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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Sinomyn Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Blood Elf Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 64 The Murder of Crows Butcher
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Ronae Zaram.
Character's Nick-name: Butcher Sinomyn.
Race: Sin'Dorei.
Age: 59.
Class: Warlock.
Professions: Artisan Enchanter, Master Tailor.
Secondary Skills: Apprentice First Aid, Journeyman Rider.
Position in society: She currently has no position in society. The only true home she calls hers are her quarters in the Warlock Sanction in Silvermoon.
Face/Heel: She seems to be well liked by those that she chooses to travel with.
Current Home: Silvermoon.
Role-playing weight class: Medium-Heavy.
Role-playing status: Almost always in Character.
Passionate About The War?: "Which war do you refer to? The War with the Alliance? Or the War that is to come? I am passionate about both. For reasons that are my own."
PvP preference (do it a lot?): "As often as possible, but I prefer my PVP non battleground. It is much more fun when it is not expected."
A typical quote from Sinomyn: "Of course I do not deal with demons..." *smiles* "They deal with me."
Leveling speed: Slow but Steady.
Weekly online schedule: M-F 6-10pm est.

Physical Description

Of average height for her race and somewhat more slender. She keeps her beautiful blonde hair well kept and her make up in perfect condition. Her eyes seem to change color at will, though who's will is a question not answered.

Personality Description

Friendly and flirty. Often distracted by the beings that only she sees. Often easily swayed by the advice of her companion Succubus Cattthea. She is extremely vain about her appearance, avoiding terrain that might mar her clothes. She makes often treks back to Silvermoon to repair her clothes and her make up.

Goals and Motivations

Though her only personal goal is to survive, she has been tasked by the Nethers to grow strong in her abilities in order to prepare for a coming event. She knows not what this event is and lives in fear of it.

In Character Strengths

She is extremely loyal to those she calls friends and those she chooses to travel with. She will give anything that is needed of her that she possesses. If she does not possess it, she will find a way. She will also not refuse any request for aid. She will also be the first one to buy drinks that evening. She is fanatic about her battles, once she has issued forth an attack she will fight until someone has been defeated, on rare occasions this leads to an extended stay at the healer.

In Character Weaknesses

She is often distracted by beings from the other realms speaking to her or appearing before her. Others may take this as her being rude or even insane. She is fanatic about her battles, once she has issued forth an attack she will fight until someone has been defeated, on rare occasions this leads to an extended stay at the healer.


She sat on the balcony overlooking Murder Row. Strange the places she called home these days. Silvermoon was quiet this night. Sinomyn wondered if she sat really still she might here the screams of the Wretched across the Scar in the ruined part of Silvermoon. She frowned. So much seemed ruined lately.
She sipped her cinnamon tainted wine. She smiled a bit remembering Suntouched’s kindness. He had made the wine especially for her, stating that no one in their right mind would drink it. Funny how she had never noticed he fancied her. That was a lifetime ago. Another life. She wondered if Suntouched missed her. What would he do if she showed up asking for more. She was down to three bottles and it wouldn’t last long.
“Good to see the odd smile.”
Sinomyn’s smile widened. She recognized the voice of her Succubus and Companion Cattthea. Sinomyn turned to the alcove to see her demon walking out on the balcony to join her. Cattthea still wore her purple robe that somehow hid the hooves and horns. It could not hide her sensuous walk. Nothing could do that...
“I smile.” Said Sinomyn.
Cattthea sat next to her Mistress. “Sometimes.” She said. She raised an eyebrow. “Memories?”
Sinomyn stopped smiling and nodded. “I miss them.” She said.
Cattthea gently kissed Sinomyns cheek.
This brought another smile to Sinomyn.
“That night seems like yesterday,” said Sinomyn, “I still don’t understand it.”
Cattthea nodded, “Often we do not understand the things that must be.”
Sinomyn thought back to that night.
Ronae Zaram had been asleep in her quarters when she had heard the voice. She awoke with a fright to see a shining being in her room. It introduced itself as High Thoran FaeDursk. It then gave her the news that changed her life. Her parents were dead, assassinated by unknown parties. Killed for their political beleifes. Their push to leave the Alliance and join the Horde. They lay now seeped in blood, the Rogue’s blade still in their chest.
Sinomyn shivered and Cattthea sat behind her to warm her, the demons wings enfolding her.
“You must leave now child. Begin another life.” FaeDursk had told her. “Even now the Rogue moves quietly to your room.”
She could not argue, felt numb. She gathered what gold she had and made ready to leave her life behind her.
“Will they not follow?” she asked Fae. Fae shook her head.
“They will think you dead.”
“Someone will take your place.”
It was then the girl walked in. A young night elf like herself. She smiled and introduced herself as Erzabeth. She explained that she would lay in the bed and take the killers knife. Before any arguments could be made she leant forward and kissed Ronae.
Before she knew it Ronae was out in the cold night air of Silvermoon. She didn’t know where she was going. She then heard Fae’s final words…
“You must grow strong, and you must do so quickly. Something is coming. You must be ready. You are my champion. In the pack the girl gave you is a guild tabard. Seek them out when you are ready. They will protect you. They will teach you. Serve them well. One day they will fight by your side.”
Ronae blinked. “Me? Fight?”
“Yes, “ Fae replied, “ You will be a mighty Warlock.”
Ronae stopped walking. “Warlock?”
“My final gift.”
The Imp walked up to her. “Eh… follow me.. you need some learnin. I’m Quzznip. You got a name?”
“Rae….,” she stopped. She thought. No, that life is gone. “You may call me Mistress Sinomyn.”
Sinomyn stood up. She turned to Cattthea. “We have work to do.” Cattthea smiled. "Let's get this party started."

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