. Has a strong urge to complete all quests in a particular region before moving on.
Weekly on-line schedule: Whenever possible. Real-life limits activity, as would be expected for anyone.

Position in society

In life, Venessa Lorik was the trophy wife of the cruel and extremely powerful knight of the Scarlet Crusade, High Protector Lorik. As the trophy wife of a high ranking military officer, she was well known, being active in social functions & such. As a Forsaken, Wispyr is unknown in society, which is just fine with her.

Physical Description

In life, Venessa Lorik had long golden blonde hair that her husband High Protector Lorik loved; she cut them off before killing herself. Venessa was captivatingly beautiful, having an excellent physique, & beautiful face. As a Forsaken, Wispyr has short, dark green hair. Her body is still toned; however, the rot from being dead for a short time is apparent in parts of her body, the lively color of her skin as given way to a deathly bluish tone, in places of her body, her bones are visible. Her face still has a hint of her former beauty, but the intense sadness and anguish of her life is apparent in her features, making her beauty hard for some to see.

Personality Description

In life, Venessa Lorik hated her husband High Protector Lorik, dreaded her existence with him & was depressed & suicidal. As a Forsaken, Wispyr is mature, violent, very hateful towards the Scarlet Crusade, & loves killing Humans.

Goals and Motivations

Wispyr's goal is to bring strength & glory to the Forsaken to spite her widowed husband High Protector Lorik, & to crush the Scarlet Crusade. Wispyr is motivated by her hatred of her aforementioned enemies. Wispyr is fanatically devoted to the Forsaken Cause.

In Character Strengths

Wispyr's fanatical devotion to the Forsaken Cause gives her energy & motivation that few can match. This, along with her violent urges, can guide her through long & grueling battles much more effectively than most. The pain & sorrow she experienced in life has provided her with a shield against emotional trauma as a Forsaken, making her durable in almost any situation.

In Character Weaknesses

Sometimes, if she allows her passion to slip through her self control, while battling a Scarlet Crusader, she goes into such a violent & emotional rage that she becomes a danger to all those around her, ally & enemy alike. For this reason, she generally keeps physically distant from allies while in battle with Scarlet Crusaders. Also, her sheer hatred for Humans sometimes over-rides her self control, leading her to near-Berserker Rage.

Passionate About The War?

Wispyr is extremely passionate about the war against the Scarlet Crusade, it being one of the biggest priorities in her existence. That said, Wispyr is passionate about any war that allows her to fight in the name of the Forsaken Cause.


