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Scarlet Crusade VideosEdit

Here is a compliation of World of Warcraft videos created by members of Scarlet Crusade. Basicly capture video, cut video into parts and slap on a song or two. Of course there's many videos that do fancier things.

This Section is no longer updated by Tadhg.
Recommended capturing tools:
These programs are used to capture in-game footage in a raw state.

Recommended editing tools:
These tools allow you to cut video, add effects, and music to your video. These tools vary in complexity and features but also in price.

= Sound-less †† = Music Video. Dedicated to one song.

Guild Edit

PvE Edit

Molten Core Edit

  • Garr (The Trinity Alliance) - Website. Author: Rintor Alliance 15.

Ahn'Qiraj Edit

  • A'Q Gate Montage - Website. Author: Whistor Horde 15.
  • C'thun (Archon) - YouTube. Author: Nozgull Alliance 15.

Various Edit

  • Marrio's Adventures... Part 1 - Website. Author: Marrio Alliance 15.
  • Marrio's Adventures... Part 2 - Website. Author: Marrio Alliance 15.
  • Marrio's Adventures... Part 3 - Website. Author: Marrio Alliance 15.
  • Tubthumping - Website. Author: Rockwel Horde 15.

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