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A 6'9" lanky male troll with disheveled green hair, long tusks, yellow eyes, pierced ears, dark serpentine tattoos, dirty tribal chainmail, and a pouch full of exotic herbs. Easygoing hedonist who spends much of his time alone but regularly enjoys smoking, drinking, dancing, exploring, and (obviously) hunting. Seems to be cursed with 'unstable' pets. Dislikes most elves, though a few clanmates are exempt.


Takkouri and his sister were born and raised in Zul'Gurub by a compassionate Gurubashi priestess and hot-headed warrior. Takk awkwardly hunted small creatures while Hyatari preferred to wield shadow magic, but as children they would often explore the jungle on their own and shared a love for unique flora and fauna. Unfortunately, the family was brainwashed and enslaved with the majority of the Gurubashi when Hakkar was summoned within the cursed temple; Hyatari was raised as Jin'do's undead minion and Takk trained Bloodlord Mandokir's raptors, but the siblings were eventually freed when the Soulflayer was struck down by a band of brave adventurers about a year later.


The young headhunter.

However, Takk's parents and many of the tribe had been slaughtered in midst of battle, so his attachment to their former home and sense of purpose faded over time. While in a deep meditative state, the young trolls were warned of an approaching evil by the restless War Loa, Ogoun; and urgently sought out a powerful clan to join before the supposed apocalypse, in hopes of preserving their world. Shortly after their arrival in Outland, the headhunter and his sister were recruited by the Horde military organization known as the Storm Wolves, whom they would serve for years to come. Together they would conquer Karazhan and Zul'Aman; yet Takk felt a deep sadness when Zul'jin drew his last breath, as he had once revered the mighty Warlord but couldn't allow the spiritual abuse to continue. While raiding with The Darkspear, he became close friends with a rogue named Esiban and they eventually ran off to Zangarmarsh together for a brief tryst.

After hearing that Zul'Drak and the surrounding areas had been invaded by scourge, Takk decided to take up a preliminary scouting job to gather intelligence in the frozen wastes. He was ill-prepared for the extent of Arthas' stranglehold on Northrend and barely made it to the Argent Stand in one piece, only for a Zandalar ambassador to confirm that the mighty empire had fallen into darkness. As a favor for saving his life, Takk agreed to help Stefan Vadu infiltrate Overlord Drakuru's necropolis while disguised as a zombie - unfortunately, the costume fell apart at the worst possible time and he was captured. The troll's druid friend Argusel and the death knight, Nurzum, managed to sneak into Voltarus and rescue him after several torturous weeks, but he was never quite the same.

(To be continued...)

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