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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Safyra Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Troll Female Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 67 The Murder of Crows Executor
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Executor Safyra of The Murder of Crows. Her last name is unknown to her, her parents never used their surname before their deaths.
Race: Troll.
Age: 30.
Class: Hunter.
Professions: Master Blacksmith, Master Miner.
Secondary Skills: Master Cook, Grand Master First Aid, Expert Fisherman, Apprentice Rider.
Position in society: Safyra is well-known in her guild. She promotes order and respect among her guild-members.
Face/Heel: Safyra seems well-liked, or respected may be more appropriate. She can be strict at times, which may put her at odds with others. She tries to aid the young Neophytes, but still attempts to teach them respect as well.
Current Home: Orgrimmar.
Role-playing weight class: Heavy to medium; light if she's tired.
Role-playing status: Safyra is a heavy role-player. She likes to promote role-playing in many of her guild members. She will go OOC in whisper and Officer Chat to keep things friendly.
In Character Strengths: Safyra is loyal and respectful. She does everything she can to ensure the welfare of her Murder.
In Character Weaknesses: Safyra has a tendency to hold grudges. She can be unforgiving, and argumentative when she believes she has been wronged.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Safyra loves the battlegrounds. At the height of her training, she can be found there often.
A typical quote from Safyra: "This is taking too long. I want to kill now!"
AddOns Used:
Weekly on-line schedule: Usually on at night after 1am when I get off work, and in the morning before I leave. On my days off I can either play all day or not at all.

Physical Description

Safyra has lovely blue skin that contrasts with her fuchsia hair, giving her a unique look. Her vanity is her small tusks, which she keeps white and shiny by constantly licking off the blood of battle. She is slightly diminutive for a troll, but she compensates with her ferocity. Safyra loves blue and green armor, thinking it brings out her eyes and the lovely tint of her skin. She has a fascination with large, powerful swords and her shoulder muscles are well-toned and defined from carrying their weight.

Personality Description

Safyra is vain and vicious. Her bloodlust is never sated. She is often impatient when she cannot find any more members of the Alliance to slay. She is very loyal, and devotes herself to the Crows, and to her lover, Improbus. Safyra wants to be a leader to the other breathers who join the ranks of The Murder of Crows. Often rebuking others for disrespect, she also holds herself to high standards, and will rebuke herself severely for any failure. She holds high regard for those new members who show respect and an eagerness to rise in rank in her Murder. She holds particular fondness for Master Jannik and sees him as a friend as well as a mentor. Though never overstepping her bounds, she shows heartfelt warmth to the Forsaken Warlock, and admires him for his ferocity and dedication in leading the Crows. She admires DoomBringer Olinictora for her dedication to her guild and her pride and demeanor in the face of scorn by Tribute. Commander Alexanikth has become Safyra's partner in arms, and together they work towards culling the lower ranks, in order to form an organized, respectful, and powerful guild.

Goals and Motivations

Safyra wishes most to kill. She wants to please The Murder of Crows with her blood-lust. Her dependency on air to breathe makes her feel quite inferior to the Forsaken. Safyra wants to be independent and free, and hopes that with The Murder of Crows she can achieve her goals. Safyra's current goal is to recruit more members to The Murder of Crows. She loves the battlegrounds, and hopes to gain more honor defending the Horde in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Mayhaps she can earn a few choice pieces of armor she has had her eyes on.

Passionate About The War?

Safyra hates The Alliance with a passion. She wants nothing more than to thwart them in any way possible. The war has consumed Safyra, turning her life into a marathon of killing and maiming. She has discovered a new thrill when Master Jannik introduced her to raiding, and is particularly jubilant when the Crows venture forth to strike a mighty blow in Thelsamar or any other alliance settlement. Her favorite slaughter is that of humans, particularly warriors, as she cannot forget the atrocious deaths of her family.