Venessa Lorik, through pressure from her family, married High Protector Lorik when she was just 16 years of age. From the beginning she knew it would be an unpleasant life with him, due to his high aggression & tendency towards violence. He's also incredibly narrow-minded, extremely religious, & was an easy target by the recruiters of the Scarlet Crusade. Venessa Lorik was forced to move to a town in the northern region of the former Kingdom of Lordaeron, located north of Andorhal in an area now known as the Western Plaguelands. It was there in Hearthglen that she would be forced to spend the majority of her 20 year marriage with High Protector Lorik.
In the beginning, although not thinking so highly of her husband, Venessa actually agreed with the cause of the Scarlet Crusaders. Certainly she had no love for the ghastly Undead minions of the Scourge, and the Alliance was so caught up in their hostilities with the Horde that the Scarlet Crusade seemed the best solution to deal with the Scourge threat. But in time she would come to realize that the leadership of the organization were truly fanatical, to the point of near madness. It didn't take long for her to hate the Scarlet Crusade. Crusaders kill anyone they believe to be undead, any mortal they believe may soon be undead, any mortal they assume to be carrying the plague, mortals who stand between the Crusade and undead, and mortals who may sympathize with undead -- the latter being the way Crusaders tend to interpret any criticism of their methods.
Venessa played the role of the typical trophy wife to a high ranking military official. She was social at gatherings, making friends with the wifes of the other Crusaders. Finding them all to be dreadfully dull, & lacking any real mind of their own, she never made any true friends. She came to truly hate her husband - he was violently abusive towards her in all ways he could be, extremely hateful & paranoid, completely devoid of love, compassion, understanding, and honor. Her husband hated one Undead being more than any other - Master Jannik. High Protector Lorik was one of many that hated the powerful Warlock & his wicked guild, The Murder of Crows.
The cruel knight, High Protector Lorik, had visited the Scarlet Graveyard's torture chambers, & worked closely with Interrogator Vishas to forcefully gain information about Master Jannik & The Murder of Crows. This mighty Forsaken & his Crows had dealt many painful blows to the Scarlet Crusaders, and were working hard to bring him down. The last year and a half of Venessa's marriage, High Protector Lorik was down right obsessed with tracking down & killing Master Jannik, of whom was always beyond his reach. Venessa saw this, and she began to plan.
She began to visit the Scarlet Graveyard frequently, & eventually convinced the torturers to let her get in on the fun. She absolutely hated it, but wanted to earn the trust of the torturers. She could easily tell the difference between Forsaken & Scourge, & absolutely refused to ever torture a Forsaken, instead allowing herself to take out her anger & frustration through torturing the Scourge. The Scarlet Crusaders were too narrow minded to see any difference between various Undead, & so she very quickly earned their respect for her effectiveness. She earned enough power to be permitted to torture a victim of her choice in privacy. This is when she first chose a Forsaken.
In a private chamber, with the Forsaken chained down, Venessa had her first conversation with an Undead being. In all the torture chambers were magical enchantments on the walls to allow Humans & Undead to understand each other. She explained to the Forsaken that she was not going to hurt him, that she wanted to help them, but that she had to be very careful so as not to bring a painful death to them both. In exchange, she wanted the Forsaken to act as a courier for her. She wanted to communicate with Master Jannik. And so it began. Over a period of weeks, she began passing messages back & forth, via torture victims.
After giving her message to them, she'd release them secretly (being married to a high ranking military officer granted her much power & freedom over the lower soldiers). It took several months of this to work it all out, but at last Master Jannik agreed to aid her in her plan. He sent the most powerful rogue under his command, Sergeant Sordid, to sneak into Hearthglen to deliver a vial of a very special poison to Venessa. The poison was concocted by the joint efforts of Centurion Ithriana, Cohort Thongore, & Sergeant Sordid at the bidding of Master Jannik.
The poison was special indeed, for not only would it swiftly take the life of a mortal human away, but it would also, after several days, grant the corpse animation & free will. The recipe was a modification of an ancient & rare spell taught to the great Warlock by ZombieLord Absynthia (now lost to the Nether); by working with three of his most trusted Alchemists, the poison was successfully brewed. A few days later, after 20 years of hellish marriage, on her 36th birthday (which of course her husband didn't take note of, as usual), Venessa Lorik cut the huge length of beautiful blonde hair from her head - the one thing her husband ever complimented her for - to be left beside her body for her husband to see.
She chugged the thick poison as quickly as she could, feeling it burn horribly as it went down. Immediately, her legs went weak & she fell to the ground. Her nerves were lit up as if she were on fire, she let out a horrid scream, went into violent convulsions, and then just as the guards entered the room, she at last reached peaceful death. She knows not what exactly transpired after that, but next became aware of hearing a muffled thumping noise above her, and she was waking from what seemed a deep sleep. Everything was completely black around her. She had a horrible headache, & felt nauseous. She felt that she needed fresh air, but came to realize that she was in what felt to be a wooden box, & that she could barely move!
Soon after the box was ripped open, a bit of dirt & muck fell in, forcing her to choke a bit. She felt herself being pulled up to standing position, but she was weak and could barely stand. She leaned heavily on the support of what she realized to be a Forsaken that had dug her up. She looked around at last, & realized she was in the Scarlet Graveyard. A few feet away, staring at her piercingly with glowing yellow eyes, stood a tall Forsaken in dark blue robes of great quality. He had typically (for an Undead) pale skin, and a large green mohawk. Holding her up was a Forsaken of similar height, wearing all chain mail armor, similar skin, but had dirty blond hair spiked out & standing all crazy-like from his partially rotten skull.
The Forsaken with the green mohawk approached, & said "Looks like our poison worked. I am Master Jannik, Guild Master of The Murder of Crows. Pleasure to meet you face to face at last. Let us make haste; there's nothing left for you here... at least, not right now. Commander Seltonis, take her to Deathknell where she may rest some more before beginning her training as a Forsaken." The group (consisting of several Horde all wearing The Murder of Crows' familiar Guild Tabard) then moved out in unison.
Venessa was too weak to walk, & as soon as the Forsaken Warrior picked her up into his arms to carry her, she passed out. She awoke once more, having no idea how much time had passed. She was in an underground crypt, resting where a coffin would normally be. She walked up the stairs to the surface, where she found Undertaker Mordo. He introduced himself, then asked her name. Venessa hesitated a moment, then finally replied, "I am ...Wispyr"...

Wispyr joined The Murder of Crows on Monday, August 6th, 2007 around 9pm, after completing a thorough interview administered by Sergeant Sordid in Raid Chat, with the following witnesses: Master Jannik, Sergeant Xiodenz, Cohort Sindacollo, Cohort Torguul, Neophyte Cynisine, Neophyte Nystia, & Neophyte Solidussnake. She was level 15 at the time of joining The Murder of Crows. Wispyr was kicked out of The Murder of Crows by Master Jannik on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 around 10pm for violating the 1 month idle rule.

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