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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Thraxxus Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 26 None None
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Unknown. True names have power, power to control or be controlled, to be cursed, and to be killed with but a word if one’s true name is known.
Character's Nick-name: Thraxxus.
Race: Forsaken.
Class: Warlock.
Professions: Expert Enchanter, Journeyman Miner.
Secondary Skills: Journeyman First Aid.
A typical quote from Thraxxus: "There issss a new maggot living in my left toe and you asssk me if sssomething issss wrong?!"
Leveling speed: Medium pace. He prefers to enjoy the game and whatever it brings on a given night. He could log in and role-play for hours, not once hunting or leveling.


Rumors abound as to his mortal age before his death and subsequent rise from the plague. Archives list one called Thraxxus as a young mage in his late teens before the opening of the Dark Portal under King Llane’s service.

Position in society

Thraxxus([1]) is a broken and shattered shadow of his former self. Little is known of him, and few links remain to his past. With the destruction of Lordaeron, many of the old records were lost in the fires and chaos that ravaged the city. He has no position within society, living on its fringe as he quietly contemplates and schemes…


Though he has offered his services and talents, there is a mystery about him that often makes him the ‘heel’ of most situations. His dark demeanor and untrustworthy nature only make such impressions more valid, though there is a sagely advice often given. As he has said “There is a truth to my words among all the deceptions… it is not up to me to decipher which is which.”

Current Home

Where his true allegiance lies is still a question or concern though he resides among the Forsaken, recently finding refuge and protection among The Murder of Crows. He is not believed to have a sole residence at this time.

Physical Description

Slightly hunched with a curvature to his spine, Thraxxus stands at 5’9” in height. There is a bulge in his neck from where he was possibly hung from a noose or wrenched severely. Glowing yellow eyes emit from his skull, patches of grime covered hair protruding about. The lower jaw is missing, ripped from his skull by one he has described as having ‘a heart asss cold as ice…’ Without this appendage, Thraxxus often speaks with a strong hisss, unable to fully pronounce the letters B, G, M, P, and Q. The gaunt frame shows years of decay. Desiccated skin is stretched taught over his bones, or the flesh is worn away all together. His clothing fits him poorly, either an oversized robe or a ‘borrowed’ tunic and leggings to hide what lies beneath. Maggots riddle Thraxxus’ body despite his daily routine to rid himself of their presence.

Personality Description

Much like his unsettling appearance, Thraxxus’ demeanor is just as troubling. He is quite secretive often times preferring to observe rather than speak or act in a given situation. He is calculating and cruel, though patient and disciplined. What you see with Thraxxus’ is often deceiving. Caution from the ones that believe they know even a bit about him is highly advised.

Role-playing weight class

Heavy role-play – Any situation presents itself with an opportunity to make things more than what they simply appear before you. He will role-play if and when able in any situation.

Role-playing status

98% of the time in character, a storyteller and sage. Thraxxus is one that has his roots in the history of the Azeroth and will tell tales of days long past – whether he lived them or studied them is a question. He is a historian, the mysteries of the past still of intrigue to him.

Goals and Motivations

These are often debated by who you speak to. Thraxxus([2]) has spoken of a time before he was ‘broken’ or ‘ruined’, so a thirst for his lost power is an underlying motivation. His true goals are yet to be seen.

In Character Strengths

Ambitious, intelligent, well-versed in the lore and history of Azeroth and Draenor whether magical or otherwise. Patient. Disciplined. Natural Leader though prefers to observe. Cunning. Witty. Calculating. Cautious.

In Character Weaknesses

Ambitiousness can also be a fault, causing him to act too quickly beyond what his patience warns him not to do. Thraxxus’ calculating nature refuses to trust anyone or anything as all have an agenda. There is always an ulterior motive yet to be seen. Pride used to be a weakness though such led to his downfall and a costly miscalculation. This mistake has been learned from.

Passionate About The War?

Oddly, he has expressed neither optimism nor disdain for the war, simply an observation that there are ‘evils to be seen on both sides. Are we not evil in the eyes of a childe whose parents are torn apart by the Forsaken or the Horde? It does not matter the reasons for her parent’s death to one so young, simply the evil act she witnessed to change her life forever.’ He offers his services to the Murder in their struggles, though does not actively look for a chosen enemy or battle if it can be avoided.

PvP preference (do it a lot?)

Not a lot though learning more and more about it as we move along. It’s enjoyable though would prefer it to be with a good guild group rather than the pick-up groups that form. These are often annoying and lead to ruin rather than have a plan of attack or tactic that we know will work… like sticking together?

Weekly online schedule

Evening & nights mostly throughout the week though work sometimes affords him time to log in during the day. Weekends are often erratic though not impossible to log in for a scheduled event, especially if needed.

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