Safyra turned to her younger sister, Thalia, and brought a finger to her lips. The young troll was not accustomed to keeping her feet silent on the game trail. Safyra pointed to the boar tracks in front of them, and showed Thalia the drag marks made by the left-hind hoof.
"This one is wounded. It is always best to take down the weak and easy prey. It is the way of things. When you become a hunter, it will be easier to spot these kinds of things," Safyra whispered to her young sister.
Thalia's eyes shone with excitement. This was her first time on the hunt, and she wanted so much to follow in her big sister's footsteps.
The two diminutive trolls loped down the path and drew to a halt near a muddy creek. Safyra pointed out the lone boar near a patch of mud, favoring his left leg. Safyra started to stalk out from their hiding place, when a loud noise rang out behind her.
Thalia looked up at Safyra out of bashful eyes. She'd tripped over her own feet and fallen into the mud with a wet plop. Safyra looked over her shoulder to see the boar long-gone.
Safyra chuckled, "Come on, squirt. Let's get you home and cleaned off. I can go after him at dusk. It's getting hotter anyways."
Safyra put her arm around the muddy Thalia, and the two walked home. They arrived at the humble camp, and Safyra looked around at the place sadly. It was a shame that her family had to live in such poor conditions. The alliance had driven the troll race out of their native homelands. They had only a few settlements dotted around the continent. Safyra's family lived as nomads, never calling one place home for too long. Safyra was a good hunter, and she was often the one that brought home dinner every night.
"What happened to the two of you?" asked Safyra's mother, Brenna.
"Thalia fell in the mud, Mother. She is improving, though. She didn't make near as much noise as last time." Safyra grinned.
Safyra's father, Thalin, chuckled in memory. Thalia had caused a stampede on her last attempt to learn tracking.
"What about dinner tonight?"
"I'll go out at dusk and bring back a boar or two, Father. Could you help me Fletch some more arrows? I can't seem to get them to fly quite as straight as yours do."
The family spent the rest of the afternoon in peaceful productivity. Safyra drew animal prints in the dirt and set out teaching Thalia to recognize them. As sunset approached, Safyra loaded her bow on her back and affixed her knife to her belt.
"I'll be back soon! Keep practicing your tracks, Thalia, and I'll tell you a story tonight!" Safyra called before racing off into the hills.
Safyra wiped the sweat off of her brow. The earth was cooling, but hunting was still tiring work. She had a small family group of boars cornered, and notched an arrow to her bow. She drew the arrow back till the feathers touched her lips. She kissed the arrow before letting it fly. She need not have looked to see her kill. Her aim was always true. She quickly dispatched the other two boars, and then set to trussing them up for the journey back.
Carrying three boars was no easy task, but they were set to head out soon, and they needed the salted meat to eat on the way to the next campsite. Safyra was halfway home when she heard a piercing scream. Her muscles tightened in fear, and she felt her skin grow cold. Thalia! Her family was in danger!
Safyra dropped her load and ran all out for the campsite. She stopped suddenly on the ridge overlooking the camp, and felt her mouth go dry. Humans! Her father lay in the dust, a gaping slash on his chest. His sword lay a few yards away, his right arm still gripping the hilt. Brenna was past feeling pain. Her chest lay open to her heart, and a human warrior knelt carving open her beautiful face.
Rage like Safyra had never known filled her heart. She held her bow in a death-grip, and drew an arrow lightning fast to the string. One of her father's. They had made it that very day. Tears of rage and sorrow ran down her cheeks as she kissed the feathers and sent the arrow into the throat of the warrior assaulting her mother's dead body.
