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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Rudywaldonzo Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Undead Male Ui-charactercreate-classes rogue Rogue 30 The Murder of Crows Deathguard
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Deathguard Rudy Waldonzo.
Character's Nick-name(s): Deathguard Rudywaldonzo, Scout Rudywaldonzo.
Race: Forsaken; formerly, a male & female gnome couple that were torn apart, & formed into a single new body.
Age: At the time of their mortal deaths, Lily was 63, & Rudy was 65.
Class: Rogue.
Professions: Expert Leatherworker, Expert Skinner.
Secondary skills: Expert Cook, Expert First Aid, Expert Fisherman.
Position in society: Purposely unknown in general society.
Face/Heel: Rudy's shifting personality tends to keep folks weary around him.
Current Home: Camp Taurajo.
Role-playing weight class: "Usually medium.
Role-playing status: Likes to build off of RP initiated by others.
Passionate About The War?: Rudy's passions were destroyed the night he was forced to watch his wife be murdered by Master Jannik's Felhunter, Shaagrom.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): "Loves it, but it's on hold until he reaches the higher levels of his bracket.
A typical quote from Rudy Waldonzo: "it won't give up it wants me dead, goddamn this noise inside my head!" (( kudos to anyone who knows where this is from ))

Physical Description

Rudy is basically a hybrid Abomination. Rudy's body has been formed from various parts of two Gnomes (by Master Jannik), creating a single undead form, & granted free will by Lady Sylvanas. Unlike most Forsaken, Rudy's eyes do not glow.

Personality Description

During the fusion of his former Gnome body with that of his wife, Lily, has left Rudy twisted mentally, granting him multiple personalities. Both Lily & Rudy's former Gnomish minds were fairly preserved by Master Jannik's demonic powers, but were also heavily tainted & polluted by those same energies. Lily's personality is that of a helpful, sweet woman, of whom tries to help others in order to lull them into a false sense of security so that she can then instill the pain she has suffered into them. Rudy's personality is somewhat dark, brooding, calculating, & manipulative.

Goals and Motivations

Rudy desires to bring peace to his very chaotic mind. Master Jannik has done much to grant Rudy power over his new form, & has taught Rudy that the chaos in his mind dulls out to be almost un-noticeable when Rudy is in the exact moment of killing a living, breathing creature. This realization has made Rudy an extremely violent being, having little control over his constant urge to slay the living in order to dull the chaos in his mind.

In Character Strengths

Extremely patriotic; generally respectful, almost always honest. Very brave, experienced in many facets of life on Azeroth & Outland. He's very organized & efficient. Generally patient.

In Character Weaknesses

His aggression & fury keeps others away, limiting their ability to get to know him, & therefor not learning his weaknesses. He's fiercely loyal to Master Jannik & The Murder of Crows.


