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Argusel is a 7'6" male tauren with ashen gray fur that transitions to white in spots, a shaggy dark gray mane, long ivory horns, pale blue eyes, and a narrow frame - he retains most of these traits in all forms, though is most often seen as a Tree of Life. Engineering goggles, tools and trinkets, along with his bronze nosering and horncaps are a stark contrast from his leather robe and and tribal fetishes, but he seems to enjoy confusing people with his occupational choice. While somewhat introverted and paranoid at times, he is fiercely committed to the survival of his companions.


The Ghostwalker tribe of central Desolace was originally a small group of druids and shamans who communicated with the spirits of ancient creatures, later focusing on the restoration of land spoiled by the centaur. The shy bull named Argusel was one of the last three children born within the tribe, and took quickly to druidism - but also grew jaded as a result of the constant attacks upon his village by the territorial horse-men. It was only a matter of time before the peaceful tribe was driven out, most of Argusel's kin slaughtered by a midnight Kolkar raid while he barely slipped away in the commotion. He slept while the sun was up, wandered for weeks and saw no other surviors, the guilt nearly driving him to suicide as the Earthmother's gentle voice guided him north and towards sustenance.

A caravan of night elves in the Stonetalon Mountains took pity upon the young tauren, providing him with food and shelter in exchange for manual labor as he told them what transpired in Desolace. One of the travelers was also a druid and spoke of returning to Moonglade, so Argusel decided to follow him and continue his training there. After several years - albeit physically unconscious for one of them - he was confident enough to part with his Kal'dorei shan'do, and find his own place in the world as a healer or warrior for his people. His first stop would be Winterspring and the small goblin town of Everlook, where the locals imparted their knowledge of engineering and factional disputes. He then became fascinated by combining natural magic with technology, believing that the former could enhance the latter when utilized properly.

Argusel then made his way to Thunder Bluff, eager to meet various representatives of the New Horde, and was directed west by Cairne Bloodhoof to assist their orcish allies in The Barrens. Not accustomed to their crudeness, he withdrew into his tent after each night of work; but one morning he was awakened early by the smell of strider stew being cooked outside. A Frostwolf orc hunter named Dalaar had felt the need for a companion other than her loyal but aggressive worg, trading food for his attention and each one sharing stories of their adventures until they found a common ground. Argusel and Dalaar would fall for each other over time, despite their racial differences; but kept their relations discreet and casual, often needing to travel separately. Both persued membership in the Storm Wolves clan after hearing of their battle prowess, having decided that they shared the same goals and rising distaste for the Alliance.


Argusel in tree form.

Dalaar spent much of her time defending sacred orcish land in Alterac Valley and Nagrand, while Argusel infiltrated demonic strongholds to research various curses and diseases. Soon after Thrall ordered the clan to explore Northrend, they were joined by a pair of Blackrock Death Knights named Nurzum and Muruk. Having been sent from Ebon Watch to assist the Wolves, the undead orcs informed them that another Storm Wolf, Takkouri, had been captured by the corrupt Overlord Drakuru; but they managed to sneak into his necropolis and ferry the delirious hunter to safety, after turning the traitorous Drakkari's own creations against him. Argusel continued to push his way through the frozen wastes with his clan, reluctantly accepting the Knights of the Ebon Blade, and hoping to learn more of the corruption that befouled the land in order to preserve what little life remains.

While the Wolves assaulted Naxxramas, Argusel ensured that few of his companions would fall against even the mightiest of Scourge and they emerged victorious. It was discovered that the frostwyrm Sapphiron's corpse held the key to Malygos' lair, the Eye of Eternity; so at Stormcaller Aglin's urgings, they soon went forward to silence the mad Aspect with the help of Alexstrasza herself. Both battles took a heavy toll on the druid - more physically and spiritually drained than ever, his relationship with Dalaar dissolved under stress and the orc left him for greener pastures. He took several weeks off to meditate at Camp Tunka'lo, but its proximity to the warring frost giants and whatever was stirring within the ancient titan vaults ensured that his sleep was rarely restful.

While the rest of the Wolves were engaged in Northrend, Trigger - a female bronze drake that Argusel had rescued from an agent of the Infinite Dragonflight - randomly stumbled across a Sin'dorei mage known as Arzulia Dusktreader near an anomalous portal at the Caverns of Time, presumably having been deposited there as a result of a magical freak accident when she attempted to travel into the past and save her father from death. Believing that the elf may be seen as a threat to their timeline, but knowing she would be a great asset to the druid's clan if she could adapt quickly, the bronze carried Arzulia to Silvermoon City with a note in her pocket that directed her to the Storm Wolves for further assistance.

Argusel brought her along on several missions to test her magical prowess, the two becoming unlikely friends as she adjusted to her new home. Faint voices - he couldn't tell from whom, but assumed it was an agent of Ysera - continued to beckon him to the Emerald Dream once again, so he headed to Moonglade and concocted a special dream elixir for Arzulia so she would be able to accompany him. While there was much to learn about the recent changes the primordial paradise had undergone, the presence of another dark entity forced them to awaken prematurely. Driven back to the Storm Peaks by visions of apocalypse, both wary adventurers joined the Wolves as they began to unearth the secrets of Ulduar.

(To Be Continued...)

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