Two more arrows pierced the warrior's body before another breath could be taken. The group scrambled for their weapons and Safyra felt an arrow pierce her thigh. She was an open target on the cliff, but she stood proud and fierce, firing still more arrows into the brutish warriors. Finally only two remained. Safyra was riddled with arrows, but she bore down on the two, young warriors. They could be no more than a year older than herself. Her teeth were bared, and her eyes burned with her hatred.
The two warriors fell to the ground, Safyra's arrows embedded firmly in their spines. Safyra stood seething, breathing hard, and still seeing red. Sorrow filled her like a choking demon. She couldn't breathe. The last thoughts that passed through her mind as her eyes rolled up into her head were of Thalia. Where was she?
Safyra's body was on fire. The arrows burned in her flesh. The worst was her thigh. The point of the arrow seemed to be grating against the bone with every movement. Her other wounds seemed superficial, but still very painful. She dragged herself to her feet and looked around the ravaged camp. Her eyes briefly closed in pain as they passed over the tortured bodies of her parents.
Thalia was nowhere to be found. Safyra dragged herself across the camp. Her breath caught in her throat and Safyra dropped to her knees. A tiny hand peeked out beneath the torn fabric of the tent. Safyra pulled back the linen to reveal her little sister's face. Thalia looked almost peaceful but for the gaping hole in her throat. Safyra's nostrils dilated and her mouth dropped open in distaste. The brutes had relieved themselves on the body of her beautiful, young sister.
It took Safyra many hours, but she arranged the bodies of her family side by side in the center of the camp, their bodies wrapped in the tent fabric and a cluster of wild peacebloom on their chests.
With broken arrows in her thigh and shoulder, tears rolling down her cheeks, and sobs wracking her body, Safyra set a torch to the linen-covered bodies. She knew a settlement lay to the east, so Safyra shouldered her bow and set off into the night, pausing on the ridge to watch the flames rise from the bodies of her family.
"Goodbye," Safyra whispered on a sob.
Safyra traveled for four days. She neither ate nor slept. She stopped only briefly to drink from a small stream. Safyra's body burned with fever and her mind swam in the heat. She dropped to her knees, defeated. She raised her head to look into the distance, determined to face the sun when she succumbed to death. The visages of her family swam before her eyes in the waves of heat rising from the sand. She looked into the eyes of her sister and smiled.
Just as her eyes began to close, a face appeared before her. A real face! Safyra looked into the kind, brown eyes of a handsome orc before she was lost in the waves of unconsciousness. She vaguely felt herself lifted in a pair of strong arms. She murmured softly as she felt a damp cloth pressed to her lips. She let herself succumb to sleep, somehow knowing that she was safe with this stranger.
Safyra woke sometime that night. The stars twinkled merrily in the sky, seeming to mock her pain. A sob swelled in her throat, and Safyra began to cry. A deep, wrenching sound that tore at the heart of the young orc tending the fire. He moved to the pretty troll lying on the pallet he'd made, and gathered her in his arms. He rocked her gently as she sobbed in his arms. Her wounds were not so bad now, and he felt comforted holding her in his arms.
Safyra turned her face to him and stared into his eyes, tears still falling silently off of her cheeks. It seemed to be the most natural thing when he dipped his head and pressed his lips to hers.
"Hi, little one. I'm Improbus."