Rudy Waldonzo shared a small apartment in the lower level of Stoutlager Inn, Thelsamar, Loch Modan with his younger, beautiful wife, Lily Waldonzo. Rudy worked various odd jobs in the area, such as killing Troggs & Kobolds that got too break & ventured too close to Thelsamar (but being sure to pick-pocket them for his own profit before making the kill), helping run errands for town-folks, & secretly pilfering small goods, & pick pocketing anyone (that wasn't a friend) who let their guard down around him. Lily Waldonzo was a bar maid in Stoutlager Inn. She welcomed visitors with her bright, warm smile, & quick wit. Lily had a sneaky suspicion that Rudy was helping himself to the belongings of others, what with his regular sweet gifts to her, but she loved him too much to make it an issue. Since Lily worked for the Inn, they were able to have a free room in the lower level. It was small, but so were they, & they made the most of it.
When Lily wasn't serving food & drink in the Inn, & Rudy wasn't killing pesky Troggs, Kobolds, & grizzly bears, the two loved to walk along the shore of the lake, especially at sunset, & talk for hours. They were very in love, & regularly surprised the other with random, romantic or cute gifts & surprises. One afternoon, Rudy was using his First Aid skills on a Thelsamaran guard that tangled too roughly with an adventurous grizzly bear, when suddenly the guard tensed up, & began visibly shaking just as Rudy was finishing the knot on the final bandage. The Dwarven guard shoved Rudy aside just as a fiery ball flew through the spot that Rudy was in, & slammed into the guard's chest, scorching his face, neck & arms, & actually catching his leather armor on fire! Rudy just started standing up when a horrid, demonic, giant dog-like creature slammed down on top of him.
As Rudy tried futily to get back up, he glanced over at the guard just in time to see magical fire erupt all along his body, then a dark, shadowy, evil looking ball of energy slam the good dwarf right in the face, melting his features away into a sizzling darkness. Rudy wanted dearly to help his Dwarven comrade, but the demonic Felhound was now viciously tearing into his shoulder with it's teeth, & the bulk of it's weight was at least triple that of little Rudy Waldonzo. It was then that Rudy heard a dark, evil cackling. He managed to twist his body enough to see a tall, imposing, bony figure. It was a rotting humanoid, with a large & impressive green mohawk standing prominently on it's rotting skull. There were glowing orbs of demonic energy deep in the scorched sockets of the once-human skull, & those orbs seemed to burn a deep hatred when peering at weak little Rudy, at the complete mercy of the fearsome Felhound.
Rudy, too scared to know what to do, just sat there in fear, the Felhound still gnawing on Rudy's shoulder. The corpse, adorned in long scarlet robes with gold trim, & very expensive looking jewelry walked towards Rudy, & knelt down, stopping just inches from Rudy's scared little face. The animated corpse then began speaking, in a very strange, evil sounding language. Rudy couldn't tell what the evil undead monstrosity was saying, but then Rudy seen that Lily & some guards were coming up the hill, alerted by the dying scream of the dwarven guard. Rudy, not wanting the undead creature to see his loving wife & town's guards coming to his rescue, spat in the creature's face, in hopes of keeping it's focus on him. The Undead being snapped a command at the Felhunter, one of the words said to the being seemed to stand out, as though it were a name... "Shaagrom". Shaagrom immediately jumped off of Rudy, withdrawing it's vicious mouth from his shoulder, & standing vigilantly beside the undead being, of whom promptly reached out & grabbed Rudy by the throat & lifted him into the air with fierce strength & fury.
Just as the corpse was about to crush Rudy's throat, Shaagrom let our a warning growl, & aggressively growled in the direction of Lily & the 3 town's guards she had with her. Instantly a golden, glowing orb of light faintly surrounded the undead creature, just as another walking corpse, this one female, came out from behind some tall shrubbery & shouted a warning to the corpse holding Rudy, clearly naming the creature "Master Jannik". Master Jannik turned to the female & gave her a command, something indicating the approaching guards, & seemed to name the undead woman "Acolyte Olinictora". As soon as his words were uttered to her, she sprang into action. Dark energies immediately surged from her hands, soaring through the air to smash the dwarves. At the same moment that Acolyte Olinictora carried out the commanded attack on the approaching Alliance, Master Jannik commanded Shaagrom to attack the Gnome woman.
