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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank
Apakaga Horde 15 Scarlet Crusade US IconSmall Tauren Male Ui-charactercreate-classes druid Druid 60 The Murder of Crows Executor
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Guild Rank

Character's Full name: Executor Apakaga Warcrow.
Character's Nickname(s): Executor Apakaga, Grunt Apakaga.
Race: Tauren.
Age: 68.
Class: Druid.
Professions: Journeyman Herbalist, & Expert Skinner.
Secondary skills: Expert Cook, Expert First Aid, Expert Fisherman.
Face/Heel: Apakaga is largely unknown to most folks, as he avoid unnecessary communication; he's polite to those that interact with him.
Current Home: Camp Taurajo.
Goals and Motivations: To serve Master Jannik & The Murder of Crows with pride & distinction.
Role-playing weight class: Usually medium.
Role-playing status: Likes to build off of RP initiated by others.
In Character Strengths: His aggressiveness in battle often overwhelms opponents. He's wise, extremely loyal, & resourceful.
In Character Weaknesses: His quietness often leads others to doubt his abilities.
Passionate About The War?: Apakaga is indeed passionate about the war against the Burning Legion; they are truly a major upset to the balance of nature, & must be destroyed.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Apakaga is active in PvP.
AddOns Used: Ackis Recipe List, ArkInventory, Bayi's Extended Questlog, Cartographer, Chatter, CurseProfiler 2.0, Deadly Boss Mods, GuildPortal Helper, MyRolePlay, Omen Threat Meter, QuestGuru, & Recount.

Position in society

Apakaga is largely withdrawn from society. He quests in the name of The Forsaken Cause, & The Murder of Crows, but has little interest in society outside the Murder.

Physical Description

Apakaga stands at about 8' with his slouch, & weighs in at a bit over 600lbs. Apakaga has a wise & stoic appearance. Proudly wearing his black & white Guild Tabard, & always eager for battle, he can be a bit intimidating to those that aren't aware of his noble nature.

Personality Description

Apakaga is usually quiet & introspective, however he's aggressive in battle. Apakaga is still recovering from trauma caused by Master Jannik breaking his will power long ago. The personality replacing the old one is one of fierce (almost robotic) loyalty to The Murder of Crows, & a strong desire to conquer any foe that presents itself.


Apakaga was born in the Barrens, into one of the many nomadic Tauren tribes. He was raised to commune with the spirits, to be strong, independent, & to think before he speaks. Apakaga has always been an explorer. He once found his way to the distant island of Teldrassil, where he met a young Night Elf Priest, named Stama. Master Jannik had been shadowing Apakaga, fascinated by his thirst for exploration, & his seemingly natural ability to bypass the Night Elves' not-so-minor defenses. Moments before Stama first met a member of the Horde, & before Master Jannik noticed Stama, Master Jannik ordered a handful of his Initiates to attack & capture Apakaga, so that he could more thoroughly study the Druid. Apakaga let out a hollar as he was surprised & very outnumbered by five, eager, hungry Forsaken. The Initiates were eager to impress Master Jannik, to prove themselves to him, in hopes of earning a promotion to Acolyte.
Though Apakaga put up a valiant effort, he was young & inexperienced with battling the Undead. He let out a shout of pain when one Forsaken decided to take a bite out of his arm. Stama heard the shout, realized by it's pitch that the creature emitting it was foreign, but in danger & in pain. Stama had always been sympathetic towards all creatures, being an almost Druidic Priest in some ways. He rushed through the forest & came upon the scene: A giant Tauren, dressed in Druidic clothing, bleeding from one arm & his snout, & pinned to a tree by 5 slathering, rotting Undead. He also noticed a brief movement to the side, & scene a very familiar image from his childhood. Stama seen an animated corpse, with a green mohawk, black robes, & a bone white crow's claw etched onto the front of his Guild Tabard.
The animated corpse was that of Master Jannik, Forsaken Warlock, & Guild Master of The Murder of Crows. Master Jannik was the one that killed Stama's mother & father during a raid on his small, isolated camp when Stama was just a child. Stama had hidden under the bed during the slaughter. He watched his parents get torn apart, then cannibalized by Master Jannik, & his Murder of Crows. Stama had barily gotten away after they smelled him, & he had never forgotten. Stama had made it his primary goal in life to hunt down & kill all undead, but there were none on Teldrassil, & Stama was not yet experienced enough to risk leaving the safety of his island. These were the first Undead that Stama had seen since he was a child.
A fire erupted inside of Stama, & he immediately charged an attack against the Forsaken. Master Jannik, bemused, just stood aside & enjoyed the show. He watched as the Tauren Druid & the Night Elf Priest destroyed his five newest & most inexperienced recruits. When they finished the five Initiates, & turned on him, he was no where to be found. On the ground where he was standing however, was a piece of bone, that had been carved into the appearance of a crow's claw. Apakaga was wounded, and while not fatal, infection would set in quickly if the wounds were not tended to. Stama, desperately torn between his alliances to the Alliance, to his parents, & to his hatred of the Undead, was unsure what to do. When he seen the sad look on Apakaga's face as Apakaga tried to use his own very low skills in First Aid to repair the wound, Stama felt sympathy.
Stama used his Priestly magic to heal Apakaga, creating a bond of sorts between them that neither would forget. Though they couldn't communicate with words, Stama helped guide Apakaga safely past the Night Elf security forces, to the coast, where he could find his way to Darkshore, then to Ashenvale, & onward to the Barrens. Though Master Jannik could have easily crushed Stama, & enslaved Apakaga, he wanted to further study their interactions. He hadn't fled the scene, he had merely secured himself out of sight & smell, & used his Eye of Kilrogg to watch & follow them. As soon as Apakaga safely reached the Barrens, Master Jannik made his move, & enslaved Apakaga. No one but Master Jannik knows the methods used to force the Tauren into slavery against his will.
When Apakaga tries to remember those moments, he remembers only pain, & strange shadowy things, that seem to be just outside his ability to remember. Thinking about it makes his temples hurt badly, so he prefers to simply forget about it, & accept his new life. Apakaga focuses on using his Druidic powers to bring glory to The Murder of Crows. He earned his freedom when Master Jannik abolished slavery & declared equality through effort. Apakaga took on the name of Warcrow, in celebration of his new found freedom & life.

Apakaga was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([1]) on February 21st, 2006 when he was level 11. He joined the guild The Murder of Crows on March 17th, 2006 when he was level 13. Apakaga was promoted from Neophyte to Butcher by Master Jannik on June 26th, 2006 when he was level 20. Apakaga was promoted from Butcher to Ravager by DoomBringer Artumes on Thursday, March 12th, 2009 when he was level 30. Apakaga was promoted from Deathguard to Executor by DreadCrow Jastara Zhaen Vessrad on Friday, February 19th, 2010 when he was level 60.

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