Slave Safyra's Promotion to Gladiator

"Slave Safyra: Your service to The Murder of Crows has been marked with strong potential & accomplishment. You have proven yourself on the field of battle against The Alliance, against the elite Scarlet Crusade, & against fellow Slaves I pit you against. You are appropriately respectful to your superiors. Your bloodlust is impressive, & your loyalties to me please me greatly. Your De-Flesh & Roster posts are pleasing, as are you role-playing & PVP skills. It is time to put your potential to the test... lets see jut how far you can take yourself. I declare that you be promoted to Gladiator!" --Master Jannik, in Guild Chat on Thursday, December 21st, 2006 at 10:19am.

Gladiator Safyra's Promotion to Centurion

"Gladiator Safyra: I've not seen a Breather with your level of potential since the early days of Champion Painatah. I do hope your energy does not die out as hers has... You have been an excellent leader to the Slaves, keeping them in the same discipline you kept yourself in when you yourself were a Slave. But you've improved... And improved greatly indeed! You are strong, as you proudly displayed this evening to DoomBringer Elte, Fiend Olinictora, & myself. You fight well! Your submissions into the Guild Archives are most impressive, providing great inspiration to many of your fellow Crows! Your hardships have aided you well. Your experience on the field of battle is strong. Your loyalty & commitment to myself & The Murder of Crows is fierce, as is your thirst for Alliance blood! I declare you be promoted to Centurion!" --Master Jannik, in Guild Chat on Monday, January 22nd, 2007 at 12:46am.

History Continued

Safyra didn't remember when she decided to fall in love with the handsome warrior, it just seemed to take her heart by surprise. The two were a natural pair, hunting together for the glory of their Murder. And many seasons later, the pair of them made their way to the battlefields together to wreak havoc.
"Ooh! This way, my Love! There is a human priest this way and I want to slaughter him!"
Improbus shook his head mirthfully as he watched his Safyra bound across the hills of Warsong Gulch towards her new target. The two often competed with each other as they tore a path across the battlefield. They would keep up a running count for each other, yelling the number of their latest kill and grinning at the other through blood-soaked faces. Each would battle more fiercely when they were losing, and so they often took more kills than any other on the battlefield.
Improbus drew a steadying breath, feeling the adrenaline pumping through his body. "That was an invigorating battle, Love. They did not stand a chance!"
Safyra smiled and agreed with her Orc Hunter. "I am sure that this will please Master Jannik to no end. We have so many trophies to hang in the guild hall tonight."
"Aye! He will promote you for sure. And who else would deserve it, Captain?"
Safyra raised her eyebrow and attempted to look haughty. "I am not that yet, and I would thank you to remember it, Sergeant."
She remained serious for a count of three before she burst into helpless laughter. Improbus grinned wickedly and advanced on her, his hands made into claws. He tackled her to the floor of their little hideaway and tickled all the skin he could reach under her armor. They both laughed and teased until they fell serious once again. As they lay there in their bloody armor, their eyes gazing into each other, their lips met in a passionate kiss.

Commander Safyra's Promotion to Captain

"Commander Safyra: You have been an active & hard working Crow for a while now, & your progress continues to astound everyone, bringing us great pride! You have been active & thorough in the Guild Archives, identifying yourself there in great detail. And you are feared on the battlefield! You always represent our Murder with the confidence & respect a Crow should, setting a great example for others. You ripped through your Trials of Promotion with great ferocity & impressive success, with not having even come close to death! You have the great honor of becoming this Murder's first ever Captain!" --Master Jannik, in Guild Chat on Saturday, June 16th, 2007, 8:35:29 PM.

History Continued

Safyra rolled out of her pallet and stretched. Groaning, she muttered to herself. Improbus would need to unkink the muscles he had tightened in his vigor last night. Grinning at the memory, she grabbed a wineskin and stepped out into the sun. Improbus was sitting on a rock outside of their tent. He was bare from the waist up, sweating in the sun as he sharpened his axes. Safyra afforded herself a long view of this stimulating picture, before approaching her lover and offering him a drink.
"You look thirsty, my Love."
Improbus took the wineskin and drank greedily, and just as greedily, he took in the visage of Safyra. She was a fetching sight, her mouth was sleep-softened, her eyes sparkling in the sunlight. She wore only her rumpled tunic, which barely reached the tops of her thighs, which were well-muscled, yet smooth and unscarred.
"I am hungry as well," chuckled the orc. "I think you may be tasty enough to devour."
Carefully setting down his blades, he picked up his Safyra and carried her into the tent.

Hours later, Safyra lay in Improbus' arms, thinking to herself.
"My Love, I wish to visit the place where you found me. I have much to think about. It seems fitting."
"Do you wish me to stay with you, Love?"
"I would like that very much."
Safyra smiled and puled her lover into a passionate kiss. Then, slapping his rump, she giggled.
"Get up lazy! Daylight's wasting."