When Rudy seen this, he pulled his dagger from the sheath hidden in his belt & started cutting into Master Jannik's arm. Master Jannik ignored the weak little Gnome, & used his off-hand to cast a number of destructive spells on the Dwarves, afflicting them with wicked pain. With a spelled shield surrounding Acolyte Olinictora as well, she daringly charged the trio of Dwarves to keep their focus off of Master Jannik. Rudy started making progress on Master Jannik's arm, so the Forsaken Warlock choke-slammed little Rudy Waldonzo on the ground in front of the creature, & slammed his boot-covered foot onto the Gnome's torso, pinning Rudy to the ground. Master Jannik then cast a powerful spell of destruction, causing a fiery inferno in the skies, & giant balls of fire to rain down on the Dwarves! Shaagrom was keeping Lily pinned to the ground, keeping it's jaws at her throat, ready to rip the life from her tiny body in a second if she fought him any further.
Lily did not want to die, so she did not resist. The intelligent but evil Felhound knew that this frail Gnomish woman would not want to watch the Dwarves die, so he kept his grip on her throat such that she was forced to watch the gruesome slaughter of her comrades. Lily let out a scream, pleading for Rudy to please rescue her from this horrible creature holding her life on the edge of wickedly barbed teeth. Rudy was powerless beneath the boot of Master Jannik; his dagger fell from his hand, beyond his reach when he was choke-slammed into the ground, & Rudy was having trouble maintaining his own breath, much less break free from the wicked Warlock's control. Acolyte Olinictora & Master Jannik made quick & fairly easy work of the foolish Dwarven guards. The young Priestess used her 'Holy' powers to heal Master Jannik's arm, then her own minor wounds, then she went to work, cannibalizing the damned Dwarf that managed to pierce her magical shield & wound her mildly.
Master Jannik watched her grizzly work with a mixture of glee & pride. He then reached down, grabbed Rudy by his sore, scraped up throat, & lifted him into the air once more. Lily immediately screamed out for him, scared for her lover. Master Jannik took immediate notice of her unusual concern for the pathetic Gnome, & promptly ordered Shaagrom to be careful not to kill her... for now. Rudy tried to reassure Lily that everything will be okay, that soon enough all of this will be over, & that they'll be beyond these horrid times, being in a better existence, a heaven-like realm for the rest of time & beyond. Lily couldn't help but feel comforted by Rudy's words; he was always good at calming her. Having seen what the Undead did to the Dwarves, Lily & Rudy felt assured that they'd soon be at eternal rest, even if that rest came after a scary & painful experience, they'd at least be together.
Master Jannik cackled evilly. While he was unable to understand the specific words, he identified the female's name as being "Lily", & the intention of Rudy's words, & the feelings these two pathetic Gnomes felt for each other were crystal clear to the wicked Warlock. Master Jannik commanded Acolyte Olinictora to bind Lily's arms, & Master Jannik did the same to Rudy. The two corpses then tied the Gnomes to Shaagrom, & he dragged them along, following Master Jannik & Acolyte Olinictora to a nearby hide out they had established. It was here that Master Jannik & Shaagrom tortured Lily to near-death while Rudy was forced to watch, & Acolyte Olinictora periodically healed the young Gnome, to keep her conscious, able to feel all of it, & still painfully alive. Master Jannik wanted both Gnomes to realize the awfulness that is life, the weakness it brings, & limitations it forces.
Master Jannik then did the same to Rudy, forcing Lily to watch. Eventually, as the hours passed, Master Jannik was forced to end his fun, as he had other pressing matters to attend to. Rudy & Lily, well beyond emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually stable, were grateful indeed when Master Jannik at last ordered Shaagrom to tear them apart, granting them death. Lily first, much to the continued horror of Rudy, then the young Rogue himself. As soon that they were dead, Master Jannik cast an ancient, extremely rare spell that ZombieLord Absynthia had taught him long ago. When combined with a skilled Warlock's demonic powers, it prevents the spirit of a recently deceased creature from escaping the body it belonged to. The spirit can be held there for until either the Warlock wills the spell to end, or loses focus on the spell. If the corpse the creature belonged to is reanimated, the spirit is then permanently re-bound to that body until it dies again.
The spirit is not returned the exact same as it was before, however. The ancient power of the dark spell, combined with the dark & demonic energies of a Warlock, corrupt & twist the spirit the spell holds. It amplifies the 'negative' & chaotic tendencies in that spirit dramatically, & heavily dulls the 'good' & orderly tendencies. Once Master Jannik's ancient spell was cast on both bodies, he went to work on tearing their bodies to pieces (though this was partially already taken care of by Shaagrom). Master Jannik then took the best parts from each body, & created what he deemed to be the best construction for a fast, powerful Rogue. The skull is what consumed the most of his time, as he took the two tiny Gnome skulls, & used demonic energies to merge them into a single, monstrous skull. With Master Jannik's abomination finally assembled, he combined his demonic powers to enhance the Holy & Shadowy powers of Acolyte Olinictora, restoring 'life' (or, un-life really) to the monstrous body.
