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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Delvalah Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Undead Female Ui-charactercreate-classes warlock Warlock 72 The Murder of Crows Deathguard
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Deathguard Delvalah.
Character's Nick-name: Delvalah the Noble. Del, or Delv, I answer to either.
Race: Forsaken.
Age: 35 at the time of my death.
Class: Warlock.
Professions: Grand Master Miner, Master Tailor.
Secondary Skills: Grand Master Cook, Master First Aid, Journeyman Fisherman, Expert Rider.
Position in society: Traveler.
Face/Heel: Very well received. "I'm afraid I don't know. I'm sure I've rubbed some people the wrong way, but none have bothered me with that fact."
Current Home: Garadar, Nagrand.
Role-playing weight class: Medium, though sometimes Heavy.
Role-playing status: In character in guild, parties where guildies are present, and in some tells. Usually OOC in trade/general/lfg channels and of course the OOC channel.
In Character Strengths: Hard working when focused on a goal. Patriotic. "I am loyal, and I try to be dependable. I will hardly ever back away from a fight."
Passionate About The War?: Anything that brings me closer to my goals, and that I am passionate about.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): She's mostly inactive in PvP. "I will once in a while, when the mood takes me."
A typical quote from your character: "Shadows be my strength"
AddOns Used:
Leveling speed: Since it's taken me over a year to get this far, obviously slow. But I choose to take my time, and enjoy playing.
Weekly on-line schedule: Depends on real life, and the previous commitments on my other characters.

Physical Description

Slight, quite bony actually. No matter who or what I eat I gain no meat on my bones. Stringy once-blonde hair, down a bit past the shoulders. Green-blue lips, and a slightly bluish hued skin.

Personality Description

Helpful, polite, & kind to others. She's patriotic, & serves the Forsaken Cause as best she can. "I am usually good natured, though I sometimes worry that I am too weak, due to my past, to prove a worthwhile Crow. Unless provoked, or otherwise intrigued, I will usually remain quiet and to myself. Kind to those who are kind in return."

Goals and Motivations

To repay the Scourge for that which they took from me, to find what I have lost and turn them to an advantage, finally, and most importantly, to bring glory to the Dark Lady, Master Jannik, and the Murder.

In Character Weaknesses

She isn't very ambitious. "Memories of the past will sometimes be awoken, which then makes me soft hearted. I will even long for true death, or can be found dreaming of the days before the Scourge arrived in Lordaeron."