After a bit of a hike, the pair came upon a clearing, dry and barren. The ground was cracked and blistered. Nothing grew here. It seemed the land knew of her pain, and allowed nothing to overshadow it.
Sitting on a boulder, her lover's arms around her. Safyra gave way to thought.

"Master Jannik would be well pleased with my progress. He is sure to make me a General any day now... The twins (( Sindacollo & Cynisine )) are growing well. They make me laugh with their antics, but in battle they are serious and unstoppable... I have taken the hunter Grimgaash as an apprentice. He is lusty and incorrigable, but he is loyal and strong. He will make a good ally. Thraxxus and Synissa. Now there is a pair. Brooding, dark Thraxxus... he will frustrate the hell out of me, then make me think inwardly about myself and shock me with my own discovery... Synissa, I don't know how to guage her. She can seem almost friendly, or as dark and brooding as Thraxxus. There is something between those two, though they keep it private... L'ola makes me laugh. She is crafty and quick-witted. Were she not a Crow, I would steer clear of her, for she has a knack of making trouble if there is something in it for her... Alexanikth has been invaluable to me. He is very generous and shares his expertise when it comes to smithing. A little more, and I will be able to craft great swords... I miss my family. My mother, my sister, my father... The Crows are my family now. And noone will take them away from me now... noone."

Safyra had been lost in her thoughts so long, she did not notice night falling, or her lover's soft snores as he slept silently on her shoulder. Smiling, she leaned down and kissed the handsome hunter.
"Wake up, Love. They will be missing us in the guild hall tonight."
As she started to rise, Improbus grabbed hold of her hand.
"Stay with me, please. I found you here... what was the worst day in your life was possibly my most fortunate. I don't want to lose you."
Sitting down in her lover's lap, Safyra caressed his chin.
"You won't lose me. You're stuck with me. We won't ever be parted."
Grinning, Improbus placed a quick kiss on her brow.
"Then let's get going! You wouldn't want to be late for your trials."
Safyra was in the middle of packing her things when she let out a string of various curses.
"My sword is missing! Did we leave it at the last camp?!"
"I am not sure my Love."
The orc proceeded to help Safyra in her search. After a while, he sat on the boulder again to watch her bend and stretch in her search for her blade. When he was satisfied with his view, he retrieved the sword from its place underneath his tunic.
"Looking for this, Love?"
Safyra jumped to her feet and stormed towards the orc in a rage. She promptly smacked him in the chest, and pointed her newly retrieved blade at Improbus' stomach.
"Careful Love. When I am angry, I can miss... and if I miss, I will miss low."
Grinning at her jest, she sheathed her blade, and hoisted her pack off the ground.
"You may carry this since you seem to have enough energy to jest at me. I need to save mine. Tonight, I become a General."

Captain Safyra's Promotion to General

Master Jannik's Orders

Master Jannik submitted the orders found below at the Guild Archives on Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 at 11:45am.

Greetings, Captain. It has been nearly a year now since you became a Crow. You began as a Slave. You were determined, & hard working. You fought endlessly, proving yourself to me, & earned promotion to Gladiator. You continued your hard work on through to Centurion/Commander, and then to Captain. After just three months as Captain, you have continued to prove that you have great potential. You have gained over 4,500 Alliance heads on the field of battle, & your work at our Guild Archives is excellent, your activity as such placing you in 8th place for activity levels. I have decided that you are ready to begin your Trials of Promotion for the rank of General!
It was not easy for you to gain the Honorable Kills necessary to get this far. You have proven you are a brilliant & devoted fighter, & tactician. I've seen you lead in many situations, but now it's time for specific assaults & skirmishes. You will personally organize & lead an assault team, but not just any casual raid. Hand-pick four specific Crows of your choice for an assault on Nijel's Point. I don't want this to be a "make it up as you go along" assault, I want this to be organized. I want to see your skills in action, & I want to hear from those you choose of how you did. You may pick any four Crow you desire ((any level, class, & rank)), excluding myself & DoomBringer Olinictora. If possible, the DoomBringer & I shall witness the assault without participating or interfering.
Pick your five very carefully. You shall report your reasoning for each Crow you selected, as well as how they performed under your command. Each Crow you select will also report to me on how they feel you performed as Captain over the assault, & how they feel each other Crow in the party performed. In your assault on Nijel's Point, I'd like for you to kill as many as you can; leave none alive if you can help it (( except the wind-master, mainly because it takes a full party of 70s to take him, assuming no one else interferes; he won't aggro if you don't hit him )). That said, your very specific target is:

