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Aglin Vani Da'Lorenn is an elf of great age (in point of fact she was born some time before the destruction of the Well of Eternity, but how long before, and the details of her early life, are lost to the mists of time). As such she does not identify as a Sin'dorei in particular, though she is certainly sympathetic to the events that led to the Quel'dorei becoming what they are today.

After helping to establish the Kirin Tor schools of magic at Dalaran as one of its many hundreds of magicians and helping in the front lines of the Amani wars as a battle mage, she retired from using her magical talents for combat to take up a position as a Kirin Tor archmage, teaching alchemy in the mageocracy's schools and occasionally consulting with the Violet Eye. When the Sunwell exploded, Aglin was there, helping the Well Watchers try (and fail) to keep Arthas from acquiring its powers. Rendered unconscious by the explosion Aglin slept away five or six years in a coma, awakening to discover she had survived, but had done so at the cost of a complete loss of her innate magical talents.

Two years of intense work and exercise resulted in the return of her powers. During that time she met and married the Ranger-Captain Saavek Ilshindar Da'Lorenn and the two moved to the city of Garadar in Nagrand where they live quite comfortably with the Mag'har, Saavek having proven himself as a champion among them. As Saavek scouted ahead in Northrend, Aglin opted to remain behind to help train the Youngbloods and Horde allies to be ready for the new battles awaiting them on the northern continent.

With the loss of the Wolf Khan, Volk, and the blessing of the Wolf Spirits, Aglin was tested by the orc shaman Tojiro Wolfsong and found to be the holder of what the orc enigmatically referred to as "legendary ancient power." After a great battle in which he unleashed the elements on Aglin and she successfully bested each one and took them to herself, Tojiro named her the Stormcaller of the Storm Wolves.

It is rumored that the archmage worked for the Blue Dragon Aspect Malygos in the past, and those who accompanied her to Karazhan heard her talk very fondly of the blue dragon, Arcanagos, a fellow Dalaran archmage who had been turned into the savage Nightbane by the evil powers of Medivh. Whether or not Aglin's connection to the Blues will have any impact on her mission in Northrend, or if it already has, remains to be seen.

Just before the great Shattering Aglin was called to Nagrand to accompany Warchief Thrall on his journey to the Throne of the Elements. Like the Warchief, the Stormcaller has gone missing. In her absence, she appointed the orc Agrata Four-Killer as Dire Wolf and guardian of the Storm Wölves. She is currently missing in action.

Character's Full name: Aglin Vani Da'Lorenn.
Race: Blood Elf for game mechanics purposes; for RP purposes, Aglin identifies as Highborne (Quel'dorei).
Age: Unknown, but known to be older than the destruction of the Well of the Ancients (i.e., more than 10k years).
Class: Mage.
Professions: Grand Master Alchemist, Grand Master Herbalist.
Secondary Skills: Grand Master Cook, Grand Master First Aid, Expert Fisherman, Artisan Rider.
Position in society: Stormcaller (guild leader) of the Storm Wölves military organization; former archmage of the Kirin Tor.
Current Home: Garadar, in a windmill atop a hill with her husband, Saavek Ilshindar Da'Lorenn.
Physical Description: Aglin's Gear Score([1]) is 1,747.
Personality Description: The Stormcaller is a quiet, polite yet not particularly soft woman. She lives up to her nickname, "Lady Ice," and rarely expresses emotion in public, preferring to work with facts and strategies. At the same time it is obvious that she has deep loyalty, care and compassion for the Wolves and their allies, for Warchief Thrall and for the Horde.
Role-playing weight class: Heavyweight.
Role-playing status: Full time RPer, always in character.
Goals and Motivations: To lead the Storm Wolves to Northrend and support the Horde there against all enemies.
In Character Strengths: knowledge and wisdom borne of experience; considerable magical power
In Character Weaknesses: an almost innate aversion to heat and fire; a tendency to act blindly once her temper is (finally) unleashed
Passionate About The War?: Loyal to Thrall and the Wölves who serve him.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): More arena than PvP but engage in both weekly.
A typical quote from Aglin: "I see.... What can we do to help?"
AddOns Used: Auctioneer, DBM, MyRolePlay, Gatherer, Lore, Omen, Proximo, Recount
Leveling speed: Reasonable.
Weekly on-line schedule: Usually late evenings or overnight server time (ca. 12-6am).


Aglin was first seen in WoW by WoW Census([2]) on February 26th, 2007 when she was level 10. She was already a member of Storm Wölves at that time. Aglin has been the Storm Wölves guild leader since September 21st, 2008. Her player is a committed full-time role player on the Scarlet Crusade server, a serious Blizzard and Warcraft lore fanatic, and is always happy to engage in RP with anyone she interacts with.

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