Growing up in the capital of Lordaeron, it was interesting to see court life. My parents had a place at court, and I was lucky enough to join them as a child. Such a lovely place! Wonderful dresses. Bright colors. Knights in armor strutting around, flirting with the ladies. Magisters practicing the Arcane magics in the gardens. Knights of the Silver Hand praising and fighting in the name of the Light. Balls, feasts, intrigues, so much happening!
As I grew up, I would walk with my brother through the gardens. It was fascinating to watch the Mages. My brother and I would laugh and joke about venturing to Dalaran to learn to do these things ourselves. We were very close. Two years apart, yet inseparable. He always looked out for me. When I was 15, Doyle was traveling through what is now called the Western Plaguelands. All I was told was that some bandits had attacked him on his way back to the City, and killed him.
I mourned him for so long, my parents feared I would do myself harm. As a gift, perhaps also as a last resort to stir me from my grief, they sent me to Dalaran, to train as a Mage. Just what Doyle and I had always dreamed. I loved Dalaran, almost as much as home, sometimes more so. I learned so much, I was saddened by the fact that my brother could never see this wonderful place. I met many wonderful people, always happy to teach me what they knew. The Sin'dorei were especially helpful. I visited my parents only once, and though I saw in their eyes they were proud of me, they never said anything. That was the last time I would see them.
One day, a wonderful looking young man strolled through the city. In all my years I had never seen a man more handsome, more intelligent, more wonderful! We spent a lot of time together. I fell in love with him almost right away. Corvent was his name. I was almost 18. We decided to get married when I felt confident in my powers. He went home soon after, to his farm in Silverpine. I studied and decided to go out into the world and try my powers before I settled down. Oh the power! To turn a human being into an animal, to hurl Fire through the air and burn my enemies to a crisp, it was a glorious feeling. I fought on the front lines of some minor battles of too little importance to anyone to mention.
Close to my 20th birthday, I decided to put my adventures on hold. I wanted to settle down with Corvent, and perhaps be blessed with a family. Within a few years, we'd had two beautiful daughters. Delinia, the eldest and Dawnsana, our baby. For years we worked the farm, the girls each showing promise in the Arcane. I worked with them, to give them a basic knowledge of how to harness their power. Finally, Delinia was ready to go to Dalaran. We found the farm lonely after she left, though her letters were some comfort.
One day, Corvent set off to Lordaeron to sell our harvest and buy some needed items. While in the city, he heard tales of people becoming sick for no apparent reason. These illnesses were taking place throughout the kingdom. He finished his business and rushed home to tell us the news. I wrote a letter to Delinia, telling her of this mysterious disease, and decided to have her sister take it to Dalaran since they had not seen each other in years. I also asked Delinia to take her sister to my Aunt in Stormwind for a while. A change of scenery is always good for growing children, and I didn't want her to be here incase the mysterious disease came our way.
The grain Corvent brought back was so perfect once I had it ground down. I made some fresh bread, shortly after Dawn left. It was the best I'd had since my childhood. I remember cleaning up after breakfast and starting to feel ill. Corvent was already out in the fields. I cleaned our home, started on supper, and felt even worse. I don't remember falling to the floor, I only remember Corvent holding my head in his lap as he stroked my hair, begging me to stay awake. I promised him I would, while he ran for a doctor. They were busy, he said. Most of the village was sick. Some had died. I looked at him, and knew he too was dying. I smiled and held him tight. "I'll never let you go, we'll see each other again, someday." He smiled back, and nodded.
I woke up in a small crypt. I was unsure what had happened. I couldn't be dead, yet why had I been placed here if I weren't? I was confused. I stood up, and looked down at myself, only to find skin hanging off my bones, a ripped dress hanging on my body like a rag. I walked outside the crypt and found a man, in the same state of decay as myself. He explained what had happened. How our beloved Prince had betrayed his people, how a Ranger known as Sylvanas had broken away from the monster the Prince had become, and had taken some of his forces with her. I knew, at that moment, I would serve the Dark Lady without question. I met Master Jannik while trekking through Silverpine. My once beautiful home destroyed by the scourge. He told me about his goals, I was surprised how easily they matched mine. I was quick to join the Forsaken Cause.
As I was traveling through Silverpine one day, on my way to battle the Scarlet Crusade in their Monastery, I passed a young woman riding a horse. I recognized her instantly. It was my Delinia. She stopped her mount, and stared at me. I know she recognized me too, I saw it in her eyes. She was wearing the necklace I had given her when she left for Dalaran. I think I smiled then, to see her again, to know she was alive and well. I saw her cringe. I started toward her, her horse backed up in fear. She still stared at me, as though unsure what to do, unsure of whether to kill me, or ride on. Finally, she passed her hand over her heart in the secret, loving gesture we'd once shared and spurred the horse forward. I passed mine over where my heart had once been, and started to walk on. As she rode by, I saw the tears in her eyes.
I have never found out what came of my youngest daughter. I know not if she lived, or died. Or if she, too, serves the Dark Lady. I will find out. Somehow.

Delvalah was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on April 19th, 2006 when she was level 9. She joined The Murder of Crows on June 16th, 2006 when she was level 22. Delvalah was promoted from Neophyte to Butcher by Master Jannik on Thursday, February 19th, 2009 when she was level 71. She was promoted from Butcher to Ravager by Master Jannik on Saturday, February 28th, 2009 when she was still level 71.

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