Brother Anton located at Nijel's Point in the contested territory of Desolace. He is an emissary of the Scarlet Crusade challenging adventurers of the Alliance to destroy several undead residing in the Valley of Bones in southeastern Desolace. Brother Anton, despite nominally belonging to the Scarlet Crusade, is, much like Brother Crowley and Raleigh the Devout, on the Stormwind faction.

You have one week from today to complete this specific Trial of Promotion. Use your time wisely, as your first picks for the assault party may have conflicting schedules. Confirm with me when you have received these orders, & keep me well informed of your progress. It's not every day that our Cause is boosted with a new General!

Captain Safyra's Reply

Below is Captain Safyra's response at the Guild Archives, posted 3 hours 17 minutes after Master Jannik's orders were given.

Greetings, Master. I am glad of your faith in me. I will prove to you that it is warranted. I happily accept this mission, and it will be carried out with skill and planning, but also with ferocity and cunning.
For this mission, I choose Commander Rakjin, for he is a fierce fighter, even when his beast has given its life for him, he will take out all comers. I choose Centurion Sordid. He is fierce, cunning, dealing out swift, brutal deaths to foes who never see him coming. I choose Cohort Torguul, an unknown quality at the moment, he is a warrior, strong and well-trained. I wish to test his abilities on the field. Perhaps my faith in him will help him to aspire to greater heights in our Murder. And, I choose Centurion Ithriana. She is strong, and cunning. Her magic is great, and she can inflict terrible poisons on our enemies, and bring health and strength to her allies in the midst of a battle.
I am on my way to Desolace to do some reconnaissance for this mission. I will let you know of our plan of attack in the near future. Until then, I bid you good hunting, Master.

Captain Safyra

Centurion Ithriana's Reply

Below is a reply found at the Guild Archives from Centurion Ithriana, posted 25 hours after the above post.

Apothecary Ithriana's glowing eyes brightened a bit after reading through Captain Safyra's missive. The messenger waited to be dismissed but saw no indication from the denizen of the Apothecarium that such was forthcoming.
"Send for Algernon. I need to speak to him about supplies."
The messenger nodded and ascended the stairs in search of the one-armed Forsaken.
Ithriana leaned back in her chair, thoughts of her alchemical work fading.
An assault on an Alliance outpost called Nijel's Point. Desolace. Nasty place. She had ventured there on only a few occasions. She preferred to send Minoton on business outside of the Eastern Kingdoms.
It was no secret that her command of shadow magic had grown dramatically over recent weeks. She had made something of a breakthrough in her studies, taking the approach of a warlock to twist the power of shadow to her will. Nevertheless, she was no warrior and even less a healer. This was no simple raid, then. Captain Safyra had work to do and that work probably involved orders from the Doombringer. Or maybe even the Master himself.
Interesting. The Captain requested her services. They would be provided. Shadow, alchemy and blood.

Safyra was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on November 7th, 2006 when she was level 18. She was already a member of The Murder of Crows at that time. Safyra was promoted from Slave to Gladiator by Master Jannik on Thursday, December 21st, 2006 at 10:19am when she was level 32. She was promoted from Gladiator to Centurion by Master Jannik on Monday, January 22nd, 2007 at 12:46am when she was level 40. Safyra was promoted from Deathguard to Executor by DreadCrow Jastara Zhaen Vessrad on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 at 12:25pm when she was level 67.

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