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Name : Moxina Rosha Thalenor

Nicknames : Moxi, or Moxie

Age : She was in her late 30s when age still mattered

Current home : Wanderer, never stays put too long in one place, though it is rumored she has made a home in Icecrown somewhere.

Battle Training : All the formal training of the Silver Hand as well as what she was taught as a death knight

Physical description : Moxi stands at an average height, and doesn't slouch (despite the in game model). She alternates between a confidant or wary stance depending on the situation. Most of her body is well intact, though her arms have been completely replaced by mechanical limbs, and her cheeks have deteriorated much since becoming Forsaken. She keeps her hair cropped short and practical. Her armor is always in top condition, and her weapons always well cared for and at the ready. She rarely takes off her goggles, the reasons for this are her unsettling blue eyes, and the fact that she's grown accustomed to the augmented view they provide.

Companions : Sometimes seen with a ghoul, who is always a bit out of sorts and prone to do silly and/or seemingly random things. While Moxi has live pets, she is most often seen with one of her mechanical constructs. Though outwardly friendly, she has some difficulty making long lasting friendships.

Known personality : For the most part she comes across as eager to help and very confidant. Her attitude typically turns hostile when Arthas is mentioned though as she feels he used her. She has also made many 'friends' of different races through her exposure to them as a death knight, so she bears no overwhelming prejudices toward any race. She does seem to have a soft spot for Sin'dorei, as they are former allies, and Orcs, mainly because of the wisdom and acceptance she felt from Thrall.

Known background : Moxina lived in Andorhal with her family, on their farm. Most of her time was spent maintaining that farm until her sister came into magical powers and burned a small portion of their bedroom at that time. Feeling even more pressure to achieve some sort of greatness to outshine her younger sibling, she left to Capital City to seek training as a paladin.

She was a pretty lackluster paladin, but determined. Her skills in combat were great, but her wielding of the Light was clumsy until she met Wendell, a young priest. The two started as simply teacher and student, but that grew to so much more over the following year. Moxina learned to let the Light work through her, and was finally given an official blessing as one of the Silver Hand.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly for her and her husband to be, until the plague hit. She rushed back to Andorhal, trying to find and evacuate her family, but it was far too late by the time she got there. Houses had been burned, the situation was critical. Wendell had gone with her, and fought at her side as the scourge rose and tried to bring them both in to their fold. For a time it seemed that they held the upper hand, but the priest fell ill and eventually was consumed by the plague. Moxi personally took care of the burning of his body, before heading off to join Arthas on his quest to eradicate the population of Stratholme.

Following Arthas to the end, Moxi eventually became one of his death knights. At the time, she sought only power and killing, seeing her life as being completely void now of love. She was a ruthless killing machine and held no hesitation when slaughtering the living, even her own former comrades. Slowly his grip loosened on her mind though and she started talking to those death knights who held any shred of their will. She heard many stories of woe and also of glory. She made friends, of a sort, with these death knights. When she felt that the Lich King's control had subsided enough, she sought out Highlord Darion Mograine and the Knights of the Ebon Blade in Acherus, asking for sanctuary and help with removing herself further from outside control.

Once she felt confidant enough and was asked to head back to Stormwind, she declined. Instead she threw herself to the mercy of Thrall, declaring her allegiance to the Horde above all others. In truth, her guilt at all the families she had destroyed as a death knight haunted her. She knew that it would be an ordeal just walking through Stormwind. People would have to recognize her, and remember all the terrible things she had once done. Thankfully, Thrall accepted her as she was and she started a new life among the Horde.

When Moxina joined the Horde, she was still a human. Over time she came to discover that her body had not fully died due to the severe weather she was constantly exposed to in Northrend. Eventually, the pain of constantly being on the brink of death started to take a toll on her. The solution she was given was what had always drove her hatred, becoming infected with the plague and being risen as a Forsaken. With the assistance of her then lover, she went through the process, despite reservations.

When she came back, she felt weaker and her body started to rapidly deteriorate in some areas (her arms and cheeks). After breaking one of the bones in her arm, she constructed new limbs, and with the help of her sister, whom she reconciled with, they were attached. Her mind was also affected, something she had been wary of since the beginning, and the Lich King's voice started creeping in again.

She left her lover, her guild, everyone she cared for, in an attempt to protect them from what she feared she might be driven to do to them. For many months she wandered Azeroth, trying to free her mind once more. Eventually, she decided that solitude was not the answer and sought out the Storm Wolves after finding a recruiting announcement for them at a tavern.

She has taken up an active role in the Storm Wolves, always lending a hand when she can. She has joined them on missions to Naxxramas and has since then taken on missions in Ulduar.

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