This new Undead being was not granted any of Lily's female sex organs; Master Jannik wanted this creature to be male, & wanted it to keep the name of the foolish male Rogue that Master Jannik first encountered, Rudy Waldonzo. Master Jannik used his demonic powers to mutate Rudy's new throat, granting Rudy a much deeper, very startling & evil sounding voice. Rudy lacked the glowing orbs that most Forsaken had for eyes; instead his eye sockets were black pits, scorched from Master Jannik's fierce destructive spells that Rudy was forced to endure through torture. Rudy was unable to stand for the moment, or move much at all. His body was in a sort of traumatic shock. Acolyte Olinictora managed to fix that with a number of regenerative & healing spells, fortifying this new Undead creature, Master Jannik's masterpiece. The spirits of both Lily & Rudy were within this animated corpse; both twisted & horribly corrupted by wicked evil, & forever tied & bound to Master Jannik's will, through his supreme Demonic powers.
Master Jannik thanked Acolyte Olinictora for her assistance, & excused her from having to stick around any longer, desiring to be left alone with his new creation, to properly educate it in the way of the Forsaken, & of The Murder of Crows. Acolyte Olinictora saluted Master Jannik with respect before departing, & gave a final glance at Rudy's new form with a mixture of curiosity, & trepidation. Master Jannik taught Rudy Waldonzo (& technically Lily Waldonzo as well, as now they are basically the same being) all of the rules & processes of The Murder of Crows. He taught him all of the abilities granted to him as a member of the new Forsaken race. He educated Rudy on the history of the Undead, & their debt to Lady Sylvanas for their granted willpower, but that while she has earned respect, & potential reward, that her word & command is not infallible, & does not over-ride Master Jannik's command to Rudy.
Rudy was an avid pupil, eagerly absorbing every bit of information Master Jannik gave. As the hours passed, Rudy became more & more aware of a swirling chaos within his head, like the beginnings of a bad migraine caused by too many sounds for the brain to comprehend, too loud to hear properly, overwhelming the senses. It started as a mildly discomforting drone in the back of his consciousness, but quickly came to dominate him entirely, crippling his ability to focus. An incredible hunger overtook Rudy, & he suddenly dashed away from Master Jannik's small hide-away & attacked a nearby boar, killing & eating the entire creature, sucking & gnawing on the bones afterwards. While eating the creature, the chaos in Rudy's head completely abated, & was replaced with clear understanding of all that was around him. When he finished his feast, the chaos returned, but was much more subtle, tolerable.
It didn't take Rudy long to realize that he'd have to kill & eat living creatures very often to keep himself from going any further insane. Rudy was aware of Lily's presence within him. There was no love remaining in either of them, there was no positive passion. Only a dark, brooding hatred, & a wicked desire to force the pain & troubles they had to endure on to others. Rudy maintained all of the skills he had learned as a thief & from fighting the creatures around Thelsamar, but those were greatly amplified by this new & powerful form that Master Jannik had blessed him with. With this new form, & the clever wit & natural intellect Lily contributed, Rudy felt more confident than he ever did in life. He seemed to struggle with maintaining control, as Lily seemed to be able to speak for him against his will; she had become a dark, & dominating figure indeed. Rudy was well aware that he owed Master Jannik immensely for the honor he had been granted.
He held no grudge at all against his Master for the tortures he endured, now thoroughly understanding the need that his Master had to both teach Rudy why life is so horrible, & why Undeath is so rewarding. The new Rudy Waldonzo would never forget the awesome power that is Master Jannik. Rudy would never forget that his loyalties lie entirely with that powerful Warlock, & with The Murder of Crows. Rudy would proudly serve this being, & will just as gladly bring pain & fear to the very souls of every living being he can. And so Master Jannik sent his new Initiate to Tirisfal Glades, where he can properly build his skills as a Rogue, & serve The Murder of Crows properly as a seasoned, loyal Guild Member.

Rudywaldonzo was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on August 6th, 2006 when he was level 6. He was already a member of the guild The Murder of Crows at that time. Rudywaldonzo was promoted from Neophyte to Butcher by Master Jannik in February of 2007 when he was level 20. He was promoted from Darkslayer to Deathguard by Master Jannik on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 when he was level 30.

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