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Roleplay InformationEdit

  • SC Tales - A set of forums for writers, artists, and creative peoples. We will begin archiving tales if writers will give their sign off here.
  • Alabaster's Story Archive - This site is the old archive of tales. In time, Alabaster will reorganize and revise it.
  • Nayuki's Stories - Tales told by Nayuki.
  • Roleplay Guide
  • The Roving Rascals: Theatrical Troupe of the Scarlet Crusade - Forums for actors, writers, directors and patrons of the Roving Rascals, an improv-based acting group. The Rascals are a non-guild based group of "actors" who perform plays and skits throughout Azeroth. Prospective members are asked to audition.
  • Scarlet Crusaders - The Unoffical Realm Forum and Roleplay area.
  • The Den - A collection of in-character fiction about Scarlet Crusade Horde characters, sponsored by the Wölves RP guild.

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