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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Tamsine Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade IconSmall Orc Female Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman Shaman 28 None None
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Tamsine.
Race: Orc.
Age: 20.
Class: Shaman.
Professions: Expert Leatherworker, Artisan Skinner.
Secondary Skills: Journeyman First Aid.
Face/Heel: She believes herself to be feared by her neighbors. She keeps to herself.
Current Home: Ashenvale.
Role-playing weight class: Medium to heavy.
Role-playing status: "I roleplay in all guild situations." --Tamsine's controller.
Goals and Motivations: To bring glory to the Forsaken.
In Character Strengths: Her strength is her service to The Crows and her desire to learn to become a powerful Shaman to serve her masters.
In Character Weaknesses: At times she wants to return to her villa, and forget about the war.
Passionate About The War?: Yes she is passionate about whatever her leaders are passionate about. Her life is in service to them.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): "I am not fond of player vs player yet. I will learn how to do it." --Tamsine's controller.
A typical quote from Tamsine: "All that I do is to bring glory to the Forsaken."
Leveling speed: Slow.
Weekly on-line schedule: I play on the week ends and at night after work until 10 or 11pm EST.

Position in Society

She was raised to be the Shaman of her village. Her Family was highly revered because of her ability to help the village. She was promised at a young age to another orc of a high standing family. When she returned from Brill alone and began learning the darker Shamanistic arts she became feared living alone on the outskirts of the village.

Physical Description

Tamsine has a white ponytail, Bluish toned skin. Her ears have multiple piercing. She has a pleasant face and was once said to be the most beautiful ork in the village. After her family there is a sad haunted look in her eyes. She rarely ever smiles.

Personality Description

Before the war she was quiet and wished to use her Shaman training for the benefit of her village. After the destruction of the villages and her swearing service to the Forsaken she uses her abilities in service to them. At times she is wistful and thinks about her life before the war.


Tamsine could not remember how she came to be in the small hut in Brill huddling against the wall pretending that she was dead and hoping that the mindless killing would end. She turned to see that her mother and father were within reach but they were bloodied and dying, the arrows from the scourge piercing them like pins in her sewing cushions back home. Suddenly, she heard new voices, the mindless soldiers around her fell to the ground now truly dead. Slowly and with caution she emerged from her hiding place. Weakly she held her father’s sword, knowing that one of these Undead warriors could strike her down without a second thought. “What are you?” she asked her voice barely a whisper
“We are the Forsaken,” smirked the one closest to her.
“You are not like them.” She pointed to one of the mindless scourge soldier on the ground.
“No we are not like them. Put down the sword, young Orc, and come to me,” The warrior to the front said to her. His eyes were darting around the room.
Tamsine placed the sword on the earthen floor she stepped towards the Undead. She could tell by his long dark robes that he was a warlock and a powerful one. She knelt on the ground before them. One of the Undead towards back began to laugh,” “Look the she already knows how to act, towards us.”
Tamsine looked up at the one who seemed to be the leader her eyes searching, “We could leave you here,” he said. “But you seem strong. What talents do you have? Orc.”
Tamsine stammered, “ I have training as a Shaman. I was to become a healer in my village.”
“Are you any good?” asked the Leader.
“I have some skill, I was in the middle of my training when the attack occurred and we had to leave our village.” Tamsine said averting her eyes.
One of the forsaken to the back turned to look at her. “Do not look away when we talk to you.” He did not smile, “Do you want to join and serve us?”
Through her fear Tamsine could tell that offer was genuine. She glanced again at the bodies of her parents now dead, riddled with the arrows of their enemies. She remembered vaguely the flight from their home and the destruction the war had brought on her family. These soldiers represented courage, strength, and success over their enemies. She had looked to her family to bring her that but her family was dead and if she stayed in this far away land alone she too would die. “What would I have to do?”
“Swear your fealty to us,” said the one to back.
“That I do,” Tamsine looked at the Undead before her, “Are you going to make me like you.” In her voice was a slight tone of trepidation touched with the knowledge that as an Undead she would not fall as easily to the blades of the Alliance or the scourge like her family did.
“We will see, we will see,” said the Warlock, “But in the meantime go back to your village and learn to fight. You must become of use to us.”
Tamsine nodded beginning to understand the choice that she was making. In the service of the Forsaken she would become strong and her talents would grow. In exchange for this she had to serve them. She looked at her family again and the rotting corpses of the scourge. “Yes I will serve you and all the Forsaken, it will be my pleasure. I hope that one day that I will strong enough to bring honor and glory to you,” Once again she knelt on the dirt floor before the one with the spiked hair.
“Good, rise and go back to your home now. You must learn new skills, when you are strong enough we will come for you. Remember you serve us, all that you do must be for the glory of Forsaken.” Said the Warlock.
The Undead warriors left the hut with Tamsine, she could feel their strength and she knew that she had made the right choice. She boarded the Zeppelin and watched as the undead mounted their steeds. A sad smile played upon her lips, she now knew that her life was going to change. She had done the only thing that she could have done to survive. “Maybe one day the war will be over.”

Tamsine was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on November 24th, 2006 when she was level 12. She was already a member of The Murder of Crows at that time. At 7:52am EST on Monday, November 12th, 2007, Master Jannik kicked Tamsine out of The Murder of Crows for violating the one month idle rule; he waited until she was nearly two months idle before finally resorting to this action.

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