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Name : Arzulia Dusktreader

Nicknames : Zuzu

Age : She's lost track of actual numbers.

Current home : Dalaran

Battle Training : Most of her magical training was done on her own, though she was clearly guided in the beginning by Inethven in Silvermoon. Due to her shady past, she was given an almost sink or swim attitude. Thankfully, she had a lot of untapped potential and her progress won over her instructor. After being pushed out of her own time line, she found Inethven lacking as a teacher and sought out training in Dalaran.

Physical description : Zuzu is on the short side, at 4' 9", making her appear childlike and frail. Her slight frame only accentuates this perception, but she tries to look older by applying fine cosmetics and wearing revealing clothing. Her eyes are the one feature that truly show her age. For quite some time she has worn her hair long, but after being told her training was complete she decided to cut it severely short. Over time her hair has grown out once more, and she has no plans of cutting it again.

Companions : She keeps a small menagerie of pets, but most of them she simply thinks of as accessories. Like most blood elves, she has a fondness for felines, and they generally get better treatment. She has an overwhelming fondness for Argusel, the druid who she believes saved her once she crossed time lines.

Known personality : Zuzu is primarily a creature of comfort. When not working, she prefers to lounge about and smoke a mixture of fresh herbs that always includes blood thistle. She also drinks on and off the field, and seems to be more talkative at those times. She is almost always polite and exercises a practiced formality when dealing with others. She's still having problems grasping rank and military protocol though and typically addresses her superiors as friends. She also goes out of her way to help others, sometimes having to remind herself that she is frail, despite her power, which sometimes leaves her conflicted.

Known background : Zuzu doesn't discuss her true background with just anyone. Her fabricated background is simply that she came from a semi noble family who perished during Arthas' invasion. She had been visiting another town, which she never mentions the name of, and was spared the fate of so many of her race.

Since joining up with the Storm Wolves, Zuzu has become quite attached to Argusel, always making a point of saying hello and hugging the druid, even when flapping around in flight form. Though she is not clear on the exact reasons, she seems to have some sort of bond with him, and finds herself in many situations where they cross paths. She even found herself lead to follow him into the Emerald Dream in search of answers about the planet's imbalance. Unfortunately, what waited for them in the Dream chased them out before they could discover much. It seemed only natural that she continue the path to Ulduar with him, seeking more knowledge of the future of Azeroth.

Not so known background : Arzulia was indeed the daughter of a semi noble house leader. In fact, she was the oldest of all his children. For many years she lived a rather cushy, pampered life and felt no desire to try and do anything else. She lived to please her father and bring a good name to her house. Many would consider her a slave, but she didn't see it that way at the time.

She had a younger brother whom she was quite attached to, Drakenrois. Drake was more willful than her and often found himself in trouble, this became more severe once their mother died and he soon ran away from home. Zuzu was left reconsidering why she had stayed and obeyed her father for so long. Eventually, while not remarrying, he produced several other children who he took sole responsibility for, while concealing the identity of the mothers. With other children to dote on, Zuzu approached him and begged to be allowed to study the arcane arts. He let her go, assuming she had no talent and would fail, only to return to him in tears and with an even stronger desire to remain with him. Little did he know that she had always had a great potential for the arcane within her.

She took her training very seriously, and found a teacher, though slightly unwilling. She wished she could have trained in Dalaran, but already had so much happened to the city, entry was barred for her. She set about the menial tasks she was given, excelling at them all, and very soon was sent all over the world for the sake of their many new allies. During this time she discovered that her brother had become engaged and was seen infrequently in Silvermoon. She tracked down his fiance and eventually reunited with Drake. She tried to persuade her brother to make amends with their father, something that she felt was important for both men. Drake rebelled at the idea for a long time, but eventually gave in to her wishes. (What she doesn't realize is when Drake met with their father it went badly. He berated Drake and told him that he would be recalling Zuzu back home soon. Drake answered by stabbing him through the heart.)

After the death of her father, she made a dire decision, to seek a means of time travel so she could go back and make sure her mother did not die when she did. She sent out letters to those she called friend, one being Drake's fiance, and made her attempt. In a panic, Drake's fiance rushed to Andorhal and made a desperate plea to Chromie, as she had seen the bronze there before and knew of his true nature. Calmly the dragon explained that all had been seen to and that Arzulia was alive, though could never return to this time line.



Pretty much Arcane since gaining talent points. Dabbling with fire after dual talent speccing was released.

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