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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Rakjin Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Troll Male Ui-charactercreate-classes hunter Hunter 70 The Murder of Crows Neophyte
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Neophyte Rakjin.
Race: Troll.
Class: Hunter.
Professions: Master Engineer, Grand Master Miner.
Secondary Skills: Master Cook, Grand Master First Aid, Expert Fisherman, Expert Rider.
Position in society:
Current Home: Thrallmar Inn.
Role-playing weight class:
Role-playing status:
In Character Strengths:
In Character Weaknesses:
PvP preference:
A typical quote from Rakjin: "Let's get to da killin, mon'."
AddOns Used:
Leveling speed:
Weekly on-line schedule:

Physical Description

Tall but hunched over with light blue skin. His tusks are short for a troll and point outwards. His most noticeable article of clothing that he wears are his shoulderpads, which are red and have spikes on them.

Personality Description

Rakjin is more of a solitary troll. He sympathizes with the undead, and enjoys their company much more. Many others question why he would become a slave when he could be held in higher regard. The answer is he would rather serve as a slave to the undead and be in their company then serve as a member of somewhere else and eventually fall to them when they gain power. One of Rakjin's problems that has isolated him from other trolls is his hunger for flesh, even that of his own people. Although the Darkspear took a vow to end their cannibalistic ways, Rakjin still has a hunger. He can be a very likeable troll, as long as you stay on his good side. Once you make an enemy of him, you can never change his mind. He will always have some hatred for you. Rakjin also has a merciless hatred for the Scarlet Crusade. He shows no mercy to any member of the organization. Anyone who treats the Forsaken the way that they do will also feel the sharp pain of his blade.

Goals and Motivations

Rakjin only seeks to bring glory to The Murder of Crows. He has no real motivation, only to live out his life and serve the Forsaken. His only goal is to make his life worth living, and to become well liked by the Forsaken, and the breathers in The Murder of Crows.

Passionate About The War?

Rakjin believes war is the only way to get things done. He does not believe in politics or negotiations. The Alliance wants a fight? They will get one. Even surrender will not save them.


Rakjin was born in a small village on the Darkspear Strand. Being an island troll, he learned to cook and fish, and learned essential survival skills in the jungle and on the coast. His mother was a priestess and his father was an average fisherman. Rakjin liked to spend his time alone in the jungle, or swimming along the coast. Early on he developed skills in tracking animals, which interested him greatly. Rakjin wanted to learn how to tame beasts, and found out that the path he would take would be a hunter. He honed his skills in hunting and survival, specializing in Beast Mastery and Marksmanship. Rakjin also heavily favored the use of a bow, mainly because it made no sound and was precise.
He eventually left his village to journey to Orgrimmar. He planned to learn the arts of skinning & leatherworking. When he arrived in Orgrimmar he heard talk of the Eastern Kingdoms, and saw for the first time a victim of the plague of undeath. He also saw Tauren, humanoids that somewhat resembled bulls, something else he had never seen before. He went to the leatherworking trainer and learned some basic skills. As soon as he left the building he saw another undead. She was of average height with long dark hair, and a lovely smile. Rakjin felt compelled to approach her, with morbid curiosity. She introduced herself as Veroswena. She was aspiring warlock who had been visiting Orgrimmar on an errand from Undercity. Rakjin wanted to see the Undercity, and asked if he could accompany her on her trip. She obliged, and the next day they headed to the city of the undead. Once Rakjin arrived in Undercity, he felt strangely at home. He spent a lot of time in the Undercity learning about the history of the plague, and the history of the Undercity. Veroswena left to continue her warlock training. A day later Rakjin left the Undercity eager to explore Tirisfal Glades, what he saw there changed him...
After Wandering around Tirisfal for a while Rakjin came upon a tower. The tall decrepit building looked as if it had been a watch post for the Alliance at some point, but no more. Suddenly Rakjin noticed movement around the tower. The shape was humanoid, and more followed him as they appeared from behind the tower. Rakjin realized that these were humans, and they wore the same colors and insignia as the organization Rakjin had been warned about... The Scarlet Crusade. The Scarlet Crusade were notorious around Undercity for the "purging" of the undead, even those who were not their enemies. Rakjin hid among some bushes, curious to catch a glimpse of these humans. He noticed a large smirk on the one leading the troops. "Must be some sort of captain or something..." Rakjin thought to himself. Three more troops followed him with three more humanoids tied up with rope behind them. Behind the tied humanoids were six more guards.
Upon closer inspection of the tied up humanoids, Rakjin realized they were Forsaken. The captain had one of his men bring out a Forsaken captive and forced him to his knees in front of him. The male Forsaken was knew what was going to happen, and defiantly spit in the captain's face. The captain was angered by this greatly and yelled something to him in the human language. He lifted a large axe off the ground, and then raised it above his head. The captain brought the axe down strongly onto the Forsaken' skull, the axe drove through his head and stopped at the abdomen. Rakjin was overcome with nausea, but got himself together when he realized who the next Forsaken to die was. It was Veroswena, with her beautiful long hair and smile. The first Forsaken he had ever talked to, and his only friend. Rakjin could not watch this unfold. He decided to save the two undead at the cost of his own life. "Two lives for one isn't a bad idea" he used this thought to content himself with the possibility of death. He let out a battlecry and charged at the Scarlet Crusader leading Veroswena. Rakjin thrust his polearm into the guard's stomach, the guard screamed in shock and fell to the ground. Rakjin quickly cut the rope binding Veroswena, taking advantage of the guards initial shock. He plunged into the next guard with his polearm and yelled to Veroswena "Cut the other one loose and run!" The guards at this point were much more occupied with killing the troll who had taken two of their brethrens lives. In the middle of the fray, Rakjin felt a large thud on the back of his head, and all went black...
Rakjin woke up shackled to the floor of the tower. A single guard was standing in front of him, and looked very angry. Rakjin realized that they had captured him, only so they could torture and kill him after they rounded up the two Forsaken who had escaped. The guard began yelling at him, yet soon the yelling turned to screaming as he burst into flames. The guard in his frenzy ran for the door and fell down, dead. Now standing in the doorway above the guard's charred corpse was a Forsaken. His claws were dripping with blood, and outside Rakjin could make out all sorts of corpses. Obviously, the captain and his brethren had been slain. The undead's hair was styled into a Mohawk, and colored a dark green. A giant demon stood behind him, it looked like a felguard. This told Rakjin two things... The Forsaken was a warlock, and a very powerful one. He looked down at the corpse, and began to feast on it. After about a minute of eating, he looked back up at Rakjin and said "My apologies, I haven't eaten all day. Excuse me for not introducing myself, I am Master Jannik..."

Slave Rakjin's Promotion

"Slave Rakjin: Your time within The Crows has been pleasant. You're as fine a Hunter as I know, aside from perhaps Centurion Safyra. Your progress with us is impressive. Your work at the Guild Archives is thorough, as has been your tireless efforts on the field of battle. You even managed to impress DoomBringer Elte in Silithus! Tonight you joined me in terrorizing Loch Modan, proving yourself along the way to be a mighty force against the horrid Alliance, which pleases me greatly. I declare that you be promoted to Gladiator!" --Master Jannik, in Guild Chat on Monday, February 26th, 2007 at 9:08pm.

Gladiator Rakjin's Promotion

"Gladiator Rakjin: In a short time, you have done well indeed within our fine Murder. Your ferocity in combat, & skill in leading your fellow Crow has been well noted. You have worked hard on the field of battle & at the Guild Archives. You are generous & respectful to your fellow Crow, setting a fine example for others. Your vendettas against The Alliance have been well documented. You bring pride & glory to The Murder of Crows. We see much potential in you. It's time to see if you can really step up & prove yourself capable. Time for you to be officially recognized as a leader within The Murder of Crows... I declare that you be promoted to Centurion!" --Master Jannik, in Guild Chat on Saturday, March 17th, 2007, 11:39:27 PM.

Rakjin was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on January 25th, 2006 when he was level 7. He was already in the guild Legendary Mercenaries (now disbanded) at that time. He joined the guild The Hatred on February 11th, 2006 when he was level 21. He joined The Rage Within on March 4th, 2006 when he was level 23. He joined the guild Jindis Commandos on January 1st, 2007 when he was level 49. He joined The Murder of Crows on January 4th, 2007 when he was level 50.

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